Written by Dune Dancer

13 Dec 2008

Last summer,on our holidays to the south coast we visited a famous nudist beach.My wife prefers to lounge on the beach with a thong on.Whilst i prefer total nakedness.

I cannot stand the sun too long and will either swim or wander the dunes. Yes i have witnessed a few things!

We usually stay on late to let the traffic go and slowly wander back to catch the ferry. This particular day we wandered back through the dunes and my wife noticed the men who pop up every now and then and commented that some were visibly aroused.

Intrigued she wanted to sit on the sand and observe the goings on. We found a high dune and sat hidden by the grass. A man in his fifties wandered through our spot and copped an eyeful of tit. A few minutes later a younger man in his thirties passed by although he was glancing he was probably too low to see much if anything.

I now had to explain the ways of the world and how ladies/couples were targeted by men hoping for a glimpse of nudity or even some sexy fun.

When i saw another man approaching our spot my wife was all for laying back and removing her orange thong.So this time the lucky male got a full view of a a shapely women with a fully shaven fanny.

This turned the wife on no end and soon we were caressing each other to arousal.This was followed by a fast and furious fuck in the doggy position culminating with a large deposit of hot spunk in one very wet cunt.

We left hoping to return another time..............