Written by hosta

18 Nov 2008

there i was sitting as he drove with his semen seeping out onto my pants when we got to whee we were going we went for a drink i remember sitting there feeling his cum in me and on my bum it was a realy sexy feeling we were soon on our way home and he anounced he was fucking horny we puled in to a quiet road and we went out side drop your genes he ordered i did as i was told and he roughtly pushed me over th bonnet of his car i could feel the cold steel against my face as he forced his cock all the way into my already spunky bum hole i loved this guy he new exactaly what i needed this was a long sore nice fuck i was enjoying every moment but all to soon he was grunting and filling me up again i fell to my knees exosted and he took the opertunity to make me lick his cock clean whi did with relish i could feel him getting hard again in my mouth oh please stop i said i am sore yeh i think i will have your mouth as he fucked his manhood down my throte spunking soon he drove me home i decieded not to shower and in the morning i could clearly see his cum stains on m y undies i am hoping to see him this week end as his wife is away i hope he can get it up as much as hi did last time