Written by Mick-jan69

3 Nov 2009

Our first session of the evening had just lasted over 3 hours .

The girls where hot and wet and i was hot and still very hard.

We sat on the sofa with a bottle of Asti ( thats all that was in the fridge ) The girls sat next to each other but had there legs wide open and Claires left leg was drapped over Jans while the girls where drinking they where also gently rubbing each other with their free hand .I was sat on the floor facing 2 beautiful women who just so happened where totally naked and there pussies where wide open and soaking wet ( yes i thought -- there is a God ) the girls asked for more Asti so i kneeeled and pulled Claire to the edge of the sofa and pushed her open legs back . I told Jan to join me on the floor , she opened Claires thighs and was about to lick her when i said you wanted a drink -- she smiledand said yes please. I eased the neck of the bottle into Claires cunt and pushed it in until the neck had disappeared , as i started to fuck her with the half full bottle ,the cold fizzy Asti really got her going , i said to Jan are you ready -- i pulled out the bottle and the Asti shot out into Jans mouth she was drinking as fast as she could and was then drinking it out of Claires cold pussy ,,, after the last of the wine was licked out of her pussy i banged my cock into her pussy -- it was ice cold inside but what a great sensation ,, the girls went wild for more .Both girls had been fucked by the bottle and both had drunk from each others pussy -- it was such a turn on ,i thought my cock was going to explode .

The girls suggested we go to the bedroom to get more comfortable ,they also told me to go to the fridge and "use my imagination " and bring them somthing back . {i could only find Strawberry yogurts )

We i got into the bedroom the girls where already on the bed sitting facing each other with there legs intertwinned so that their pussies and clits where rubbing each other ,within no time they where bouncing as hard as they could on the bed getting as much contact on each other as possible -- the noises the girls where making was pure sex getting louder and louder until they both collapsed backwards after having a massive orgasm each , they lay there breathing hard -- i gently stroked there cunts and they both folded up as they where still so sensitive !! I sat with my back to the headboard of the bed the girls wher lying across the bed still recovering, as Jan rolled over to face me she said its Micks turn now ..

The girls crawled toward me they both licked up the inside of my leg until they arrived at my balls they took it in turns sucking both of my balls into their mouths .

Jan had my balls in her mouth when Claire told me to lie down and enjoy !! she took the head of my cock in her mouth and was gently biting and licking me she then took me all the way into the back of her throat until she was gaging ,Jan then opened the yogurt i had bought in with me pulled Claires head of my cock and pushed the tip of my cock into the yogurt -- it felt really cold but strangely erotic, Jan sucked my cock like never before i had to pull her off so that i didn't shoot --- not yet anyway. The girls used the whole yogurt on my cock .

While Jan was sucking me off Claire asked if Jan likes to be fucked in the arse ,i said she does if she is in the right mood so i told her to whisper in to Jans ear and tell her you wanted to tasyte my spunk out of her arsehole.

She said exactly those words to Jan while she sucked me ,, suddenly she was sucking me so hard it almost hurt ,she eased my cock out of her mouth and gave me a big wet kiss, Claire lay Jan face down with 4 pillows under her stomach so that her arse was raised nicely , i got in between Jans legs and Claire pulled her arse cheeks wide open , her pussy and her arse opened up nicely ,i put my hands on her cheeks and forced them open even more as i did this Claier grabbed my cock and slid me into Jans open and very wet arse .she took it all straight away so my balls where up against her hard Clit , Her arse felt so good i pumped my cock into her no more than 10 times and i was shooting my cum deep into her Arse , as i eased out of her Claire was there to take my cock straight into her mouth and suck out the last dregs from my hot balls , as i moved to the side Claire licked her lips as she went down on Jans cum filled arse she licked Jans arse for 15 mins getting most of my cum out , Jan then told her to lie down then she squated over her face and forced the last dribbles out of her arse into Claires waiting mouth., Jan slid her soaking pussy and arse hole over Claires face until she was totally soaked with Jans cum and mine .

We all collapsed on the bed and had arms and legs intertwinned gently rubbing each other until we fell asleep .

We have got together on one more occassion but this same story brings us all fantastic memories and feelings from that special night.