Written by Jasper

6 Apr 2015

have just got back from a weekend away at the coast, I like many other guys have had the fantasy of sharing my wife with another man, but she has always said no way. She was quite happy to use the fantasy in our bedroom and I even bought a vibrator that we use, I tell her to imagine that its another guys cock and to suck it like she would a real cock.Thats as far as it ever got, that is untill this weekend.

We were staying in a nice hotel, which had entertainment on in the bar at night. We went down and found a table and started to enjoy the show. The bar was quite busy and a man, about the same age as us, late 40's asked if he could join us at the table, I said yeah sure and he sat down. My wife, although she dosn't know it, is quite flirty and before long the three of us were enjoying each others company. I went to the bar to get some more drinks and while I was there I noticed that Jim had moved next to Fran, my wife and they were laughing and chatting as if they had known each other for years. When I got back to the table Jim asked if I minded if he danced with Fran, I said as long as she was happy then so was I.

The music was slow so he had his arms around her waist and she had hers around his neck, as I was watching I noticed that Jim had moved his hand to cover her bottom, as I watched I saw him give it a squeeze and was shocked when Fran left it there I was also quite excited at the thought of another guy doing this to her. After a couple of dances they came back to the table, Fran looked a little flushed and I asked her if she enjoyed dancing with jim and she said yes. We got some more drinks in and after a while Fran excused herself and went to the toilet. Jim told me I was a lucky man to have such a nice wife and that he found her very sexy. I told him of my fantasy and that as she was relaxed around him that he should try his luck.

When Fran returned she sat between me and Jim and I noticed that when she sat down her skirt had risen up over her knees and she was showing a bit of thigh, I winked at Jim and he put his arm over her shoulder, again no reaction from Fran, now I made an excuse that I needed the toilet and left them alone. I moved over the other side of the bar and watched them. I saw Jim slowly move his hand so that it covered Frans ample tit and start to squeeze it through her top. Frans head rested on his shoulder and her eyes closed. I made my way back to them and Fran smiled at me. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes. I said we should go back to our room and would she like Jim to join us at which she smiled and said yes. I told Jim our room number and told him to join us in a few minutes.

On the way up in the lift she was kissing me and telling me how much she loved me, I told her that she was going to fullfill my fantasy and asked her if she was happy with it, she just looked at me and said yes. When we got back to our room she started to get undressed I told her not to as I wanted to watch as Jim got her naked I also told her to take off hertights and put on some hold up stockings, which she did. About 10 minutes later Jim knocked on the door and I let him in, he sat next to Fran on the bed and they started kissing, his tongue pushed past her lips and was in her mouth, watching this made my cock harder than it had been for a while. He eased his hand under her top and was playing with her tits through her bra, he reached behind her and released the clip of her bra so that he could feel the naked flesh, Fran stopped kissing him and lifted her top over her head and Jims lips were soon sucking on her hard nipples, his hand was now under her skirt, feeling her thighs she opened them wider for him and I saw his hand move over her panty's and start to rub her pussy through the material. Frans hand was now busy undoing his zip and getting his hard cock out. For the first time in my life I was sat there watching my sexy wife stroking another guys hard cock.

I was by now stroking my rock hard cock, I moved over to the bed and offered my cock to Fran to suck, which she did. All of a sudden Fran stopped sucking me and let out a loud moan, looking down I saw that Jim had taken her panty's down and was now finger fucking her. Fran was now laying across the bed enjoying the sensation of another guy touching her, It didn't take long for her to have her first orgasm, she seemed to cum long and hard. While she was recovering Jim and I removed her skirt leaving her just in her holdups, we then both got naked ourselves before joining Fran on the bed.

I again put my cock in Frans mouth for her to suck and watched as Jim got between her thighs and started to lick her now very wet pussy, Fran loves oral but after a few minutes she was telling Jim that she needed his hard cock inside her, I said to her "do you want Jim to fuck you" she said yes I said then tell him ,, tell him to fuck your married cunt. and she did, she was nearly begging him to fuck her.He lifted her legs over his shoulders and I watched as his hard cock went into my wifes cunt, as he was fucking her I started to stroke my cock and it wasn't long before I shot my load over her tits, Jim was now pounding her cunt with his hard cock, Fran was loving it, pushing up to meet his strokes as he fucked her cunt. He said he was ready to cum and asked Fran where she wanted it, she said for him to cum inside her, fill her with his cum, as he got faster Fran was urging him to fill her with his cum and before long I saw hs ass tighten and he rammed his cock deep inside her at the same time Fran had another orgasm, she was moaning and thrashing about on the bed as he emtied his sack inside her.

After we had all rested Jim got dressed and after kissing and fingering Fran, left us together. When he had gone Fran said that she had enjoyed the excitement and that she wished we had done it sooner. We showered together where Fran went down on me again, this time for the first time swallowing my cum, we spent the rest of the night enjoying each other,