Written by Paulrcouple

19 Oct 2011

Steve He got in touch with us last year but with meeting friends over there we did not meet our friends dont know this side of our life.

Steve got in touch with us through our add we put on about going to Tenerife for our holidays he lives there and if you want a single man he is the one mid forties nice and polite and a very BIG COCK

He came to our apartment bar we had a couple of drinks and hit it striaght away.

We went to our apartment had a drink on the balconey Jane had gone to the bed room and taken her knickers off she sat opposite Steve so he could she her shaven pussy.

I had to put towels on the railings so people could not see what was going on it was only 4 oclock in the afternoon.

We both fingered Jane and kissed her she was ready for it Steve was down licking her pussy Jane was sucking me it was so horny out on the balcony people all around and they did not know a thing i shot my first load and Jane swallowed the lot.

We went into our bed room and stripped off what a cock he had we both got on our knees and sucked it we must have looked like two puppies fighting over a bone.

Jane got Steve on the bed he was on his back and Jane got on top he started rubing his cock on Janes pussy lips i got hold of it and sucked it then i put it to Janes pussy rubbed it up and down her slit openened it up with my thumb and fingers so he could get it in.

He fucked Jane for nearly two hours she gave me a bj 2 times and i wanked allover her boobs once.

One of the hornest things was when Jane was on top her back was to his front we can not see his legs and Jane was wanking his cock it looked as though Jane had a cock.

After he had cum it was all running out of her pussy her legs were open he fingered her and played with her clit with his fingers full of spunk untill she came to a mind blowing orgasam Jane said it was one of the best she had ever had.

Seve got dressed and wentJane kept wanting to keep shoving my cock up her pussy pulling it out and kept sucking me so she could taste his cum.