Written by Janet D

13 Oct 2009

Hiya I wrote a couple of weeks ago about our recent weekend in our caravan. We had a very sexy night with Diane and Dave who we met in the club house. We arranged to meet them again on the following evening.

Next day we walked along the beach and looked around the local shops before having lunch in a nice pub which is very close to the main entrance of our site. I didnt drink any alcohol as I wanted to me in control of myself later if things materialised again as they did the previous evening. We went back to our van and had a couple of hours sleep before my hubby asked if I thought we should be getting ready to go out. I decided to have the first shower.

I went to the shower stripped off and firstly gave my pussy hairs a nice trim then shaved my legs paying particular attention to my bikini line as I didnt want any stubble. I had a lovely hot shower and felt really relaxed. Upon drying I went to our bedroom and tried to decide what to wear. I finally made up my mind on a half cup white bra and a matching thong. Over the top would be a white blouse and a pair of white trousers. I did my face and put on my favourite Hugo Boss Deep Red.

Soon we were both ready and it was time to go. We got to the bar first and ordered 2 glasses of red wine. We found a table in a quieter corner of the bar and sat down. Soon Diane and Dave arrived they bought drinks and found us at our table. After a bit of small talk the said that they had the opertunaity to meet a male friend of theirs if we were interested. I asked hubby what he thought and he said he was easy if I wanted. So Dave made a phone call and said that he would be there in about 30 minutes.

By this time I was starting to get nervous and needed another drink. Dave and my hubby went to the bar and came back with 4 drinks. Soon their friend appeared he looked about 35 years old. He was fairly tall and looked quite muscular. He had short curly blond hair and was really tanned. Dave introduced him as Ben saying they met up every few weeks through the summer at their van and this was the weekend they had last arranged. After a couple more drinks and a very good chat we all decided to go to Daves caravan.

When we got there Diane poured some more wine which I didnt really need but what the hell anyway. We then sat and watched a rather good DVD which featured two couples who got up to all sorts of sexual acts. I thought it was better than the usual run of the mill sex films and it ran for about 45 minutes. When it finished Diane took my hubbys hand and led him to the bedroom. Ben looked at me and smiled I just melted into his arms as he cuddled me. He stood behind me and felt me boobs as Dave stood before me and started to kiss me. Bens hands ran down to my pussy and gently felt me through my trousers. Meanwhile Dave undid my blouse and eased my bra over my tits and softly kissed them. Ben said that we should go to the bedroom and I couldnt get there fast enough.

I could hear Diane and my hubby shagging in the other bedroom as we all started to undress. Dave once more started to gently caress and kiss my boobs as Ben made me shudder as he started to fondle and finger my pussy. He moved around and then I felt his hot breath on my groin he started to give me the most fantastic oral. Dave moved beside me with his erection against my face. I started to play with him but couldnt concentrate with the way Ben was making me feel with his tongue in my pussy. I dont really like doing it but I took Dave into my mouth and started to work on his prick with all I was worth, forgetting it wasnt my favourite foreplay but Ben was changing all of that as I shuddered out an orgasm.

I put my hands down and held Bens head drawing him up onto me. I made sure he put on a condom and then guided him into me I felt him stretching my pussy as he slowly entered me. He started to slowly fuck me as I played with Daves prick but only did it out of instinct as all my thoughts were with the pounding Ben was giving me down below. I lay there sweating and trembling as I had a massive orgasm. I squeezed Ben as tightly as I could with my pussy. He carried on firmly and thouroughly fucking me as all of a sudden I felt Daves hot cum splatter over my face. I just held Ben as best as I could as he gave me another massive orgasm then he groaned and came himself.

We all lay there sweating as I felt Bens cock wither and slip out of my sodden throbbing pussy. We must have been at it for over an hour and Dave apologised for cumming before he could fuck me. I said not to worry but really I couldnt give a shit I had just had the best fuck Ive had had for ages.

Diane and my hubby soon appeared in our room and asked if we were finished and was everyone happy. Were they kidding?

We all dressed and went back to the living room for a coffee. I felt so completely satisfied but couldnt wait to get back to our van and fuck the ass off my hubby if he was still capable. We soon all left and said if the opportunity arose we would like to try it again.

Wether we will meet or not I dont know. Its getting towards the end of the season and anyway now our appetites been wetted maybe we will try others if we do we will let you know.

Back at our caravan it was definately hubbys lucky night. By the time we had finished my pussy was sore and throbbing and my hubby just didnt have the energy to carry on for another minute. Who cares I havent had that many orgasms for years and I have once more started to enjoy oral sex.

If anything else happens I will definately let you all know if you want to hear about it.