Written by Road Trippers

7 Jul 2015

Several years before we married, when my wife and I were still students, we went to the USA for a summer and had a completely unplanned and amazing experience that changed our sexual outlook for ever. I thought I’d share it with you.

We were backpacking and using busses and trains to get between cities and as anyone who has travelled much in the US could tell you this is not a great way to travel. When we were in New Orleans, staying in the university dorms for peanuts, we met up with a couple from Wales, Dan and Claire. They had a car and were heading in the same direction as us, generally West, with the vague idea of getting to San Francisco and flying home again. We went out with them for a few nights in New Orleans and got on really well. They were a few years older than us, Dan had quit a job running a bar in Cardiff where he had met Claire and they were taking a year off to travel. They were both super confident people, Dan was about my height but stockier and Claire was curvy, almost chubby but really sexy with big hips and tits and beautiful wavy brown hair. Quite different to my wife Caroline who was slender, with an arse that is still amazing to this day, great legs, small perky breasts and long straight hair.

Dan and Claire asked if we wanted to hook up with them and head for Las Vegas and share the petrol money. We had a quick chat and decided it would be a great idea and the next day we were on the road. We got pretty close over the passing days as drove towards Vegas in a rambling way, stopping off in little towns and staying in motels, always sharing single rooms with a pair of double beds to save dollars.


Dan and Claire were not shy and we quickly got used to underwear being acceptable clothing in the motel with the occasional flash of more when someone zoomed to the bathroom. The only problem was that sharing a room didn’t offer much opportunity for intimacy. One night a few days into the trip we all ended up pretty wasted in a bar and Dan had a quiet word with me about the blue ball problem he was developing and suggested we agree a system to offer the other couple an hour or so private time every other day.

“I am so fuckin randy now,” Dan said, “that I’m bent double with erections all day! And I can’t afford to look at your missus getting dressed in the morning, what a peachy ass! When she bends over she literally gives me a hard on for hour and a half. It’s those tiny little thongs she wears, fuck me they don’t hide much do they?” The idea of Dan getting hard staring at Caroline’s arse didn’t bother me in the least. I said that Claire’s gently wobbling tits were having the same effect on me. Dan found that hysterical and said he could see we needed to get the system going tomorrow at the latest.

We all headed back to the motel and once there started getting ready for bed. Dan was in bed first, sitting up and noisily ordering Claire to point her tits away from me. “He keeps getting a stiffy because of your ‘gently wobbling tits’ love! Cover ‘em up! Cover ‘em up! Poor lad.”

I told Caroline not to keep bending over in her knickers in front of Dan, “He can’t keep his eyes off your, and I quote ‘peachy ass’ and he has to stay in bed for an extra hour waiting for his giant erection to subside.”

“It’s the tiny thongs!” Dan moaned, “I can’t handle the tiny thongs!”

“That’s why you’re so wound up love! It’s cos you not allowed to handle them! And I wouldn’t call it a ‘giant erection’!” laughed Claire. “It’s pretty giant right now!” replied Dan.

“And I haven’t even started to get undressed yet!” called out Caroline who was taking off her makeup in the bathroom mirror. She didn’t seem at all phased by the turn of the conversation and I started to feel a stirring of my own and reckoned I should get into bed as soon as possible.

I got down to my boxers and hopped into bed as Claire started stripping off in a theatrical way. She was slowly popping the buttons on her clingy shirt and swaying across the room towards me revealing more and more cleavage as she advanced.

“It’s very hot in here John,” she said in a breathy voice, “I know it disturbs your cock terribly but I’m afraid I’m going to have to take my shirt off.”

Caroline shrieked with laughter and poked her head round the bathroom door. Claire stood at the foot of the bed, spun away from and undid the last buttons on her shirt, she pulled it down to reveal a bare shoulder and looked back at me.

“Steady love, the bedclothes are on the move!” laughed Dan. I pulled my knees to my chin to allow room for my growing erection.

Claire suddenly pulled her shirt wide open, stripper style, and spun back to face me her beautiful tits just about contained by her satin bra. She walked up beside and bent over me, her tits were now about three inches from my face.

“I can only apologise, for my…gently…” and she shook her shoulders to make her breasts swing and shake, “wobbling…tits…” Then with a loud laugh she headed for the bathroom herself.

“Well that’s not going to help.” I said weakly

“Keep those knees up mate!” said Dan

“Going to have to. For the next two days.”

There had been some laughter from the bathroom and Claire both came back in. She had taken her jeans off in the bathroom and I couldn’t take my eyes off her large round arse as it made its way across the room. She climbed into bed with Dan.

“Your arse is quite distracting too.” I commented.

“How’s the hard on?” She replied.


“How’s yours Dan?” asked Caroline from the bathroom.

“It’s waiting for you to come in here and strip off!”

“Yes.” Said Claire, “After the show I gave John you’d better not turn the light off and run to bed!”

Caroline walked into the room. She had already taken off her shirt, trainers and socks and was dressed in just her bra and jeans. The atmosphere was suddenly electric and charged with sex, my cock swelled into a rock hard erection. There was such a difference between getting changed in another couples company and keeping your eyes and your thoughts in check. Now three people were staring at my girlfriend, at her tits and her ass and thinking of her sexually. Dan moaned and Claire cheered. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer and I had lost the power of speech. Caroline put a finger to her lips as though in thought and walked slowly towards the beds exaggerating the sway of her hips as she came.

“I normally get undressed on this side of the bed…” she said, pointing at the side furthest away from Dan and Claire’s bed. “but tonight…I think I shall get undressed on this side, for a change…” She pointed to the other side. The two double beds were large and separated by big bedside table so were maybe three feet apart and Dan was in bed on the side closest to the gap.

Caroline walked slowly down between the beds. Her face and chest were a little flushed and I could see she was breathing deeply and rapidly. She turned to face me and gave me cheeky grin then she parted her legs a little and arched her back. Her arse was right in Dan’s sweaty face.

“I’m going to have to take off my jeans but I’m having trouble getting them undone…they’re such a tight fit. Could you undo my belt darling?”

I reached forward, my fingers trembling and fumbled the buckle open.

“Give it a good hard tug.”

Dan groaned again and Claire laughed as I tugged on the belt, each tug pulling it a little further through the loops. The tugging made her shake and brace herself and Dan was benefitting from an eyeful of jean clad rear shaking about in front of him. The belt came free, Caroline waggled her eyebrows at me and then turned to face Dan. Her arse really did look good.

“Could you undo the buttons for me Darling number Two? My fingers are so trembley…”

Dan reached forward and tried to do it one handed. He had a brief fumble tugging at her waistband and then sat up in bed to use two hands. I could see him working on the front of Caroline’s trousers and then the waist loosened and loosened and loosened as one by one he popped the fly buttons down. Claire was hooting with laughter and reached under the bedclothes.

“That’s done the trick. He is officially as hard as a rock!” she laughed and it was obvious that she was giving Dan a gentle, slow wank as he undid Caroline’s buttons.

Dan moaned again but this was a moan of out of control lust. I couldn’t quite see what he was doing now but Caroline was being pulled slightly towards him and he still had his hands inside the front of her jeans. The backs of his fingers must have been able to feel her pubic hair through the gauze panel of her knickers, feel the heat of her sex. I reached out and ran my shaking hand up her inner thigh to her crotch.

“You’re in trouble now girl!” said Claire and her voice was noticeably breathless as well. Her hand was still moving in Dan’s lap slow and steady.

“Naughty!” said Caroline and spun back to face me. Dan looked gutted and Caroline’s face was now really flushed and beaded with perspiration. She hooked her thumbs into her jeans and began to pull them slowly down over her cheeks, bending forward as she did.

“They’re so tight that it takes me ages to ages to wiggle out…”

She pulled them slowly down her legs, bending at the waist and then pulled each leg free. Now she only had this tiny gauzy, floral thong on and, with her legs still apart she shuffled back until her calves were against Dan’s bed, arched her back and slowly pulled her thong down and off. There was silence in the room now. Caroline bent forward still further until her face was against mine and her pussy was almost in Dan’s face, one hand was on my shoulder the other went between her legs and spread her sex open and she murmured,

“Time for my bedtime kiss!”

My lips clamped onto hers and we kissed passionately our tongues intertwining, I reached up and freed her left breast from her bra and rolled a hard nipple under my thumb. I felt her adjust herself a little and hold onto my shoulder for balance and she inhaled involuntarily as we kissed. I knew what Dan was doing; she was getting her goodnight kiss from both of us. Dan had a buttock in each hand and his face was pressed into her pussy as he kissed and licked for all he was worth. Caroline gave a sudden shaky squeal and leapt away from Dan onto our Bed. She landed on me with a laugh and we rolled back together she was trembling as she looked back over her shoulder at Dan and Claire her legs parted and her arse invitingly raised.

Claire and Dan looked at each other and then Claire shouted “Geronimo!” and jumped from her bed onto ours, followed by Dan. Claire pushed me onto my back, straddled me and we started to kiss with desperate passion, my hands fumbling to free her wonderful tits from her bra as she ground her pelvis back and forth over my hard prick. The dam had broken and the mounting sexual tension between us all gave way to total sexual abandon. I was sucking and biting on Claire’s tits as she reached under herself to grasp and wank my cock as she guided it up and into her hot tight wetness. Then she was away, riding me and crying out as I pumped up into her as hard as I could. She rubbed herself with one hand as she rode me her head thrown back and I grabbed her waist to lift and pull her back onto me with every stroke.

Dan had grabbed Caroline and pulled her onto his bed and when I glanced over I saw them locked in a 69. There was my girlfriend, the girl I was so jealous of if another man so much as spoke to her, her eyes shut in ecstasy, wanking Dan’s stiff prick into her mouth as she sucked on his cockhead. I could see her start to buck and twitch as she orgasmed and she screamed aloud. As she did Dan came with a bellow and hot sperm sprayed across her face and hair before she got his cock back in her mouth and sucked and sucked as his cock twitched into her.

I started to move round under Claire lifting one of her legs and she understood immediately and without pulling out I was behind her, fucking her as hard as I could as she rubbed beneath herself. Dan and Caroline had surfaced for air and Dan was calling encouragement to me and grabbing his phone off the bedside table to take some pics as I grabbed his girlfriend by the hips and gave her everything I had, she was screaming now and jerking forward uncontrollably and that carried me over the edge. I came and came into her, pushing her flat onto the bed and grappling with her incredible tits as I did. I stayed semi hard and we moved into a kind of spoons position, her cunt felt tight and silky and hot as it held me and before I knew it she had fallen asleep and was breathing deeply.

Dan meanwhile had pulled Caroline back onto his bed. “You don’t mind if we carry on do you only I’d quite like to fuck your mrs?” asked Dan.

“I’ve still got my cock inside Claire so I think you should.”

Caroline jumped off the bed and leaned over Claire to give me a long, sensual kiss. “I love you” she whispered. My cock gave a little twitch and Claire stirred without waking.

Caroline ran to the loo to get a roll of toilet paper and then jumped back into bed with Dan pulling the sheet over them. She disappeared down the bed again and Dan let out a huge groan.

“She gives a fucking brilliant blowjob man.” Below the sheets Caroline’s head was bobbing away in a smooth rhythm with the occasional slurp to let us know she was working hard. Dan groaned and closed his eyes and lay back enjoying himself as she worked his cock. I wondered if blowjobs were his thing and he was going to cum again without fucking her but he pulled the sheet back and pulled her up and over his body and they kissed as she moved over him.

Their kiss was long and deep and at some point he must have entered her and she began to increase her pace. Cowgirl is Caroline’s favourite position and it was amazing to watch her go from a sinuous pelvic grind to a cheek clapping bounce to a back arching rocking movement as she worked his cock in her cunt feeling it within her in every way she could. She started to pant and give little “Ohs!” as another orgasm built up in her. It is very rare for her to orgasm from penetrative sex but it looked like she was going to now. Part of me wanted her to look over and to have some eye contact with her while she was getting fucked by Dan but she was totally lost in sex. He was starting to pump hard up and into her, the slap of the bodies getting louder and louder. She was moving in a fast rocking movement that I knew made it feel like her cunt was sucking on your cock and I knew Dan wouldn’t last much longer.

My own cock was hardening and lengthening within Claire and she gave a sleepy stir and said, “hello, that’s rather nice!” I grabbed a hip and started to fuck her slowly in the spoons position and once again I felt her hand moving on her clit and she moaned.

As I fucked Claire I watched Caroline start to orgasm a low cry strengthened into a full scream of ecstasy and she buckled forward onto Dan’s chest and twitched and twitched as waves of ecstasy shook her. I had underestimated Dan’s staying power, he pulled out, she cried aloud again as he did and tried to cup a hand under her to catch their juices thinking Dan had cum. He swiftly moved behind her, raising her hips and slid his long thick cock into her to the balls, she gave another shudder and groaned, “Oh God Dan”. The single sexiest thing I have ever heard anyone say by the way.

Dan was not messing about now; he was intent on cumming while fucking this girl as hard as he could from behind. We all knew we might only have this one night of forbidden sex with each other’s partners and Dan had been lusting after that ass for getting on for two weeks. He held Caroline tight by the hips and fucked her as hard as he could, pounding his cock into her cunt, pushing her into the bed as he nailed her. I was moving more quickly within Claire now and she was gasping at my thrusts.

Watching my girlfriend, now my wife, getting fucked in front of me was just extraordinary. I am quite a jealous guy and the feeling was somewhere between terrible vertigo and liberated joy. I could see Dan’s long thick cock slamming up into her, hear the wet slap of their bodies coming together, see her face lost in a wild abandon of sex I could even smell that familiar scent of her body in heat, but in heat for another man. I watched as her tits swung and her arse ripple with the impact of each thrust and suddenly I couldn’t hold on any longer, I pulled Claire hard onto me and came again. Amazingly another wailing cry rose from Caroline, it was as though her last orgasm hadn’t finished by the time Dan had started fucking her from behind and with a high wordless scream she came again Dan shouting as he buried himself as deep as he could into my girlfriend and came and came thrusting and pulsing his cum deep into her cunt.

We all lay in a panting, sweating fug of post orgasmic bliss, incapable of movement before Dan gave a groan and pulled his softening cock out of Caroline. “Fuck me!” he groaned, “fuck me that was something else.” He leant over Caroline’s prone form and kissed her ear. I pulled out of Claire, who moaned slightly as I did.

“Shower.” Said Dan and staggered towards the bathroom door. Claire rolled into a sitting position and gave me a long kiss, “shower for me too.” She followed Dan.

I got on Dan’s bed next to Caroline and stroked her back a little worried about how she was going to feel. “Loo paper.” She murmured, “I need loo paper.” I handed her the roll and she looked at me a little questioningly as if to ask, what the fuck just happened then and how are we going to handle it all. I just grinned and shrugged and said, “Tell me you didn’t just have the best sexual experience of your life. You just had two orgasms from being fucked for fuck’s sake! We don’t have to make a habit of it but it was, as Dan said, something else.” She grinned a little sheepishly. “It was absolutely fucking incredible.”