Written by Lucky Lady

12 Jul 2013

It has been a long time since I posted a story on here but life seems to get in the way. My last set of posts were in July 2012 (search Lucky Lady) so you can see I have been busy.

So to re-cap I am now 43 and married to an older more experienced man although my experience is now catching up with his. When we met I had had a number of lovers and was divorced. From the moment he first made love to me I knew he was the one and over time he has taken me on numerous adventures and because of his trust and love he is the only person to make love to me but God do I have some sex and in one way or another he is always there guiding and encouraging me. We do nothing behind each others backs because we don't need to. Women find him immensely attractive and men take to him as friends. He is no enormous cocked sex machine but he is all man. A man blessed with most outrageous and vivid imagination that has taken me to heaven and back.

So on with another tale.

I had arrived home from work, hot, fed up and tired. He ran me a bath poured me a glass of wine and left me to soak. When I got out of the bath there was an envelope on the bed and in it was a booking for two days time to a luxury villa complex on the Algarve leaving in two days. Fortunately we own our business so getting away is never a problem and I never get told off for fucking the boss !!!

He came into the bedroom and said "you have worked hard so I thought you might like a break". He held me close and kissed me and the announced dinner in five and was gone. I knew I had enough clothes, shoes and swim wear all I had to do was pack.

We arrived In Portugal and for the first three days relaxed and wandered around the local sights. He loves food, good wine and Cuban cigars and indulged me in his passion at some wonderful local restaurants. We made love every day and night in the villa, outside the villa and on the beach. All in all life was good.

On the fourth night we got back in darkness and were sitting outside with a final glass of wine when he said " pull your dress up and make yourself cum". As there was no one around and the beach was below the villa wall nobody would see me anyway. I laid on the sun lounger and let me dress slide up my tanned thighs until my uncovered pussy was exposed to him. Underwear in that heat, I don't think so.

My fingers of one hand gently circled my clit without touching it whilst my other fingers slowly stroked just inside my swelling lips. I looked him in the eye and as my tongue ran softly around my mouth I slipped one then a second finger deep in to my now wet pussy. As I searched for the spot that makes me pour my other fingers found my hardened clit. After what seemed an age but was in reality seconds my hips lifted from the lounger and a third finger pushed home in to my depths. As I opened my eyes I saw he had taken his cock out and was slowly working his hand up and down his rigid shaft. My eyes closed again as I concentrated on pleasuring myself. My fingers were soaked and my juice was running freely from my pussy and liberally coating my arse and the lounger.

As I exerted more and more pressure on my clit, my other fingers flashed in and out of my pussy. The harder I pressed the faster I fucked myself until I felt that familiar burning and pulsating as my pussy gripped my fingers, sucking them ever deeper inside. My heart and temples pounded as the blood coursed through my body concentrating at the centre of my pussy and then the scream erupted from my lips as the orgasm rushed through me. My hips fucked my fingers harder and faster until I collapsed back sucking in air.

As I opened my eyes he was there above me then just as suddenly he was in me. My orgasming pussy clasping his cock as it thrust in to me without ceremony. My legs were high over his shoulders and I could feel the night air cooling the pussy juice around my arse. His thrusting became urgent as did my groans and pants. I could feel my pussy lips being pulled in and out as his girth filled me. The faster he went the more I knew what I wanted. I wanted to taste him. I wanted his cum and my juice in my mouth. I watched him waiting for the tell tale signs.

As his cock pulled back I grasped his wrists and said "on my face, in my mouth". He quickly straddled me, his juice coated cock inches from my face leaking pre-cum down its shaft. I lashed my tongue out licking its sex coating until he surrendered and slid his cock between my lips and with a frantic few last thrusts he tensed and poured cum onto my and down my throat. I swallowed it like a ravenous whore, draining every last drop. He pulled his cock from my mouth and immediately kissed me tasting our combined juices together.

As we came down from our respective highs and started to relax we were a little startled to hear voices from the adjoining villa which until today had been empty. The voices were urgent, the deeper voice commanding. "Suck me right down", "that really turned you hearing them fuck now ride my cock". This was followed by a higher pitched groan as we gathered she was now riding his cock. In less than a couple of minutes their noises reached a crescendo as she squealed "Cum in me, cum in me" followed by silence.

The thought of someone listening to us had turned us both on immensely and we were both stroking ourselves back to readiness. Within minutes he was in me again from behind, savagely fucking me and the more vocal I became, partly in response to our neighbours efforts the harder he fucked. He leaned over my back and grasped both my nipples and twisted them hard, they way that sends a spear of fire straight into my pussy and pounded me until I felt him throb and fill my pussy with more of his hot spunk. As his softening cock slide from inside me he lifted me up and walked me to the bedroom but not before I had wished our new neighbours "Goodnight"

Part 2 to follow.


Lucky Lady