30 May 2017

It was a long time arriving. My wife had been getting frustrated with a friend who used to visit regularly. But after several years the visits had reduced to once a year, nowhere near enough fun for a lovely lady. I had been approached by a man on this site with a desire to learn more and over a few weeks we had been conversing and I thought he seemed a nice guy and asked if he might be prepared to approach the idea of meeting my wife at her shop and chatting her up over a coffee.

He warmed to the idea, thinking it was as exciting as I did and so I urged him to make a visit and see if she might respond to a traditional chat up. As this was a blind opportunity I told him where her shop was, times of opening and location and said that he would find her working as usual on her own on that particular day.

I was extra excited as his appointment time came and went, uncertain how things would go.He sent a text saying he was going in and around ten minutes later I received a text from Liz saying 'There's a bloke in here coming on to me, wants to take me for a drink. you haven't had anything to do with this have you?' I protested innocence saying I had no idea and that it was little wonder someone took a shine to her as she was a very lovely woman with a nice figure. A couple of minutes later she sent another message 'Bloody hell he's come back and given me his phone number' Again I feigned total surprise and almost feared an inquisition on her return. but luckily I suffered no third degree grilling.

I decided to follow up on things later in bed and was agreeably surprised with her enthusiasm with her commenting that she bet i was getting turned on by her visitor. I obviously agreed and her talk was enough for me to come copiously inside her.

The next week he turned up again but she said she was too busy as she was doing some urgent work for a client so there was no great discussion and little progress. But a fortnight later he rang her at work and she gave him a bit of a hard time, saying she was happily married and her husband would not like it if she went out with him for a drink.

That evening she came home and after our evening meal, she had already told me of her phone call but then she came close and kissed me. I ran my hand under her skirt and stroked a damp crotch. We kissed urgently and stripped each other before she said that I bet I wished she was going for a drink with this guy who had now been in touch three times. i made no secret that I would love it. We got in a tangle stripping each other naked and then she sat across my lap and slipped my cock deep in herself then rode me for a few minutes until I lost it and came heavily inside her. I said I would love her to go for a drink with her new friend and she said 'Just a drink?' and I replied 'That's up to you and you know it'.

We spent the rest of that evening in a warm mood with each other, but saying little about what earlier seemed to leading towards (well what I was hoping for anyway).

I relayed the events back to our hopeful suitor and got a very happy reply as he thought he might have blown it. I was always fearing the shit hitting the fan and knew I did not want to ruin anything so remained as distant yet interested with each contact. Now as an avid watcher of my wife getting fucked the tension was killing me but as anyone of my persuasion knows, this is all part of the fun but to drop a goolie now would ruin everything.

My remote friend has never met me so I am not lying when I say I have never spoken to him, just sent texts which remain fairly normal and formal but with both of us knowing what the desired end game was hoped for. Two weeks passed due to work commitments before he could return and I remembered to occasionally drop the hint that her friend might be in touch soon. She had begun to smile and at one time said 'Might have scared him off' I said I hoped not (knowing he was hot for fun). Then he called again for a coffee and he asked her out again. She again used my anger at such a meeting as being a reason not to. Then he said 'Why not say you are going out with a member of another choir?, that way your husband will know and you will not feel guilty as you are not lying'. This time he asked for her mobile number and got it.

Liz said she would think about it, a first positive step. That night she told me and we had an extraordinary fuck with her very vocal and urgent as she came, squirting over our sheets and leaving a large damp patch on my side of our bed. I said she seemed very up for it and she said 'You dirty old bugger, you want me to fuck him don't you' 'Yes I do' was my instant reply.

Four days later they were to meet at a small pub in the country somewhere around half way between our towns. She returned about two hours later and sat smiling at me as she told me they were going to meet the next night at her shop after hours. She was going to the shop around seven o'clock and enter from the back, then waiting until he arrived before ringing him when she saw nobody she knew was around with the shop being in the town centre. A few texts between each other then she saw his car pull into the car park. He faced her shop and flashed his lights to say he was ready. Liz had a look around and then waved him over, opening the door wide.

He was across the road in seconds and in the shop. A blind obscured anyone peering in and she locked the door, leaving the key in to bar the million to one chance of our eldest daughter coming down for something.

They were alone and the shop very quiet as was the outside with just a convenience store attracting the odd shopper. The shop was warm and they sat at a sofa with a low coffee table in front of it, magazines spread across for customers to scan through. He hugged her and gave her a kiss, Liz returned the gesture and they were soon locked together with hands moving across the other's body. She felt her breasts being fondled and her nipples responded bringing heavy breathing from her. She squeezed his crutch gently and confirmed he had a stiff cock beneath. After a few minutes she broke away and said 'Just wait a moment please' then stood up and went round the back of a display area and to the back of the shop. When she returned she was naked except for stockings and suspenders. He said 'Wonderful' and she said 'Do you like?'

He was up immediately and caressing her naked body. She got busy helping get him undressed and then they were moving strokes across each other's body. He sat her on the coffee table and she was just the right height to suck his cock which she did with relish, stroking his balls as she did so while he soothed his hands across her heavy breasts, tweaking their nipple, making them extend even further. He asked if he could lick her and she laid back on the table and he knelt on the floor, opened her thighs and told her what a fabulous sight she was, moving his face to her wet cunt and starting a slow and intimate lick across her lips, tongue darting in and out, licking, lapping, gently chewing her lips and burying his face deep in her gash, savouring her juices, making her come. He was submerged in taste and flavour of her sex and spent ages keeping her wanting more.

Eventually he emerged and said he could wait no longer, holding his engorged cock in his hand and moving across her ready to fuck her. Liz suggested he might like taking her doggy style and turned over offering her gorgeous bum in the air with her pussy open and ready for his cock to ride her deep. He moved up to the hilt and said it was fabulous, she asked him to fuck her hard and shoot his spunk deep inside her. The words made him weak at the knees and as he plunged in she squealed with delight repeating 'Beautiful' with each plunge of his cock.

They were both on a high and he shot into her cunt several strong spurts which she told me she felt. When they parted, a load of come dripped quickly off her lips, down her thigh as he watched, then via her stockings, some dripped onto the floor. They stayed naked for an hour or so and had a coffee and a chat, then dressed and agreed another meeting would be very nice.

I got the story as she returned and had a lovely session with my very satisfied wife, who now admitted she had enjoyed the whole enterprise. I remained tight lipped because I wanted her to enjoy the thrill of being wanted, which she was. It is nice to be adult about things even if I was a bit underhand I am proud of my ability to give her an experience often left to younger people