Written by Brit_couple

29 Jul 2018

It is difficult to separate fact from fiction on here but this is a genuinely true story of how my wife and I embarked on a sexual journey that has led - and is still leading us - to many different places.

Many of the guys on here will be familiar with the usual tale of the early part of their marriage being marked by fun and great sex before giving way to mortgage and kids. We were no different until about two years ago. Then one day we found ourselves nearly 50 with more time on our hands and were both keen to put some zing back in our sex life.

We began making videos and taking explicit pix just for ourselves. Sally in her lingerie, showing off her assets, using a vibrator, bringing herself off in front of me...that kind of thing. She is a voluptuous lady, well turned out with very large breasts and a big shapely arse. She enjoys flaunting her cleavage and I have always known she is a bit of an exhibitionist.

We have a mutual friend - lets call him Bob - who was going through a bad divorce. One night after too much to drink at a barbecue at ours, while he had nipped off to the bathroom, I told her I had showed him our pix and vids on my phone. I was half expecting her to get really narked about it but instead she went all giggly and when I said he had loved them, she looked quite proud.

Bob came back out and I told him that I had told Sal he had seen her pix. There was a bit of an embarrassed pause.

'You look amazing girl, I wish I could see you for real.'

In for a penny, in for a pound I thought and said: 'Go on Sal shows us your tits love..give him a treat.'

To my utter amazement she did , lowering her summer dress and exposing her bra cased boobs, she is an F cup and they are pretty spectacular - Bob's eyes were out on stalks and so were mine. She later said our jaws nearly hit the decking.

I have always told Sally that I find her larger figure attractive, saying that she may be big but she is shapely not fat - and that many guys love her kind of 'Carry-on' film cleavage and big arse.

She only had her top down for a few seconds before pulling it back up quickly and then she went inside laughing. Bob and I looked at each other in amazement, quietly sipping our beers.

'God I'd love to fuck your missus mate..'

'No chance of that..' I said, but part of me wondered. We sat and drank more until it grew late before heading into the house.

Sally was heading upstairs for bed. Now or never I thought. 'Can we both come up?' I asked, sounding pleading and not quite believing I had said it. I expected to be told to get lost.

'No way..you two have had too much to drink..' she replied but there was something in her tone that made me pause.

'Oh go on..please..'

Bob was looking at her pleadingly, we both knew he was having a terrible time with his divorce. I saw something in Sal just give. She is a kindly, maternal woman and I think that was what flipped the balance.

'Oh go on then - honestly you're like a pair of schoolboys,' she said, 'I must be mad, give me a couple of minutes.' I hadn't felt excitement like that since I was a teenager. We waited barely a minute at the bottom of the stairs but it felt an eternity before going up.

Sal was lying on our large bed stark naked, her shaven pussy clearly gaping between her big thighs. She tossed back her long brunette hair and said; 'Well?' It was clear she was the one in control and she later told me she really enjoyed being lusted after by the pair of us.

I think I was stunned into silence by the whole thing and just stood and watched. Bob stripped off quickly and his six inch cock bobbed up fully erect. She sat on the bed and grabbed his cock and began to slowly wank him while they kissed deeply. My wife had never been unfaithful, she didn't even flirt in company, and here she was wanking off my mate.

Bob was keen to get down to basics though and soon manhandled her back onto the bed where he began to kiss and lick her big breasts, stooping to kiss her. He paused to put a pillow under her arse and then mounted her, fucking her with short, hard, urgent strokes -and completely bareback..it wasn't as if we had any condoms lying about..it was the kissing not the fucking that seemed the most intimate thing and in our bed! I felt conflicted emotions - excitement, a bit of jealousy, a sort of wild 'fuck me sideaways'..but it was an amazing feeling.

'Oh fuck Sal, Sal..' he was gasping while she groaned just slightly. It was an incredible sight, my wife on the bed with a big, hairy tattooed bloke (admittedly a close mate) fucking her hard. I walked behind them and watched his buttocks clench and push as he rode into her.

'I don't want you to cum in me love, I'll finish you off, ok?'

Bob dismounted muttering in a slightly disappointed way: 'Of course darlin..' but his demeanour changed when Sal pushed him back on the bed and began sucking his cock. Sal prides herself on giving good head and she sucked him for all she was worth, mouth bobbing up and down before he unloaded, cursing fit to lift the roof. Being a well brought up girl she discretely spat his cum into a tissue.

'That alright for you love?' she said huskily and half laughing'.

'Fuckin 'ell Sal darlin..fuckin hell..not 'alf..'

We all had a good laugh to break the tension as much as anything else.

For the next week Sal and I fucked each other senseless, immensely turned on by what had happened. We both discussed it and said after building it up into this mountain in our fantasies it turned out to be no big deal. Nice but just a friendly fuck with an old mate. That being the case, she said we should try other things. Our sexual journey started with a sympathy fuck not a burning passion.

That was just the beginning, after that night things got a lot more interesting indeed....perhaps you'd like to find out what happened next?