Written by Bob Dog

21 Aug 2014

I had done all the preparation I could and the time was nigh. From the initial exchange of e-mails I had known that this lady was different. She knew what she wanted and had expressed herself and her desires more than adequately in the few e-mails that we had exchanged. I had arranged to meet her in the bar of the hotel where I had booked the room. I had already checked in and secreted all that I needed for the dominant pleasure to come. Now all that I had to do was wait for her to arrive and hope she had followed my explicit instructions in her own preparations.

I was sitting with my back to the door with 2 coffees when she arrived. I looked at my watch and noticed that she was 1 minute and 40 seconds overdue. I made a mental note and promised myself to instil a little more discipline in her later.

She sat down and pulled her coffee towards her. She was all that expected. Her hair was just as she described and I was delighted to see the reddest of lipsticks had been applied to the soft bow of her lips. She had made an effort to please me and I appreciated it. I looked her in the eyes and she quickly lowered her gaze to ensure I had no reason to be antagonised.

I finished my coffee and stood up. She did the same and for the first time I saw her shoes. I had asked her to wear heels and the 3" stilettos she wore were perfect. I made another mental note; perhaps I could be a little lenient on her punctuality. I walked through the door that led to the rooms and she followed. She actually caught me up and took a hold of my arm as we passed the other customers. We were on the first floor and I enjoyed the swish of nylon as her legs rubbed together when we climbed the stairs and stopped outside the room. I slid the card into the door and the green light came on. Still not one word had passed between us.

My first instructions to her were to close her eyes which she dutifully did. I took her arm and led her, blind, into the middle of the room. I looked her up and down, properly, for the first time. She was pleasing to the eye. She had an ample chest and curves in all the right places. Her skirt was short and black and the line up the back of her legs hinted that she had chosen to wear stockings, just as I had told her. Below her jacket she wore a sheer satin blouse which tantalisingly clung to her contours. I could make out the lace pattern of her bra beneath where the fabric was tightest across the front.

I carefully removed her jacket and hung it on the back of a chair. She remained calm and quiet as I stood behind her with my hands on her shoulders. I traced her outline with my hands, feeling her soft body beneath my fingers. My hands passed over her waist and on to her hips where I could feel the tell-tale lines of a suspender belt. She had paid close attention to my instructions.

I stood a little closer to her now and allowed my hands to rise from her hips and up her front to her boobs. Now in my hands I had her firm orbs held in place by her lacy bra. I felt her nipples sticking forcefully into the material. My hands, still from behind, undid the buttons on her top which I let it slip from her shoulders and tossed it onto her jacket.

She stood there and accepted wherever my hands went. Not a whisper. I walked around her. There she was, standing in the middle of the room, still in her black skirt, stockings and heels but with only her bra to protect her modesty above. The black lace contrasted nicely with her white flesh and her nipples were now pointing straight out. I put my hands under her arms and then brought them round so that I could judge the weight of these beautiful breasts. They were heavier than I’d imagined at first but to me this was all the better. From my pocket I pulled out a small Swiss army knife and cut the straps that held up the cups. Her boobs fell forward under their own weight and I turned down the cups to reveal them in all their glory. I brushed both nipples and they were truly hard. I gave the right one a firm squeeze and that elicited my first reaction from her. She winced but stood resolutely before me with her eyes closed. I tried the left nipple with a slightly firmer pinch and again a ripple went through her. I was beginning to like this lady a lot.

I put my shoe between her feet and persuaded her to part her legs a little more. She seemed to anticipate me and was easily moved so that her feet were now about 2 feet apart. I let my hands explore her waist and then her bum. I moved to her side and had one hand on the front of her skirt and one on her rear. I bent my knees and my hands lowered to her hem line so that when I stood up my hands were beneath the fabric and closer to her skin. Both hands felt stockings give way to that sumptuous gap of bare flesh between stockings and belt. Her bottom wiggled as my right hand touched her. My left hand could feel the covering of her pussy. The difference between front and back meant she again had followed my dictum and was wearing a thong. I tucked the front and back hem into her waistband leaving her cheeks exposed and only the satin of her thong was between the world and her pussy.

I could see that her breathing had both deepened and quickened. Her chest rose and fell rhythmically, her nipples still stiff.

I eased my fingers under the top cord of her thong and deftly snapped it on both sides. The middle string had buried itself between he pussy lips and I had to pull the material through from the front. As the join at the back passed between her soft folds I could see her rise a little on her toes to make the passage easier. I dropped this little rag on the floor and put my hand on her pussy. It was warm and completely smooth. My middle finger gently pushed between the lips and I could feel her initial wetness which was silky smooth and coated my finger making my explorations all the more velvety. It was immediately obvious that she was ready for something as her little clitoris was hardening up just like her nipples had earlier.

I sat on the bed and told her to open her eyes and stand before me. Her eyes opened and she turned around to see me, still in my suit, sitting on the bed. She took two steps forward and was almost toe to toe with me. I looked at her shoes and then her stockings and then the buttons holding them up. I looked at her pussy, all white with just a little pink glistening between. I followed the line of her suspender to where her hem was tucked into her waist. I looked at her deep belly button and her breasts still with her bra beneath. I could see her nipples, slightly less firm now and I could see a fine necklace of gold around her neck. Her lips were red and her hair soft and shiny. It was a pleasure to feast my eyes on her body.

I looked her in the eyes and said “Poppy, you were late for our meeting weren’t you?”. Her eyes, just as before, aimed quickly downwards. “No, master”, she protested lamely. I explained that I had been very careful with my timing and the she had, indeed, been late. I asked if she felt she should be punished and this time she agreed. I grasped her hand and asked her to bend over my knees and put her hands on the floor. She bent over as she was told and her boobs were pressing on my legs. Her stilettos made her legs seem longer than ever and her skirt flopped forward as she reached for the floor. I rubbed her bottom with my right hand and cupped a breast with my left.

I calmly explained that I didn’t want to spank her but she had forced me to seek retribution because of her tardiness. She whimpered a little as I reminded her that she was to get six of the best. I heard her sniff a little and could see her eyes beginning to well up with tears. I rubbed her bottom a little more; making sure my hand was warm. I couldn’t resist and slipped a finger in her pussy just to remind myself how wet it was. It was still warm and slippery.

I raised my hand and let it fall. The crack as it landed on her soft round buttocks was delightful. I felt a twinge in my own groin. I lifted my hand again and revealed a hand print in pink. Poor Poppy hadn’t yelped or shown any sign that the smack had stung. I let another go and enjoyed the sight as the ripples from the smack swept over her cheeks. A second hand-print began to appear and the temperature of her skin had risen appreciably.

I asked her if she would be late again and she promised “Never again, master, never again” I replied that I was not sure she meant it and rubbed her bottom a little more. On closer inspection, I could see her mound was more proud than before and there was a lot more pink showing. I felt sure her clit was tingling as her cheeks were reddening. Once more I spanked her, this time straddling both buttocks and the breast in my left hand wobbled in time with the hit. Her nipple jumped between my fingers and was, once more, as firm as a thimble.

The fourth stroke was reserved for the cheek closest to me. Perhaps it wasn’t as hard as the first three because my arm was holding back just a little. I felt for her other tit and collected it in my fingers. It was reassuring to feel this nipple as hard as the other. Both her cheeks were red now and I let my hand rub her softly, easing the sting. My hand fell in between her cheeks and felt for her pussy once more.

My fingers found a very hot place that was wetter than ever and my middle finger stretched out looking for her clit. It wasn’t difficult to find. It was sitting up nicely and her pussy lips were swollen too. She was damp and smooth and the feeling was glorious. My index finger joined in and parted her lips a little more and I swear I could sense her squeezing her pelvic floor. As I withdrew my fingers I let them linger up her crack leaving a trail of moisture on her pursed little ass hole. My fingers stopped for only a micro second but when her buttocks clenched ever so slightly, I knew I had found her weakness.

Around in a circle I rubbed my right hand on her bum, enjoying the heat that was now radiating. My left hand squeezed her breasts in turn. I raised my hand and smacked her again and this time her head came up slightly and I realised I had reached her limit. I saw a tear run down her cheek. She began to sob quietly. “Poppy” I said,” you were late and you left me no choice”. She replied that she knew and asked me to finish the punishment the she deserved. I raised my hand for the last time and caught her full on her right cheek, adding to the redness from my earlier swipes.

Tenderly, I rubbed her bottom and the sobbing eased off to nothing. From the side of the bed, I reached for and got the little implement that I felt sure would change her demeanour. With Poppy still bent over, my hand explored her pussy which was now more aroused than ever. I put the toy in my left hand and switched it on. The black and gold tube sprang to life and purred in my hand. I brought it up to her nipple and allowed it to circle around. The nipples reacted well and my right hand could feel her pussy shiver in anticipation. I passed the vibrator over to my right hand.

She still had her hands on the floor. I rubbed the quivering tool over her cheeks and she knew where I was going next. I let the tip of the machine run down between her cheeks where the wetness from my earlier rubbing ensured a smooth passage. I stopped at her anus and again I saw her clench gently as she felt the vibrations on her pink ring. I carried on over the perineum and into her vulva proper. She was very wet and I heard her moan as the movement continued. The tool passed her vagina and pressed on forward to her clitoris. Here it stopped and nuzzled closely to her most sensitive point. ”Yes, master,” I heard her say, “I’ll be good, I promise”. This time I knew she meant it for real. She was going to be very good indeed.

She still had her hands on the floor. I rubbed the quivering tool over her cheeks and she knew where I was going next. I let the tip of the machine run down between her cheeks where the wetness from my earlier rubbing ensured a smooth passage. I stopped at her anus and again I saw her clench gently as she felt the vibrations on her pink ring. I carried on over the perineum and into her vulva proper. She was very wet and I heard her moan as the movement continued. The tool passed her vagina and pressed on forward to her clitoris. Here it stopped and nuzzled closely to her most sensitive point. ”Yes, master,” I heard her say, “I’ll be good, I promise”. This time I knew she meant it for real. She was going to be very good indeed.

Poppy was still bent over my knee but I wanted her to be more constrained. I told her to stand up and I looked at her in front of me. She was red eyed from the spanking but her swollen pussy and erect nipples demonstrated that she was highly aroused. As I stood up I could smell her perfume with floral hints with musky overtones. There was a trace of a tear on her face which I delicately removed with a gentle caress.

I walked around her looking at her form. She was a gorgeous shape, ample where needed and with a smooth and creamy complexion. Every contour hinted that she was a pleasure-seeker and was up for everything. The high heels showed her calves off to perfection and set her bottom at a very tempting angle. The cut-away bra now looked cumbersome and awkward so I teased the clasp together and removed it from beneath her breasts, throwing it on the floor near the remnants of her thong. I undid the button on the side of her skirt and lowered the zip; the black fabric fell to the floor. With a little encouragement, Poppy stepped out of it and I picked it up and threw it over her jacket. She was now standing naked wearing only her heels, suspender and stockings. Her white pussy was framed nicely between her suspenders and stockings.

Poppy was watching me as I circled her. She must have been wondering why I had stopped my caressing of her intimate places and trying to guess what would come next. I hadn’t finished with her and she would not be disappointed. I kissed the nape of her neck and let my hands flow up and down her body. I loved her curves and was getting aroused myself as I passed over her nipples and the lips of her pussy. But this time I was careful not to penetrate but just left enough of an impression to leave her wanting more.

I invited her to lie face down on the bed and was happy to hear her reply immediately, “Yes, master” and without hesitation she first knelt and then lay down on the bed. “What are you going to do now, master?” she asked but I didn’t reply. I took 4 soft and silken ties and tied both wrists and both ankles to the four corners of the bed leaving her spread-eagled on the bed unable to touch herself and unable to pull her legs together. Again she felt the need to comment murmuring “Oh, master” as I finished with the last restraint.

It was time to explain to Poppy that I was not here to chat and that as she couldn’t keep quiet I would help her to find some control. I brought up a little bridle which in place of a bit had a hard black rubber ball. I slipped the bridle over her head and she opened her mouth in anticipation. I began to realise this was not her first time in a situation like this. I fastened the buckle being careful to make sure her hair was free and untangled. Next a blindfold, like you would wear on a long-haul flight, was placed over the top ensuring that she was now unable to view anything around her.

She lay there, still, breathing heavily. Her bottom was still pink and warm from the spanking so my warm hands gave her cheeks a squeeze of appreciation. Whilst there, my hands dipped down the cleavage where she was still hot and very wet. My fingers reached down to her clitoris and she moved her pelvis up towards me to ensure I was getting just where she wanted. I slowly pulled back my hand and my finger stopped, deliberately, on her anus. It was wrinkly and round. The skin was soft but the tightness of her sphincter beneath was obvious. My finger returned to her pussy and I slipped one knuckle into her vagina. It was tight but I was not there to over excite her but merely for some extra lubrication. I pulled back to her sweet little bum ring and rubbed the wetness around. My finger circled around the ring and the applied a little pressure to the very centre. Poppy mumbled but unable to communicate whether this was pleasure or pain. I applied more pressure and allowed my finger penetrate her hole, again to the depth of only just my first knuckle. This hole was very tight.

Now I knew what the possibilities were, I removed my finger and used both hand to massage her bottom. It was lovely. My fingers squeezed and pinched her and the heat from the hand-prints was electrifying. With her legs wide apart, it was easy to pass from bottom to pussy and back so I enjoyed a few moments just doing that. I could see her pussy lips and the pink between was now glistening nicely as she became more and more turned on. I took the vibrator and without turning it on, pushed it into her pussy. Using it as a dildo was hard because of the angle but she raised her bottom a little to help with the motion. After a dozen or more long strokes with the toy I pushed it fully home. I’m sure it came to rest nestling up against her cervix. With the tool now in position, I turned it on to its lowest setting; the hum was almost inaudible as most of the machine was deep inside her. Through the black rubber bit I could hear her mumbled pleasure and acceptance.

I was feeling pretty horny by now and felt I needed to undress. I removed my jacket, tie and shirt, putting them on another chair. I sat down beside Poppy who felt the extra weight on the mattress. I slipped of my shoes and socks before standing up to undo my belt and trousers. These too made their way to the back of the chair. I had just returned from a ski trip and I could see and feel that my thighs were hard and toned from the workout they had had. My upper body was also feeling good although my torso gave away the fact that I still love my food but not enough to give me a beer belly. Not that it mattered, she couldn’t see a thing.

With only my Calvin Kline’s to keep me modest, I returned to the bed. With a bit of persuading I got Poppy to raise her chest from the bed to bring her tits into play. I straddled her and reached round her front and felt those perfect boobs. Her nipples were firm but with a squeeze of her tits and after pinching both the nipples quite hard they became properly stiff again. I took a handful of hair in one hand and tightened my grip. I could feel her scalp tighten and she moaned through the bit. I could tell when the pressure was just right and my other hand felt the reaction in her tits. I found the link between her discomfort and arousal very, very exciting. My cock was straining beneath my shorts and there was the first sign of pre-cum beginning to show.

I let go her hair and took myself down her body so I was astride her legs. I pushed her flat on the bed again and looked at her pussy. The vibrator was still there humming away. I clicked it up one notch on the speed and she squirmed. I pushed her cheeks apart and had a good look at her bum hole for the first time. It was pink and wrinkly, pursed up like the lips of a girl about to kiss you. It was a little bit shiny, like gloss lipstick, but I knew it was the juice from her pussy. I used my finger to collect some more juice that had escaped around the vibrator and rubbed it into her ring. Again I popped my finger in up to the first knuckle. Poppy bucked her hips up for the first time, either in protest or pleasure, I’m not sure which. Either way, I withdrew my finger, massaged her bottom once more and stood up next to the bed.

By now I was hard as fuck so, unseen and unknown by Poppy, I removed my underwear. This girl had made me very horny and she was about to find out how much. From my collection I took out a condom and rolled it down over my shaft. It was a flavoured condom but that didn’t matter as she wasn’t going to get to eat me. Not yet anyway.

I took a pillow from the top of the bed and told Poppy I was going to make her more comfortable. I helped her raise her bottom and slipped the pillow beneath her tummy. It wasn’t enough so I got the other and slipped this on top of the first. This was a delicious sight. Her bum was sticking up and as her legs were wide apart I could see both her holes even though one of them was filled with the buzzing vibrator I had pushed in earlier. She was squirming and the view of her a she moved and wiggled was very inviting. I told her she had been naughty for making some much noise and that had made me unhappy. I asked her if she wanted me to be unhappy and she shook her head. I asked if she would like me to be happy and she nodded. I asked her if she wanted to make me happy now and she nodded more and mumbled her approval through the bit.

I put both hands on her cheeks and pushed the further apart to get a better view of her. She clenched her rosebud as I ran a finger over it but carried on down to the vibrator. I twisted the imitation cock in her pussy and turned it off. I began to fuck her with it again and put my hand below her to tantalise her clit. I felt the hard button and placed two flat fingers on it and made a circular motion. This seemed to be making it mark on her arousal and her breathing got heavier. I continued to pump the vibe slowly in and out of her fuck hole whilst keeping up the attention on her clit. Down below she was tensing up and I could feel her orgasm building. Her pelvis started to rock in time with my hand movements and her clit felt harder than I had felt before. Suddenly she was breathing hard through her nose and the resistance on the vibrator intensified and I felt sure she had cum. I continued to play with her clit and use the vibrator as a substitute cock for another minute or so until the tension in her body subsided. I was now certain she had reached an orgasm.

With her bum still in the air, I removed the vibe and switched it off. I looked at her pussy as it slowly closed and I saw how wet she was. I leaned forward and used the flat of my tongue to catch the drips of moisture on her clit and drag them up past her little fuck hole. But I didn’t stop there, I continued past, over her smooth and hairless perineum and on to her puckered little ring. I eased the very tip of my tongue on the centre and applied some pressure. Her muscle was too strong and I was unable to penetrate so I made little circles around her hole and licked more fluid from her perineum up to the forbidden point.

The middle finger of my right hand gathered more juice and in turn circled the hole. Pressure was applied and this time her resistance was overcome as first one knuckle and then two was felt to enter her dark passage. Gently, with just these two knuckles, I finger fucked her anus. She was very tight but the movements of her hips gave away the fact she was happy to succumb to this violation. My left hand returned to her clitoris and again it was obvious that pleasure was being found.

Beside me was the vibrator which I picked up. Whilst I continued my slow and gentle penetration of her bum, I slipped the vibrator back in her pussy and switched it on. I felt her ring tighten around my finger. However, the vibe was not remain in her love chamber it was only there to get wet again and I withdrew it and my finger from her holes. I let the vibe slide up her crack until it rested on her rosebud. It was much thicker than my finger but was well lubricated. I pushed, gently at first but Poppy did not yield. I asked her again if she wanted to please me and she nodded. With this permission I increased the force and could see her hole begin to stretch and envelop the gold and black tool. As it buzzed away I let my left hand check her clit which was hard as ever.

I put two fingers in her vagina and finally applied enough force to the vibrator for it to fully conquer Poppy’s anus. As it passed the point of last resistance, I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my fingers and I knew that I was in total control.

I got myself comfortable between her knees and removed the vibrator from her ass and put it back in her pussy. I saw her ring close up again but I knew it was going to accept whatever came its way. I removed the vibrator once more and pushed my covered cock towards her pussy. I gathered some juice with my knob and place it at the opening of her pussy. Do you want to make me happy I asked. She mumbled the affirmative and I told her to push herself back on to me. She was now fully submissive and unquestioningly did as she was told and pushed her pelvis up and back onto my hard cock. My knob pushed between her lips slipped into her tight vagina and I began to rhythmically fuck her. I was bigger that the vibrator and I knew she could feel how hard I was. My cocked pushed deeper and deeper until I could reach no further.

Her pussy was hot and I could feel her tensing her internal muscles. This was no orgasm; this was her deliberately squeezing me with her strong vagina muscles. She was good and I think she knew it and I was enjoying every second of finding out. I started to build a slow and steady pace and my left hand leaned round and played with her clit. She was definitely getting closer again. I continued to pump and she forced herself deep onto my cock. Something changed and she became a bit more frenzied and then I felt her hit another orgasm and the sensation as the ripples of contractions wrapped my hard rod.

She settled again but I continued my thrusting. I took up the vibrator again, still buzzing, and rubbed it against her anus. Her vagina squeezed again. I pushed the buzzing tool forward and into her bum hole as carried on with my pelvic movements. This time I pushed the vibrator further than ever into her back passage and turned the knob to full speed. This was enough to send Poppy over the edge once more. She was tighter than ever as the vibrator was filling her along with my hard cock and it all was too much for me and came with at least 4 good shots of cum filling the condom. Poppy could feel the heat in her pussy and the strong hum from the vibrator kept her cumming for 30 or 40 seconds longer than I could manage.

Having cum so hard the strength was taken from my legs and I fell on Poppy in a heap. I rolled off and could see her still quivering from the pleasure she had experienced. I went around the bed and untied her bonds and got her to sit up next to me, still in her bridle and blindfold. I removed the blindfold and undid the strap from behind her head. “Poppy” I said, “I need a wash. Go and run me a bath and you can clean me up” She stood up looked me in the eye and said “Yes, Master. The pleasure is all mine.”