Written by salandti

18 Mar 2010

So the plan is set and one guy's loss could be another two's gain! The hunt was on for a replacement for the guy who had let us down! As we dress and prepare in our hotel room, uncertain of what lies ahead, Sophie seems more nervous than usual, especially at the prospect of walking into a bar on her own, but the wine is relaxing her as she checks herself in the mirror. The naughty glance to me says she is already horny at the idea of feeling a new cock between her legs again!

"how do I look, Darling?" she enquires with a twirl. "stunning . . . gorgeous . . . good enough to fuck!" I chuckled.

"oh most definitely you will . . . . . later! . . . but only after my pussy has been nicely warmed up by some fit young guy!"

With that she grinned, peck me on the lips, turned and walk purposefully out the door.

I look down the corridor watching her gorgeous bum swaying sexily, she did look stunning - surely she couldn't fail to pull! I just hoped there was a decent fit guy up to the sexual demands of the insatiable Sophie! "see you later hun" she called, blowing me a playful kiss as she disappeared from view.

It seemed like an eternity waiting for her text, and I felt so turned on knowing she was just downstairs probably being eyed up by a number of horny guys and hopefully by now using her seductive charms on her selected man! beep beep my phone went at last, as I fumbled to read her text. "get down her now stud i've pulled :-)" it said, and I was out of that room like a shot, pausing briefly to look back through the door knowing that next time I saw the bed Sophie would be inviting more than one hard cock to join her!

As I entered the bar I saw her straight away, radiantly beautiful, oozing sex appeal, looking very relaxing already laughing and joking with . . . . yes, not just one fit young guy . . . but 2!! She smiled knowingly at me as I walked over and I could see it in her eyes - she was going to have them both. Most certainly she had hit the jackpot, they were both young, good looking, well groomed and competitively lavishing their attention on her. Already she was loving it and clearly they both fancied her, I just hoped they knew how to treat a lady in bed. Without a doubt now she was going to get fucked by, not just by me and another guy, but by 3 of us tonight!!

"David, this is James and Tom" (names changed) she said introducing me "Don't mind if they join us do you?" she enquired. "not at all" I smirked "can I get some drinks?" After the brief introductions about me being a business contact (not her hubby!) and drinks sorted I sat down opposite Sophie as we all relaxed in the soft arm chairs. She did look so sophisticated but so sexy with it, her cleavage on clear view as she leant forward in deep conversation with these guys. She was flirting quite outrageously now in her body language and the side slit in her skirt riding up clearly exposing the top of her holdups!

I saw both of them clock her legs as their eyes grew wide with lust, shifting uncomfortably in their seats with growing bulges becoming difficult to hide. I had no doubt that were already smitten with Sophie's seductive charm but probably they thought she was just teasing and that such a classy woman would hardly let a stranger into her knickers! Little did they know and there was no going back now for my horny wife as I could tell she was more than ready to take these guys upstairs, and her pussy was I imagine already very wet as she hit them with it "so how do you guys keep it in your pants when you are staying away from home on business?"

Initially they almost looked shocked but then pleased as it probably dawned on them where this might be leading now. "well it's difficult sometimes" admitted Tom "but not mainy decent women available either" added James. Playing my part I chipped in "never realy had the opportunity to be tempted on that score myself"

"sure temptation must be quite strong for you young guys" she directed at the other two.

"so are you tempting us then Sophie?" James boldly enquired. "could be" she replied coyly "but do you like older women?" knowing, despite not looking it, that she was probably a good 15 years older than them, maybe more!

"age is irellavent" Tom interjected "personallity and performance is paramount" he chuckled.

"well presented, and good looks can help" quipped James "older women, know what they want and how to get it" I added!

"so how do I look then?" she continued "Bloody gorgeous, full marks for presentation and looks" James whispered in her ear!

Turning to Tom she laid it on the line "So can I tempt you to check out my pesonality and performance then?"

"how could I refuse!" he beamed "but don't you have a loving hubby back home?"

"oh he loves me alright, so much he loves me to enjoy myself however I like and with whoever I like" she answered "so long as I tell him all about it afterwards or even better video it for him - always have a cam with me!"

Now they knew she wasn't just a tease! Almost unbelieving James enquired "I see . . . I think I like your personality so can I check it your performance too, or do we have to flip a coin?"

"Oh I think I can handle more than one of you . . . the more the merrier!" Sophie smirked, turning to me "and what about you then David, care to add the mature touch to the fun?"

"why not" I grinned "might start off holding the camera if you like, while the youngsters get you warmed up!"

"shall we go to my room then" she said, confidently standing up, trying to retain her composure but barely concealing her excitement! "oh and bring a couple of bottles of white wine guys"

We passed by the bar and picked that up then headed brisking off to the room.

"don't think you can get get me pissed and take advantage of me" Sophie joked as we head along the corridor.

"wouldn't dream of it" quipped James, gently squeezing her bum.

"behave" she chastised him, brushing his hand away "wait till we get to the room . . . . . then you touch me as much as you like . . . . so long as it feels good and makes me cum!"

As we turned into the room I saw them look at each other in amazement - I don't think they could believe their luck! This stunning sexy sophisticated MILF was going to let 3 horny guys pleasure her in, what it transpired would be, the most amazing sexual experience either of them had ever had!!

The door closed and I don't remember witnessing such testosterone infused passion as their hands were immediately all over her body unzipping and unbuttoning her clothes. She offered no resistance kissing them deeply in turn as her skirt dropped down revealing her stunning long legs - "wow" I heard them exclaim caressing the soft skin of her thighs above her holdups. Then her blouse flew across the room swiftly followed by her bra and more approving comments as their feasted their eyes on her beautiful full but firm breasts, nipples taut and excited as fingers teased and tweeked . She looked so sexy standing almost naked in her lacey thongs, a look of bliss all over her face as these 2 horny young guys rapidly shed their clothes all the while intimately exploring my amenable wife.

They laid her onto the bed peeling off her soaking thongs and as hands ran purposefully up the inside of her thighs, her legs just opened unashamedly wide for them, revealing her smooth shaved mound and her flushed pussy lips so ready to be pushed apart by a nice fat hard cock. Lying beside her, they each took a breast in their mouth as fingers probed her soaking hole and teased her swollen clit. Her eyes closed tight, head thrown back she was moaning quite loudly now which swiftly turned to a long "OH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES" as she had the quickest orgasm I had ever seen! Head tossing from side to side, hips widly gyrating she was in heaven!!

"God what a horny woman" remarked Tom.

"oooh yes!" Sophie whispered, nodding, eyes still closed.

I could see both guys massive erections straining and no doubt eager to to be buried in Sophie's inviting treasure. I knew now it wouldn't be long before one of them would be pleasuring my gorgeous wife, probing deep in her very ready pussy. She was still gasping for breath but clearly hungry for more as she reach down and grabbed their swollen tools. I heard one of the guys whisper "Fuck she's so wet!" as his fingers teased her entrance.

She looked up and grinned "very wet. . . . wet enough for one of these nice hard cocks to slip into I reckon" she said slipping a couple of her own fingers in and offering to James' mouth to suck her sweet juices off! "so am I tempting you now then?" she added seductively.

"mmm too right" James beamed "Come on then fuck me" she demanded, but already he was between her soft warm thighs, his cock homing straight into her pussy as he rammed it deep inside her with one massive thrust. She gasped "oh fuck" and pulled her legs up allowing him to penetrate even deeper and soon she was moaning again grabbing at his bum which I could see tighten each time he plunged into my wife's welcoming hole.

Wow! we had barely been in the room 5 minutes and my wife, one orgasm already under her belt, was on the bed with 2 naked guys getting a serious seeing to! I was getting some great video as, with his young bum bouncing frantically up and down, he fucked her hard and fast for good few minutes! Zooming right in close I caught the look of ecstasy on her face, then moving down to see his shaft gleaming wet with her juices as he powered in and out of her well oiled tunnel. His friend lay patiently next to them caressing Sophie's breasts extending her pleasure - his turn would come! And sure enough it did. James rolled off her to regain his breath from the energetic shafting he had just given her.

"just check out the most gorgeous hot pussy ever, Tom" he urged his collegue. Oh yes I knew just how slipppery wet, how velvety soft and warm those walls felt wrapped around your throbbing shaft and now Tom was about to find out too as he turned her onto all fours, firmly grabbing her hips and taking her from behind. I could hear so clearly just how wet she was as he plunged in and out! And see the look of pleasure on his face mixed with almost disbelief at what was happening, gazing down at his cock disappearing right up to the hilt inside my lovely wife! "Bloody hell you are so right James, that feels sublime!" he gasped.

Her whole body rocked back to meet each of his thrusts which he greeted with a satisfied sigh. "oh god that's so fucking good" she cried "don't stop!!" as his body slapped up against her buttocks. I knew she would cum any moment and she didn't disappoint as, fists clenching at the bedsheets, with a long loud squeal of delight her whole body quivered and a massive orgasm overwhelmed her.

James was still gently screwing her as she whimpered into the pillow then looked up at James lying next to her "wow 10 out of 10 for perfomance!" he smiled. "you've not seen anything yet" she grinned "watch me take you both at once!"

She looked gleefully down at his hard cock still glistening with her juices then slowly and sensually guide him into her hungry mouth. "oh fuck" he gasped as she rolled her tongue around his sensitive tip" and gave him the same wonderful treatment she had given me earlier! I could tell by the look on his face he was loving it and wouldn't last long like this! Sure enough he was panting hard as he struggled to utter "oh god . . . . . you gonna make me cum . . . . . . Sophie!"

"Yes please" she muttered "fill me up guys!" I could tell Tom was desparately trying to hold back too as he enjoyed my wife's pussy and as she was no doubt was playfully squeezing his aching shaft!

They all seemed to writhe around as one, almost in slow motion moaning and sighing, what a truly erotic sight my gorgeous wife being spectacularly spitroasted by 2 fit young guys. "mmmmmmm" her appreciative moans stifled by her full mouth I knew just how much Sophie loved this as she squirmed between the 2 hard cocks impaling her. Oh and I knew what these guys must be feeling trying to not to cum to prolong the wonderful pleasure of the soft sensual warmth of her mouth and pussy so expertly massaging their manhoods to the piont of no return!

She had them both at once now as I saw their bodies both tense up, buttocks clenched, eyes shut tight as she rock back and forth between their throbbing cocks, slurping and sucking at one end, squelching and slapping at the other until finally the guys let out a loud gutteral groan almost in unison as they started to unload their balls into my willing wife! Boy they sure must have had a load of spunk to offload as it seemed like their bodies were jerking and pumping uncontrollably for ever.

Sophie was taking it all, milking every last drop as she went over the top again, her orgasm cascading through her whole body like a wave crashing on a long beach. A heaving mass of bodies all coming together, soft feminity sandwiched between firm masculintiy, cries of lust and passion echoing round the room Sophie was most certainly getting well and truly drenched both ends.

With one last massive sigh they all seemed to finish together then crashed breathless in a heap on the bed. They all just lay there side by side looking so contented. The guys turned in towards Sophie and kissed her gently in turn, hands slowly caressing her soft skin. "That was bloody amazing Sophie!" and "fucking mind blowing!" they both said as she grinned back at them.

"you weren't so bad either" she chuckled, adding "but that was just a warm up! so I trust you don't have an early start in the morning!"

"Oh we're not going anywhere yet" they both agreed "just give us a few minutes to recover and we are all yours again!"

to be continued . . . . . yes there's more!! and pics on our profile!!