Written by Laura

28 Jun 2011

I work for a well know restaurant group as a manager running a very well know and busy restaurant. We get lots of people in and its often fraught and busy. I am single although I do have a boyfriend of some time, its been a bit boring and I often when out experience a little additional dessert if you know what I mean!!

Well we had some workers in more recently to deal with some cabling for our tills and access and the gentleman who came it is his own company and he is know for being very funny friendly and very dishy. He sometimes come with another employee but this time he appeared on his own. He came straight to my office and checked in. I did notice he was looking down my cleavage and smiling at me. I like to flirt with him and he knows. I got us a coffee and asked him what had been going on in his life. He mentioned he had a new lady and couple of exes were making life a bit awkard. He mentioned now he was settled his life of having 'fun' was at an end. I laughed and said well only if you dont get caught. I sat back on my chair and my short skirt slid further up my legs exposing my thighs and me said mmm Ill miss that. I lent forward to him and kissed him on the lips. I expected a knock back but he kissed me back moaned and I felt his fingers between my legs pressing against my pussy. I was wet. I opened my legs more and he pulled back my knickers probing my lips. He kissed me more and then stopped and laughed. I shouldnt be doing this he said Im suposed to be one man women now. I reached forward and unzipped his trousers to find his hard cock in his boxers. It sprung out and i started to wank him slowly. Soon I had it in my mouth licking and sucking it. He was enjoying this and was massaging the back of my hair, running his fingers through it. Soon he told me to get on the desk . I removed my knickers and he went down on me licking and sucking my pussy. He commented how he liked the feel of my little bit of pussy hair. I told him to open my drawer, there are some condoms in there and he put one on. Soon I was perched on the edge of my desk getting fucked my this horny guy. He had my boobs out and was sucking on them whilst he pumped his cock in and out of my very wet pussy. I was keeping an eye on the time as I knew my staff would be arriving soon and may come looking for me. I mentioned it and he said on you go on top. He sat on my chair pulled me onto his cock. grabbing my arse he pumped me up and down harder and harder. Fucking hell he said you are a horny bitch. I am I said so make sure you dont cum before me. He had such control. I shuddered into a cum and he said ok and let himself pump into the condom. We tidied ourselves up and he kissed me and patted my bum thanking me for a lovely time. Sorry I said what was your name again? and he laughed as he left the room..Wayne he said. So I said you gonna be a one man women now? Yes he, laughing one women at a time. Then he left.