Written by Lane

6 Jan 2016

Christmas is a time of giving and most importantly making everyone happy.

My wife has lover. This is his third Christmas with us.

He does come to our house on occasions but he won’t be over at Christmas as there is too many family here.

Let me say that for us as a couple that he is perfect in every way. He is most considerate and respects us both.

We tried some others previously but when we met him, it all worked and he just knew what we wanted. It’s also what he wanted.

My fantasy, my fetish is of a voyeur. I have realised my dream of watching and seeing my beautiful sexy wife in action with another man that really satisfies her. We have done this many times. Incidentally we did that 2 nights ago when he stayed over. I do take part but only after I have watched him take her on a ride of ecstasy. Sound dramatic but very true.

Firstly he made love to her while I sat back in a chair and gently stroked myself. After they rested I then I lay beside them while he loved her again. This time I caressed her as well and she stoked my very hard cock.

Then when he had finished he told my wife to show how much she loved me. She then sucked my cock and then I took a turn and added my load to her already very wet and sloppy pussy.

But tonight it’s his turn as she has gone to his place and will be back in the morning. Don’t worry I still get a buzz knowing what she is doing and she will tell me highlights tomorrow.

He is very generous with her and will give her Christmas gifts worth heaps. It will be jewellery which she will bring home and keep. I got a shock of the value the first year when we got it valued and insured. Many, many dollars.

He buys he gifts all through the year and not just at Christmas and some of it never comes home as they keep it at his place as she wears or uses it for him. She tells me about it and it adds to our perfect life.

He doesn’t ask for more and always asks her and makes sure I am ok with any meets and arrangements.

As a wife, she lives and breathes sex much more now that she ever did.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I wrote this a couple of days before Christmas but never posted it on this web site.

Firstly we had a wonderful Christmas with family.

Also when she returned from him in the morning after spending the night with him, I made sure her and I were alone in our house when she arrived.

She told me all about the night with him and what they had done. She showed me some gifts he had given her and what she had decided to bring home. Mostly jewellery and some very revealing and beautiful underwear and clothes.

She also let me inspect her body for marks and evidence of her over night activities. Her pussy was sticky and wet but it had been some hours since he had last cum in her so there was no male cum as such. But it was still good to slide in though as she hadn’t washed or cleaned herself.

She let me fuck her although she was tired and probably had had enough sex but she never refuses me when she comes home. Also she did came while I was fucking her which made me feel very great as well.

She saw him the day after New Year and he will be at our house this Saturday evening so 2016 is getting off to a good start.