Written by Satisfied Husband

12 Apr 2016

We're in our late 50s and had been friends with Roger and his wife since moving in next door to each other over 30 years ago. She died tragically three years ago in a road accident and Roger has been having a tough time of it, missing her terribly. At our insistence, he started dating about a year ago, first with some of my wife's unmarried girlfriends. When he ran through that lot on mostly just single dates without any interest in continuing with any of them, he dated a few on his own, again without any continuing interest in them.

He was lamenting this to me a few weeks ago and said he didn't think he would ever find any woman to replace his wife in a meaningful relationship and now he just missed the sex, but they all seemed to be interested only in getting married. He ruefully laughed and said he needed to meet a woman who just wanted to be his 'fuck buddy'.

That night I related this to my wife and she said that would probably be best since she had found out with her experience with Roger and her unmarried girlfriends just how hard it was to connect two people our age with each other. A while later we made love and afterward I joked that Roger would like to be in my place having just had her. She got a strange look on her face and said somewhat seriously, "I bet he would." I asked, "What do you mean?" And she replied, "You know how fond we four were of each other and how comfortable we all were when together. Well, over the years she sometimes joked that we were a great candidate for a foursome."

I gave it some thought, then told her, "I'm surprised nothing ever happened since Roger had told me a few times if the situation were different he would fancy you." She took a few moments, then asked, "How would you feel about that?" I saw where this was going and answered, "As long as it didn't affect our marriage and the way you feel about us, I wouldn't mind if you became his occasion al fuck buddy." We discussed it some more, then fucked again as it had made us horny again.

A few nights later we had Roger over for some wine and a chat. She sat in the settee and he and I in the pair of matching chairs while we had our wine. The conversation was easy as always and ranged far and wide. During the third bottle of wine my wife casually asked Roger what he was doing about sex. he was mellow enough with all the wine to honestly answer that he had given up meeting any women and was 'taking care of it himself'. She then said with a suggestive smile on her face, "That's too bad. We've been friends for a long time and good friends take care of each other's needs. Do you know what I mean?" He suddenly came alert and looked my way with in a questioning way. I said to him, "Forget I'm here. Just answer the lady." He shook his head as if he didn't hear me correctly and I nodded 'yes' to him. He turned back to her and said, "Yes, I know what you mean, but do you really mean it?"

Her answer was to scrunch her hips forward to the edge of the cushion pulling the lower portion of her dress up around her waist at the same time, then lean back and move her legs widely apart to let him see her naked hairy pussy. He was struck dumb with his mouth open in surprise as he watched her then move one hand down and run her middle finger slowly up and down her slit. She rubbed her clit then inserted two fingers and moved them in and out. Roger moved forward in his chair and stared intently at her wanton display.

He again looked my way and I smiled and said, "What are you waiting for? She obviously wants you. Just forget I'm here." He got up and knelt on the floor before her and proceeded to lick her pussy as she caressed her breasts through her dress. Things quickly progressed and he soon was naked. She had opened the upper portion of her dress to expose her breasts and he was kneeling between her wide open legs kissing and sucking her breasts and nipples. As he did so, she slowly wanked his substantial cock, then said loud enough for me to hear also, "I'm ready, come in me now."

He inserted his cock and fucked her, slowly at first then, after a few minutes, faster as his arousal heightened. By that time, my wife was moaning almost steadily as her arousal matched his. they were well on their way to a mutual climax. I was very excited watching them, so much so I lowered my trousers and pants to relieve the pressure of my clothing against my rock hard cock.

He was thrusting forcefully into her and her legs were dancing around above his bum as she fucked him back. then she started to loudly pant and gasp as she does when getting close. He fucked her faster and faster, then came with loud grunts. She followed almost immediately, coming with long drawn out deep moans. they continued fucking each other for about a minute more, then he collapsed his upper body on her and she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled his face to hers with her hands behind his head and kissed him passionately.

He returned her kisses as they slowly recovered, then lay like that for a long time, so long that I finally asked, "Are you two alright?' My wife answered first, "Oh, yes, that was so wonderful I just wanted to keep his cock up me as long as possible." He made similar comments, then asked with concern, "You're alright with this, aren't you?" I told him no worries and suggested we all move to our big bed. On the way there with me and my wife leading, she quietly asked me, "You're sure you're alright with this?"

I responded, "No worries, but I need to have you now." She giggled and led me quickly onto the bed, got on her back and opened her kegs wide as she said to me, "Your turn," then said to Roger, "You can watch us from the chair over there, then you can join us." I proceeded to fuck her hard and fast and quickly came hard, then 'soaked' in her cum filled pussy until I shriveled up and slipped out. I rolled off and Roger took my place. We fucked her in turn most of the night. It was a good thing the next day was Saturday since we didn't make it out of bed until mid-morning.

That was a few weeks ago, and we're a regular threesome whenever Roger needs some. My wife also is his occasional 'fuck buddy', going over to his when she needs some loving on a solo basis, but our agreement is that she comes back and we fuck. When that happens, I'm particularly horny with the image of them fucking and so I am more energetic than usual fucking her.

So far this is working for us and we have no plans to stop.