Written by Kelly

22 Jun 2009

Hello again , kelly here , i think i'm staring to develop a fetish for writing in all my dirty escapades and there are certainly plenty to tell . Before H and i were official we had to meet out of town so one day while H was travelling back from a buisness meeting down south we agreed that we would meet in a quiet little place a few miles from the town we stayed so were well out the from any interuptions .I got tarted up to look real slutty as usual although wearing knickers today as you`ll see later why , I left the house horny as fuck & coudnt wait to see H & get my hands on that big cock . I also was looking forward to see how much cum he had as he had been away for a few days & i just love a fucking big thick creamy load the more the better. Once we met & had parked up we got out the cars H had a hardon that must have had him in agony it was rock solid . I offered to take away the pain away in his cock by givng him somewhere wet and hot to put it he smiled at me took my hand and we walked through a little forest well out the way from anyone that maybe came out a walk , i was wearing next to nothing as usual so he lay me down on the grass and came between my legs. He was very surprised at me having knickers on and asked what was with the knickers and he soon found out when he removed them my dildo came slithering out "you dirty bitch" he said & was so horny by this point that he just had to stick his cock in me so after licking me out briefly he just rammed his solid hard cock right up my tight cunt it was mindblowing as he so far up me i wondered if i'd feel his bellend at my tonsils , he was right up & was not possible to get up any further . I constantly kept cumming and my juice was running down his big balls , he then wanted me on my knees so after getting on my knees i just heard him saying "you dirty little slut you just cant get any filthier can you",that was him realising i had my butt plug in aswell so he removed my it and jammed his dick up my ass and gave me a right good fucking hammering , i was cummin so much my juices were drenching both of us (i`m a bit of a squirter) , then he pulled out and asked if he could piss on me , why he asked me that i dont no as he knows how much i love the feeling & sight of his hot piss on me so i just gave him my best slutty look & smiled . I was now desperate to be even wetter than i was already and as it started to flow the piss was hitting my face i stuck my tongue out and got sprays of his hot piss on my tongue & running down my chin onto my tits , `heaven` i thought. He then wanked his cock and shot a huge load of cum in my mouth i didnt think he was going to stop i was covered and when he went to kiss me i spat it into his mouth while we had a real dirty horny kiss. This got him all horny and hard again so i straddled him and grinded and fucked on that big cock my cunt making squelching noises so it didnt take long till he shot another load of cum inside me , he really gets off on how wet i get. After that we sat in the car and ate lunch that i had prepaired before coming to meet him . So there i was once more the dirty piss & cum covered slut driving hom all sticky with cum running out my cunt onto my seat , fucking lovely .It was avery good and entertaining afternoon and thats just one of many so keep reading , kelly .