Written by XX

20 Jul 2019

I don't know if any other husbands have had to face this situation or how they cooped with it if they did or have I done the wrong thing, if your wife has a lover boyfriend do you split up or as I have done except it, I did think in the beginning it would be short lived and everything would go back to normal but there is no sign of that and it is now getting on for a year, things have changed the awkwardness had disappeared there was between Sue and myself in the beginning

We are talking about Frank now as he is part of our life which he is at the moment I guess, what gets to me Sue play up to him she pamper him, I can feel left out she try to please him a lot I wonder if that is her way of keeping him interested or the fact Frank is twenty eight and Sue is forty three and need to do it, I do know she do in bed every thing that was out of the question with me he gets oral to completion anal sex is now accepted she dress up he pull her about touch her have a kiss she is as bad, they don't mind if I am there , I did find it embarrassing but now more or less got used to it

The first time it got really blatant they had been out when they got home I was watching the footy, Frank must of been interested in it as well, I think Sue wanted him to take her upstairs she keep talking a bit off putting

Then it went quiet when I looked over there was my wife given him a blow job, that shocked me the fact she did it but even more shocking was Frank his not small by any means I had no idea he was hung like that it is a monster

Frank is mixed race his mother is white and his dad is black he is dark skinned more like a sun tanned but his cock is really black the knob end is mutch lighter more pink

What I sow was Sue with his bell end in her mouth and she was going to town her hand round his shaft it was to wide for her fingers to go all the way around it, she wasn't hold it at the top but there was plenty room under her hand to get another hand so not only is it big but long as well

I was stunned to see what she was doing , as I watched Frank was getting more excited then he went loudly aaaahh he jurked lifted and cried out again Sue managed to keep his cock in her mouth I could see her cheeks she was sucking and swallowing at the same time, she took the lot when it finished she rubbed it before sucking the last drop off the end, I heard her say I hope you be okay when we go upstairs

I looked back at the match as if I hadn't seen them, nothing was said, later upstairs he must of been alright the bed started to thump and creek Sue cried out a lot and it did seem to carry on a long time that night I often hear them at it twice in a night that is quite common

Frank is young he must have a lot of stamina when I have managed to spy on them it looked like he had loads of energy Christ he can go but I know that by listing to them

The only thing I have said was I don't want people knowing what I would I say if it got out people talk, Frank lives over twenty miles away so if they go out it is always over there but most of the time is spent here he stays over night about a couple of times a week that is when Sue really do get a good seeing to, I have heard her complain he won't leave her alone but she always give in unlike with me, I am not that mutch good to her now I don't hit the spot she feels looser now once I get in her pussy she is used to one a lot longer and bigger her pussy is stretched and once I get in it I think it is ready for one bigger than mine maybe it not got time to go back to normal they are very elastic

In the last couple of months Fark I thought was taken the piss a bit he been messing about with my wife in front of me

Sue let him do it, there been a lot of snogging I court him playing with her tits he got then out, other times they be sitting together and he rub his hand up her leg letting me see what his doing having a feel, she more often than not not is not wear underwear he must of told her not to

I am sure this is directed at me, Sue must have something to do with it she had his cock out playing with it and both times that has happened she ended up sucking him off with me in the room the most outrageous was when I walked into the kitchen to find Sue bent over holding on to the sink as Frank fucked her from behind, they both knew I was there they just carried on, the thing that stuck with me after he cum and pulled out his spunk ran down her leg and some dripped onto the floor

Frank got my wife what is he after now I sure I will find out I have never asked to watch but this could be an invite

I spied on them a few time they didn't know, I wonder if I should asked or walk in, it is like the anal lubricant they use it was hidden away now it been left on the table by the bed lately I am sure my wife will do about anything he want to keep him