27 Aug 2019

This story goes back to the days of IRC. I had separated from my first wife and I was looking for NSA fun with either sex as I realised that I was bi during a number of cuckold encounters I had had when I was married.

I met a woman in one of the chat rooms she claimed to be twenty-four and lived near me. We went to a more private form of internet chat and after a few hours of chatting, I was pretty sure that she was at lest a woman and not a guy pretending to be one.

After some chatting one to one, she told me she wanted to watch me wank but there were rules:

1 It had to be outside in a “seedy” place

2 I was not allowed to touch her

3 I had to be alone

I thought about this and decided I knew a spot where I could meet her with minimal risk if she turned up with a couple of big blokes.

We agreed the location and a late-night early morning meeting a few days in advance

I got there early and made sure my escape route was secure.

I thought that the chances of her turning up were very low so was surprised when at just past 1 am I heard tentative footsteps then a torch beam appeared.

“Hanna76?” I asked.

The torch swung towards me and a female voice whispered “Ballboy?”

I opened my coat and showed her that my groin was exposed my trousers around my knees. The beam went straight to my cock and balls.

I was getting very excited and as I started to pull my rapidly hardening cock I could hear her breathing.

My cock was now solid and the head coloured up to a deep purple.

This was so exciting I wanted to make the moment last and slowed down my hand movements. She noticed and prompted “no slowing you filthy wanker”. So I picked up the speed again.

All too quickly I realised that I was going to cum soon. For some reason (and I still don’t know why) I dropped to my knees.

“Lift it up” she ordered I pointed the eye of my knob straight into the beam of the torch and the gush started. I had held off from wanking for several days and I had removed the ring from my P.A. so my cum spurted much further than normal and ended up close to her shoes.

I felt like a supplicant making an offering of my seed to a goddess.

She whispered with a husky voice “You're a disgusting old man”

“I Know” I replied as the last few drops of my cum fell onto the dirt.

She turned and walked away leaving me kneeling on the grubby dirt of the alleyway floor.

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