Written by metal 7

7 Jun 2016

I've often tired to persuade my wife of ten years Liz to experiment with other guys . However while we had a varied sex life it never seemed to happen. Then an idea occurred to me on how to make it reality I;d made a few videos of Liz blindfolded playing with herself .One involved her fucking herself in the pussy and anus with a dildo.

There was a young guy lodging next door called Rob (He was about 22 I think) .While Liz was away for the weekend I invited him over for drinks and occidentally (on purpose) played the video While he was initially shocked, I came clean and told him we wanted someone to film us .he eagerly agreed.

The next week end Liz was blindfolded again .Rob sneaked in while I was liking her pussy . He took over rolling his tongue over her clit and fingering her expertly . I took over between her legs while he undressed, revelling his 8 inches . I'd told him previously Liz liked it up the arse . I got her to ride his cock and video's his dick sliding in and out of her lubed bum hole . I carried on licking her clit ,Robs stiff cock inches from my face . it probably took only 30 second for our joint efforts to send Liz over the edge .I d have never seem her come like it. Rob and I came over her tits . We got together a few more times after that culminating in Liz's first DP. it was always the same Liz was blind folded nothing was said but it was obvious she was being shared.I think she feels comfortable with a mask on as it provided a barrier . Has any one similar experiences ?