Written by martin

12 Jun 2007

I was in love so in love that i questioned my sanity for three years after.

Id moved into a house with a gorgeous women named Lisa and her three children. But I must point out at this stage of the story we had moved in as friends but my intentions had been made clear and she knew that my heart belonged to her and her only. We'd been sharing the house for a few weeks and Lisa's best friend V had rang that eve and was bringing her latest in a long line of B/F over for us to meet. The evening started off in the usual way slowing but surely getting smashed.

Lisa had for the first time spent time doing her makeup before they arrived and was looking rather stunning. As the evening progressed she and Barney chatted and were talking more and more about sex! V being of a somewhat lose nature didn't mind this line of conversation and indeed seemed to revel and delight in the chosen subject. V had brought her two children over to stay at the house which was a considerable size being a five bedroom detached place. We had in total five children in the house all asleep. The night carried on and more and more drink was consumed and the flirting by this stage around 2am had got to a point which i could no longer stomach.

We all agreed to go to bed or so i thought. Lisa and i left Barney and V downstairs and i retired to the third floor and Lisa to her room on Te second floor. About half hour or so passed and then the noise started! My god it was loud so loud that after about 15 mins of groaning and moaning i decided to venture down and ask lisa if she would go down stairs to ask V nd Barny to keep the noise level down if not for the sake of the children but the whole street. To my surprise when i ventured into the darkened room and crept up to the bed to talk to lisa i found that it was not lisa lying in the bed at all in fact it was V.

Upon this discovery i slowing and quietly went down stairs and down the hall and into the dinning room and peered through the double doors into the main living room. My heart missed a beat as I saw Lisa her back to me slowly lowering herself down onto barnys hard cock as she throw her arms over his head and started to gyrate up and down his cock. I was stunned and froze for a few seconds. Once id come to my senses I made my way back upstairs. During the next few hrs the noise level was almost deafening.

I again ventured down stairs but this time there Lisa's room only had her youngest son of four in her bed and i concluded that all V and Lisa must both be downstairs with Barney. I again ventured down stairs and as i passed into the hall way heard a crashing and someone hurriedly running behind the main curtains in the living room. I again peered into the main room and saw V and Barney going at it as if the three minute warning had been given and they were having a final last fuck before the world ended.

But where was lisa not in her room not it would seem downstairs either. Having had a significant amount of falling down water and having only met barney some 7 or 8 hrs earlier i again returned up stairs. But the noise level was almost deafening how the children never woke up let alone the neighbour's was beyond me. After about an hr or so i again ventured down stairs! Peering through the doors i saw this time not four legs but six. V had her legs up in the air around barneys neck and Lisa was laid underneath sucking and playing with V and Barney whilst Barney pumped away with all his might.

I found myself asking myself whether i should go into the room should i confront them but i had not been invited or asked to do so. Upon returning up the stairs I hear V leave the room and go to the toilet But the moaning and groaning continued. A little later I sitting upstairs i heard someone walking up the stairs and go into Lisa's room. I at this point went into her room and sure enough Lisa was pretending to be asleep with her four yr old son. Upon leaving the room i could hear V talking to Barney and telling him he should leave before i awoke to to avoid any problems shall we say.

The next morning Lisa pretended to be horrified and gave V good telling off for being so loud whilst her and our children were asleep. She also stated to me that Barney would not be welcome in our house again. Over the next three days Lisa became more and more quite and ashamed at what she had done and seemed amazed that i never mentioned it. It was four days later that i confronted Lisa and asked her what had happened. She denied everything ad told me i was seeing things and that she never left her room that night. Upon further questioning over the next few weeks her story changed many times and made little or no sense.

For me all i wished was that she had told me the truth and had invited me to join in the fun as i would have gladly done so. What the incident did do was bring us together and we became a couple but over the next few yrs Lisa's lies became more and more complicated and deceitful till eventually she could no longer live with the guilt and we split. She had many more nights with V over the next three yrs all of which i was never aloud to attend or be present at as i was on baby sitting duty.

To be continued.....