Written by Cruisecat

13 May 2016

After that first weekend, I drove home, I was so turned on by the SH I was loving watching the men wank!

I had some shit at home that needed to be dealt with though.

Anyway I was chatting to a well hung man, who was interesting and we arranged to meet a few days later. I am a woman of my word that when I say I will meet you Tuesday give you my number etc I will not back out. He backed out!

I was gutted and very, very horny! So I opened a room...Fuck cruise tomorrow ( or something like that!) I got planty of offers but I took one up, he was a bit young but hung like a donkey and fit as.... So he said I will be there tomorrow I said...ok!

It was a 3 hour drive as I live in the back of beyond. But he was there at 9.30am. I opened the door and FML he was gorgeous. It was early and I had a full face of make up etc but wearing jeans and a shirt. I offered him a drink water coffee etc...

He declined. He kissed me, a WTF pussy wetting kiss. He backed me into the worktop and I had no where to go. He was an aggressive kisser.

A minute later I took him to my bed, we kissed and played but we were both so horny we wanted to fuck. He went to get a condom and I said no, I want to feel you bareback, his cock was huge and beautiful with tight full balls. Need less to say I rode him like a jockey, and he fucked every hole and it was bliss. We got dressed 4 hours in and went to a country pub for lunch after which we fucked again, this boy had stamina!

He left around 5 in the afternoon and it was him that took the green undies pic of me that day. He was remarkable and I will never regret that day with him, hard, hot, young and horny! I love meets!