Written by Greg

6 Oct 2010

Me and Anna are in our late twenties, married 18 months back, and over the last year or so several of our friends have got married with of course the obligatory stag and hen nights. In early April 2010 Anna went to a hen night, usual thing dress up in short dress, stockings,half cup bra trying to contain her 36d tits, a little pair of panties more or less covering her pussy. She came home about 1am, not legless but had had a few drinks, did a sexy strip before we had a shag. A day or so later about nine at night I opened an email from a mate, the husband of one of the other girls Claire. “Look what I found on Claires phone”. The message had several photo attachments, numbers five and six he said I would find interesting. The first couple showed Claire and a couple of male strippers her hand touching their pricks, then two of a girl I didn't recognise sitting with a prick close to her face. The fifth was Anna, a cock in each hand, sticking her tongue out inches from them. Not only that but they looked semi erect, quite large and thick, one black one white. In the next the black cock was covered in cream, Anna with a dollop of cream on her tongue which she'd obviously just licked off his dick. My cock was instantly hard, something Anna didn't miss sitting opposite me. “What are you looking at, porn again? She wanted to know. “No much better, you sucking cock” I exaggerated. She came over to look, just saying “I thought they'd been deleted. Good though aren't they. I can tell you like them.” she'd already freed my cock wanking it. With her telling me how she'd licked the cream from his prick, how big it was and she wished she could have had it in her pussy, I didn't last long before I shot my load. After she'd licked up all my cum she told me she had his mobile, teasing that perhaps she would give him a ring, get him to fuck her.

We had some great shags, Anna telling me her fantasy of being fucked by the stripper watched by me, guaranteed to make us both cum. She already had a collection of vibrators but sent of for an eight inch black penis shaped one and an even larger dildo with a sucker to attach to the laminate floor. With practise and loads of lubrication she could take about two thirds of the 14 inch dildo, almost as thick as her wrist, in her cunt. Crouching over it, her legs wide, holding her pussy open as it slides in, then fucking herself until she came, usually sucking my cock at the same time. About 4 weeks after the hen party we were in bed when she said she had something to tell me. She got her mobile and opened her sent messages, “I sent a text to that black stripper asking if he would fuck me while you watched”. I felt my prick stiffen, “Did he answer?” “Well he asked for a photo, I sent this” she said showing me a picture of her naked, slim waist and shapely legs, large firm tits and pussy all on show. “He replied, he's free Sunday night, he doesn't mind who watches, it's the bank holiday we're off Monday, can I say yes”. I told her to go ahead and we waited for a reply. Ten minutes later he phoned asking for our address and a time. For the next 2 days she was like a kid waiting for Christmas and I wasn't much better.

Around 5pm Sunday she showered, she was in their for ages washing her hair, shaving her legs, under her arms and her pussy smooth and hairless, instead of her normal trim. Before she could dry her hair I rolled a condom on my cock and fucked her. Standing in the bedroom naked she looked horny, firm tits, hard little nipples, toned legs, tight little butt and a beautiful shaved cunt. Putting on just a pair of shoes with 5 inch heels she announced she was ready. 9pm on the dot Carl arrived. I let him in he must be about 6'3”, heavily muscled just wearing a track suit, the top off before we even got to the lounge. Anna was waiting, sitting on a chair, legs spread, hanging over the arms, her cunt already wet, gaping open as she fingered her clitoris, slipping a couple inside her hole. I sat at the other end of the room watching as he kicked off his trainers, removed his tracksuit bottoms, his cock springing out. It had looked big in the pictures but in the flesh, about eight inches and growing, dark purple bulbous helmet, his whole body devoid of hair even his prick and balls. Anna was transfixed, eyes glued to his cock, licking her lips as he stroked himself fully erect. Standing, his cock hard, almost touching his belly he watched her wank, his hand on his prick “This what you want? Some black meat in your tight cunt”. She politely replied “Yes please”. Then pushing her legs off the arms, he grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth to his cock telling her to suck him. She took hold of his cock, her fingers unable to close round his girth, opening her mouth wide, clamping her lips round his knob end sucking the head into her mouth. She took about 3 inches. Her mouth stretched tight as he moved his hips fucking her mouth until he hit her throat and she started to choke. Pulling out he told her she'd have to learn to take his prick deeper into her throat, if she expected him to fuck her in future. “I hope your cunt's able to take this” he told her waving his prick in her face. Her face lit up as she told him she'd been able to take most of a 14” dildo and hoped his cock would feel as good. My cock was straining inside was trousers watching and listening when she carried on “Stop waving it in my face, I want your cock in my pussy. Fuck me”. She unwrapped a condom then rolled it onto his cock, although it wasn't large enough to reach the base. Standing up she turned and bent over the chair. I couldn't see as he got behind her, so moved beside them. Anna spread her legs, her cunt gaped open pink and wet, shining with her sex juice. Using one hand she held her pussy open wider, his thick black cock contrasting with her white skin, the bulbous knob probing her hole. She felt his cock pushing into her tight pussy, her fuck hole stretching to take him. He licked a finger and eased it into her arse, she arched her back as he rammed his cock up her pushing his finger deeper in her arse at the same time. A loud gasp followed by a long, low moan as he shafted her. She started quietly mumbling “Oh god, Oh God, Yes Yes”. Getting louder as he fucked her hard and deep. Her head thrown back, mouth open, almost shouting “Yes, YES. OH GOD!. I'M CUMMING!. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME YOU BASTARD!” She was like a rag doll on the end of his cock, writhing, shuddering, shaking as an orgasm struck. She still had a hand between her legs and as he pulled out she dug her nails in to the condom ripping it. He pushed his cock back in then as he withdrew she tore the remains of the sheath from his prick. He was fucking her unprotected hammering his cock into her fertile cunt as she used her fingers on her clit. He had her on the verge of climax again, she called out. “Do me, Cum in my cunt, give your spunk.” he pumped in to her harder then came, thrusting his hips as he spurted five or six times flooding her ovaries with his seed. He stayed until about 2 am and fucked her twice more, bareback this time spunking inside her again.

On the Monday we had to go out and find the emergency pharmacy and get her the morning after pill. She'd come of the pill because she'd had some problems, but wanted to take him bareback in future so went to the doctor to go back on the pill. Carl was a regular visitor calling even when I was out, but used a condom Anna said. By late May if not before Carl was fucking Anna bareback two or three times a week, shafting her at least twice each time which still left her begging for more. He started to bring a mate with him another black bloke and they would take it in turns fucking her, shagging her and leaving her on the bed in a pool of spunk. I fuck her Fridays and Saturdays when Carl and his friends usually work, but she craves black cock “Her Bulls” she calls them. Carl has introduced more of his mates to keep her satisfied. A few weeks ago I came home late one Wednesday and found her in bed with three I'd never seen before, watching as she sucked one, another fucked her and the third arse fucked her. About three weeks back I noticed she was putting on weight, her tits looked bigger, her stomach not as flat as before. That’s when she told me she was pregnant. She got the pill but stopped after less than a month. She liked taking Carl and the others bareback, feeling their spunk flooding her cunt she didn't care she was unprotected. Who knows who the father is, even Anna has no idea how many different men have fucked her since May