Written by dirty denise

29 Sep 2010

Hubby has been telling me for ages that he would like me to have another cock. During sex I would tell him how I would like a fit bloke with a good sized knob to shag me all night.

He goes away on tuesdays and comes back on wednesday night, so I usually pleasure myself by watching a bit of porn, ramming my vibrator up me, coming all over it.

Before he goes away we have sex and he always says "I bet you have some one round and they give you a good seeing to" I agree with him as he fires his spunk in to me.Little did he know.

At work it is mainly men, but there are a few women. The usual banter, "if I got hold of you I would shag the arse off you" One of the manageresses was not pleased with this and asked me what I thought, "turns me on a bit" "What if I told you I would like to shag the arse off you" she said."dont know never thought about" That night I frigged my cunt like there was no tomorrow, thinking of her down between my legs, licking at my pussy.

It was tuesday morning and hubby went off as usual. When I got to work I kept looking at her getting a twinge in my knickers and could feel a trickle of come seep in to them. Fuck it I thought, "do you fancy a drink later, you can come round to mine" she agreed. When I got home I bathed, my fanny was aching with anticipation. I dressed sexily, stockings, see thru panties, beige push up bra and a wrap over dress.

At six she arrived, "you look good" with that she came over to me and kissed me on the cheek, then pulled away, looked at me, smiled and kissed me on the lips. It was gentle, her tongue found mine and we snogged for ages it was so erotic. We went over to the couch and sat down, we snogged again and her hand found my breasts, squeezing them. She found the belt to my dress and untied it, opening it, I lay there in my bra, stockings and now soaking panties.Her hand went down to my panties and traced the outline of my pussy lips, pushing the material in to my pussy. She fingered me, the material in my fanny made it more sensitive as I came all over her fingers. We kissed again, as I fondled her boobs, putting my hand up her skirt, her panties were wet through.I pulled them to one side and slipped two fingers up her and wanked her off.

I got up and poured some wine, we chatted, but I could not keep my eyes off her body."lets go to bed" I said. We went upstairs and undressed, I left my stockings on as she had asked. We lay on the bed and we kissed, then she broke off and kissed my neck, then breasts, then took my nipple in her mouth and sucked it till it was aching hard. Kissing lower she arrived at my pubic hair, kissing it, then lower and lower slowly till she reached my lips, gently kissing them, then slowly wiggling her tongue between them till she found my juices. Her tongue lapped at my pussy, rubbing my clit with the tip of her tongue, pushing it under the hood of my clit.I grabbed her head and had a massive orgasm.She lapped at my fanny drinking all my juices, I had to stop her it was so sensitive. She kissed me, I could smell my juices on her face and breath. I put my hand on her breasts and fondled them, tweaking her nipples, making them hard. I knelt up and grabbed her legs, parting them and looking at her pussy. It was leaking some juice so I went down and licked it, it was so sweet I found my tongue going deeper in to her pussy. God it tasted good. My tongue went up and down her lips stopping at her clit and flicking it hard with my tongue. Her legs tightened round my head as she pulled me in to her as she came, I made sure I got every drop of her come in my mouth.

We just lay ther in each others arms and must have dropped off, because the next thing my alarm was going off. It was time for work. We both dressed, I lent her a pair of my panties as hers were still wet through. We both went to work and carried on as if nothing had happened.{not till after work anyway}.

When hubby came home that night, he asked did I do anything nice. "no just stopped in and did some cleaning then my boss came round and we had sex all night" In your dreams he said. You cant say I didnt tell him the truth................

Cant wait till next tuesday, would mind some other visitors ......