Written by Fireman

6 Mar 2013

Again on the way hoem feeling randy I drove down the same road hoping the lad hitching would be walking down there.

My luck was in about half a mile down there he was thumbing again so I pulled up alonGside him.

He recognised me and climbed in, I asked if we could go to his flat and he agreed.

Once there we both stripped in record time and we then lay 6/9 sucking each other gently, his idea.

This lasted about ten or more minutes until I was bursting to cum aNd told hime we had better ease off or I would, to which he didn't reply but sucked really hard making me shoot straight away.

I still sucked at his for another few minutes before his prick throbbed, his cum spurted out, I had no alternative but to swallow the lot as he held my head hard so I couldn't back off.

He held my head for another minute, making me suck and suck until it was impossible for there to be anyhing left in there.

He then stood up and told me to lay on my back, then he knelt with his knees either side of my head and told me to open my mouth.

The next think a stream of warm piss washed into my mouth and although I tried not to swallow some did, but most of it dribbled over my cheeks.

He finished, then told me to suck him again so once more his prick was in my mouth,I sucked hard draining the last drops.

We then sat for a while had a drink or two before he started to fondle his prick which soon became erect again.

He lay down on the floor on his back and told me to straddle him with my back to him so he could guide his prick into me as I lowered myself down.

I did as I was told ,felt the nob at my entrance, eased down slowly feeling it stop,then force its way past my spincher muscle then slide deep in to me.

He told me to ease up and down, he soon began to thrust up to my down strokes before exploding inside me.

I could feel his prick throbbibg as he did, he had pulled me down so he was fully in and held me there until the throbbing stopped when he began to slacken off and slipped out.

We both stood up my prick was dripping cum that had ejaculated spontaniously as he had cum, he knelt and suck it clean.

We sat had a coffee before I dressed, he told me he had a pal who would like to join us one night if I told him I was comming that way.

To true, I can't wait.