Written by Jessicas husband

16 Jan 2017

MY god I find it hard to believe that one comment from my wife as led me to where I am today. My name is Bruce and my wife is Jessica, I met her when she was on holiday when she was 19. We fell in love and after just three short months we were married. Jess is a good looking girl five feet two with dark black hair and deep brown eyes that could melt ice bergs. She has a nice curvy figure and she is a size fourteen and her pussy is a mass of dark black hair (which I adore). I am five feet six tall and of a small build and I am quite shy. Moving on three years later we had two children both girls. Now they are 5 and six years old. We are lucky that both sets of grandparents like to have them at the weekend twice a month. This has given us some quality time to our self. We go out mainly on a Saturday evening have a meal and a few drinks then home to make love. Anyway when in bed one weekend I asked her how many boyfriends she had before meeting me. Her reply why do want to know, I said I am just curious. Jess said it is not importance it is you that I love, yes but I am glad that you were not a virgin when we met. Why she asked well it is you who have taught me about sex as I had very little experience before meeting you. I asked he again and she said I might not like if she told me, I told her that I love and that I always will. Well she said if you are sure and I reassured her that I was fine with it, Then when she told me it was eight I must admit I was a little shocked. The next time that we came back from a night out I asked her the names of them but she flatly refused to tell me. So I started asking her if they had all fucked her to which she admitted that they had. Forward two weeks later and I asked her was I the first to fuck you out door she answered no. Was I the first to fuck you in a bed no, was I the first to fuck you in the arse no, was mine the first cock you sucked no. Then I asked well what am I the first at and her reply floored my when she said you are the first with a small cock.

This put me off fucking her that night so she went and slept in one of the girls beds. In the morning I felt guilty for sulking and went and got her brought her back to bed and fucked for all I was worth. Afterward we talked about it and and I told her that thinking of her and her ex boyfriends was turning me on. So over the next few months she would tell me where they took her and what they did to her. The most amazing thing she told me that once she was taken dogging and had been fucked by three different men on a picnic table. The things she told only made me more horny as my mind ran riot imagining her with these men. Then about three months ago we were having a drink in a pub when this guy came over and said hi Jess then sat down at the side of her. She introduced him saying this is Greg, then they carried on talking. I felt like an outsider as I was just a bystander in their conversation, It was when I looked down the bastard had is hand on her inner thigh. I did not want to make a scene so I just said its time we made a move love. As we stood up he lent in and kissed on the cheek so in the taxi on the way home I asked who the hell is he. She whispered not here love wait till we get home. Once inside she said I used to go out with him, fine I said but the bastard had his hand on you inner thigh. Jess said he has had a lot more than that before you came along. What I said, Well remember I told the biggest cock I ever had well it was Greg. Yeh well it looked to me that you were ready to take him again, when she said I bet you would like that. No I would,nt come of it look how hard you have fucked when I have been telling you about the men that ive fucked. I was angry and I grabbed and threw on the sofa. Then as she lay there she opened her legs wide pulled her knickes to one side and said come on then fuck me. I was really wound up I knelt down pulled her knickers of and buried my fave in hairy big hairy bush. I lapped at her pussy which was absolutely dripping and she had one massive orgasm I then climbed between her legs a pushed my cock in her in sopping wet pussy. Then she started to get vocal and I have never heard her like this. She was shouting come on you fucking wimp fuck me. I bet you want to see Greg fuck me , don,t you, no i dont, yes you do, say it say you want him fuck me. I totally lost it and out of character I shouted fuck her Greg fuck her, fuck her, fuck her as I shot my load inside my wife. She came down from another orgasm and smiled at me and I new you would like him to fuck me you little perv. I have to out and pick up the kids now so I will carry on with this another day