Written by Kinkyxbear

25 Jul 2009

My partner and i both have a fantastic healthy sexual relationship. We knew we were much more open minded then the majority and we shared the most filthy nights togther mostly spent by watching porn and disgussing our deepest darkest sexual fantasies we discovered that we both had the same fantasies which is how we got into the bi threesome.

we beacame members of a local swingers club and also reseached other swingers experiences. after a time we posted and advert on a site and we had finally plucked up the courage to invite another man into our bed and the date had been set. (lets say his name was... Joe)

It was sturday night and we where waiting for joe to arrive. our hearts where pounding and the blood pressure was rising as we contemplated what was about to happen. Then there was a knock at the door the moment had arrived.

I went down to open the door and there he was. the man Joe, who was about to join us in our horny encounter. We led him to the bedroom where introductions took place. The atmosphere was so intense you could cut it with a knife but it wasnt a bad feeling it was a stong desire to rip all our clothes off and get dirty that overwhelmed us. the moment had arrived that we so longed fantasised about and was nerves going to get the better of us. our heads were spinning round, conversations were difficult at first as we became tongue tied. we came to realise that the guy was just as nervous as we were. \'so how do we start this\' we asked. Then without notice joe just lent over and kissed darius. Nina watched as darius and joe started to kiss and touch one another. Darius slid his hand down to undo joes belt as joe rubbed darius\' cock through his jeans. first joes belt was undone then darius took his pants off to reveal a throbbing cock.

The intensity was at boiling point by now and all of the early nerves had evolved into a uncontrollable feeling of lust. The sight of joes hard cock was too much for darius to deal with and he imediately gripped Joes cock and took it deep in his mouth pounding the back of his throat. Joe groaned with the strokes of pleasure that he was reciveing from Darius, the thought of another mans mouth around his cock was so naughty.

Nina sat there in amazement playing with her clit ring, her pussy became so wet it was almost pouring. Her mind was almost blown away with what was happening in front of her, the visions she had only ever imagined in her own perverted mind whilst masturbating alone was infact happening right here - right now!

Joe returned the fantastic blow job which then led in to both guys ending up in the 69 possion.

Nina could no longer resist just sitting there watching and reached into the toy box and pulled out her favorite toy the Strap-on.

This sight excited both of the guys as they knew what was to shortly follow.

She played gently with Darius\'s anus, just teesing slightly and enjoyed watching his arse welcome in a finger, but she continued to teese and not entering. after a little while Darius become somewhat desperate to be penertrated and just at that right moment in time Nina pushed her face hard into Darius\'s arse and licked his ring forcing her tongue in as far as she could get it. The sensation made darius go wild and he begged her to slide her strap on deep inside him. She gently rubbed her strap-on over his ring then bit by bit slid the long black cock into him. he moaned and almost chocked on joes cock as she worked it in and out of him faster and faster.

Now so aroused that he couldnt contain himself he told joe that he wanted his cock inside him. joe moved round to him as nina moved up to gag darius with the strap-on. darius could feel joes cock gently rubbing over him then joe forcfully grabbed darius\' legs and threw them into the air exposing his ass ready for penetration. He then slid his cock inch by inch deeper into darius\' ass. upon seeing this nina locked her legs around darius\' head and squatted on his face, grinding back and forth getting off on the sensation of his facial hair. She offered encouragable requests like \"FUCK THAT ASS HARD\" and \" TAKE THAT REAL COCK DARIUS YOU FITHY BOY\". the sensation felt too much to bear at one point as he felt a tingle overwhelm his body.

Then it was ninas turn as she sat astride darius\' cock and lowered herself on to it. Joe then moved around the back and started to lick her ass. He then took his throbbing cock and pushed it into her tight ass. The feeling of two cocks fucking her made her moan in excitment as they began to really fuck her hard. the feeling built up the more they fucked her, she felt that overwhelming feeling was brewing and her climax had begun. she warned them that she was about to come and begged them both not to stop the rythmic thrusting until it was just too unbearable at which point she had the most intense orgasm that reverbarated around her whole body as she screamed \"IM COMING, OH GOD IM COMING\". at this point everyone collaped onto the bed but the fun wasnt over.

darius still wanted to feel joes come on his body. Joe stood up and started to wank over him as nina licked joes ass. Darius was eagerly anticipaiting joes come and in a moment of ectasy joes groaned and shot his hot spunk onto darius\' chest. Then joe went down to suck darius\' cock ready to relieve his aching balls. Nina moved across to lap up the warm salty come off darius\' chest then shared it with him as she dribbled it into his mouth. As she did this she displayed a show for darius sqeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples. Then the climax darius had been waiting for happend as he shot all his cum to the back of joes throat. The 3 of us just lay down as we contemplated what had just happened.

after a few minutes of just laying there joe got dressed said he was leaving he kissed us both and we escorted him out.

we went back to the bedroom where we had another sex marathon until the sun came up fuled by the events that had just occured.

We are so glad we had the courage to go through with it and we are currently seeking our next horny adventure.