Written by G & M

23 Jul 2007

My wife and I love to read the stories here, which really get us turned on. We are a submissive white couple from West Yorkshire in our early forties and we really enjoy the occasional cuckold session. We discovered the joys of cucking by accident, quite a long time ago now.

It was the summer of 1986 and Maria and I were engaged, having met a few months previously at the office where we both worked. I was living in lodgings at the time, but my landlady was very strict and wouldn't let Maria and I be alone, so we grasped our opportunities for sex whenever and wherever we could find them.

Walking home after work one summer's evening, we were both feeling horny and Maria suggested that we go and screw in the small patch of woodland near to where I lived. I eagerly agreed and we quickly made our way to the wood. After a passionate snogging session which had my cock stiff and throbbing and her nipples stiff and protruding through her bra and blouse, Maria got down on all fours, on my jacket which I had laid on the ground.

Doggy-style is her favourite position and she looked fantastic as she raised her skirt and showed me her white suspenders, tan stocking tops and white knickers with pink love hearts. Her bum is big and round and looked incredibly sexy in her underwear. My heart was thumping so hard I thought it would burst and I couldn't wait to get my throbbing cock inside her gorgeous fanny.

I dropped my slacks and was about to pull my underpants down when Maria groaned and said "oh look!" A few yards from us was a Pakistani lad of about our age. He had his pants and underpants down around his knees and was wanking his big stiff cock. His cock was a whopper, about nine inches long and he was grinning at us as he wanked. I gasped when I saw it, as it was more than twice as big as mine.

I immediately felt an irresistable sense of submission to him. I stood up and pulled my underpants down to show him my small white cock, which was standing proudly to attention. He grinned, and seeming to understand, came closer to us. Maria moaned that she wanted his big cock and I nodded.

He moved behind Maria and looked at me. I nodded and he pulled her knickers down to her knees. The sight of my fiancee's sexy knickers descending made my heart thump with excitement and humilation. Maria was moaning with randiness and I began wanking myself silly at the sight before me.

She arched her back and thrust her bare white bum high up in the air, really showing her submission. The Pakistani lad entered her, slowly feeding his big brown cock into my fiancee's willing white fanny. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and my small cock was throbbing with envy. I promptly orgasmed, shooting my spunk up into the air. Normally when I come, my cock droops straight away, but not this time. It remained rigid and throbbing and I continued wanking.

The Pakistani lad now began shagging Maria like the clappers and he was grunting with pleasure. Maria was shrieking and whimpering and soon orgasmed, her eyes rolling up to show the whites. It normally took me a long time to make her come, but this big cock did the trick in no time. The Pakistani lad came soon after, shooting his spunk as he moaned with joy. I came the sight.

He dismounted, pulled up his pants and simply walked away into the woods, leaving Maria with her tummy full of spunk, her fanny slack, her knickers in a bunch round her knees and her suspendered bum still up in the air. She really did look like a whore, which turned her on no end when I described it to her later. We never even knew what her spontaneous lover was called.

Maria and I couldn't stop talking about it for weeks, and agreed that this totally unplanned, spur of the moment thing had been easily the most exciting and erotic encounter of our lives.

We have had a few more similar encounters over the years, mainly planned, and have thoroughly enjoyed each of them. They really allow us to enjoy our submissive natures and, of course, give Maria the ecstatic orgasms that only a big cock can do.