Written by joncristo

13 Dec 2010

I have put a few adventures on here in the past but at the moment have a steady relationship. My partner finally understands how much of a turn on it is, for me to watch her snog another man and the way she slowly seduces them by unbuttoning his shirt and then down to his pants, getting his cock out to give him a mind blowing blow job (lads if you had one from her you will remember it) and then fucks them, or another way is if she has had fun with while I’m away.

What’s nice with all of them is she usually wears a nice pair of high heels and has a tight fitting dress on that slowly glides up her leg showing her holdups when a man tries to get his hand to her pussy or is squeezing her arse.

What she has not allowed up until last month was for another man to fuck her and deposit his spunk inside her pussy. We met a great guy on another site who has been a great lover in making her relax by massaging her slowly as well as telling her what he is going to do next time he visits. She seems to melt and they have a great time together over an afternoon instead of a quick hour.

Anyway, I knew Tom was coming over and I knew I would not be able to make it back home to watch, Susan had told me she was so wet thinking about what they were going to get up to but would not give me anymore info. About 3 in the afternoon I got a text saying they were going to fuck in our bed and when she rings not to say anything but to listen. 10 minutes later as I was driving back from Coventry with 95 miles to go I got the call, I listened but it was a bit muffled so decided to put my hands free through the car speakers. Christ I could hear everything as if I was there, he was moaning as she sucked his cock, she was stopping now and again asking where he would love to cum and (usually she loves a man to cum all over her) he replied saying it was a pity he couldn’t flood her pussy after giving it a good seeing to. Sue replied by saying well we now know each other better and I know someone that would love to see it dripping from my pussy. All I heard him say was you’re a teasing little bitch, she then said well you better take charge of me and teach me a lesson. Suddenly all you could hear was the muffled sound of her mouth over his cock and telling her he was going to just do that for a change! Suddenly he said get on all fours you bitch you’re going to get a fucking of a life time! And I am going to ring Alan to come over to watch! I thought who the hell was Alan! This was not part of the deal! Sue was saying no just you today. But Tom was already talking to him on the phone telling him our house number. He then finished the call and said now let’s just too a little bit of tying up! Suddenly like a blur she was saying untie me but he had gone to answer the door. Next I hear Tom introducing Alan who said don’t worry I am just going to watch, Then Tom said now open those legs and suddenly there’s a moan from the two of them and I knew he had slid his cock up her . Alan could be heard saying go on give her a good seeing to and then I heard Alan’s voice very close to the phone saying are you enjoying this? And Sue saying you bastard you bastard, come on then show me what you’ve got, then for about 10 minutes all you heard was moans and groans. Tom said god I wish I could come up your cunt and the next thing I heard was don’t you dare come out spunk inside me he’s wanted to see it drip out of me, that was it he shouted then here it comes you teasing little bitch! After about 5 minutes Tom could be heard saying it looks as if we can untie her now she looks knackered. Then I heard Sue say what’s that hanging out of your pants mmm and he said wow I was here to watch! But she said but now your here and you did what you said by just watching I think it deserves a treat. Now get your kit of and let’s see what you can do with it, suddenly Sue said Christ that’s nice o yes now fuck me and unload your sperm in that pussy. Tom just said told you she was game suck my cock clean. For about 15 minutes there was just verbal abuse calling her names as well as telling her she was one hell of a good fuck. Then the familiar sounds started when Sue screamed she was coming again and then you heard grunt after grunt as Alan released his spunk.

While this was going on I had my zip on my pants wanking away in the middle lane. The phone then went dead. By the time this had finished I was only 30 miles from home. When I was about 10 miles away I rang her, she answered and said did I hear what went on? When I replied she said you better get home quick as I have kept the spunk inside me to let you see it. I came into the house, straight up the stairs and as I came into the bedroom Sue was on all fours holding her pussy lips apart and there in all its glory was white fluid slowly running out of her cunt and down the inside of her legs. I couldn’t help it and dropped my pants and fucked her telling her it was one of the most erotic things that had happened as well as being surprised she allowed two men to fuck her.

She then confessed that she had totally enjoyed it and wished I had been in the room to witnessed it.

Lets see what happens next as I would love her to go to a greedy girls night at a club. Will let you know