Written by Denise

2 Sep 2016

In the late 80s, when hubby and I were in our early 30s, we took in lodgers to help make ends meet and so we could enjoy the odd luxury. We had converted a large garage out back into a nice bed-sit that was popular year round with tourists, people associated with Plymouth Poly needing short term lodging, and businessmen tired of the big downtown hotels. We were at the 10 year mark in our marriage and sex had become predictable, routine, and a bit boring, with heights of honeymoon-like passion few and far between - the perfect environment for me to think of 'wandering'. We lived in a village outside Plymouth, so it was difficult if not impossible for me to safely have an extramarital experience with any of the locals.

So, I stumbled onto the perfect solution by chance with David, a visiting lecturer at Plymouth Poly here for a week. He was in his 40s, quite 'dishy' in a distinguished pipe and book sort of way, and with a manner that from the start made my knickers moist. If he had wanted to try out the bed with me under him when I first showed him the bed-sit, I would have gladly pulled up my skirt, stepped out of my knickers, and lay back on the bed opening my legs wide for him.

As it was he seduced me within 24 hours of him moving in. Well, perhaps seduced isn't the right word as I quickly let him know by look and manner I would be very willing, and he was knowledgeable enough about women to make the approach only a few hours after checking in. It was about 2 that afternoon when he came to my kitchen door and asked if I could bring him a pot of tea and some biscuits since he had missed lunch traveling to us. I asked him if he wanted to join me for it in the kitchen, but he said with an engaging and 'come hither' smile he would prefer if I joined him for some of the tea in his bed-sit.

I smiled back as I immediately felt warmth between my legs and a nervous hollowness in my tummy and said I would bring it in a few minutes. My heart beat rapidly as I realized I was actually going to do it, be unfaithful to my hubby and let another man between my legs to pleasure me. I put the tea water on, and then rushed to the loo to freshen up 'down there' and put on some scent.

When I walked into the bed-sit, he was in casual shirt and trousers with his shoes already off. As I walked in to put down the tray, I noticed that all the curtains had been closed and the lighting adjusted low like in a romantic film. We sat a couple of feet apart on the large sofa and I served us tea from the tray on the coffee table. When I finished pouring the tea in the cups on the tray, he moved to close the distance between our hips and placed his nearest hand on mine as I reached to lift his cup. I looked into his face, he looked into mine, and he leaned in and brushed his lips gently against mine. My heart fluttered and my thighs involuntarily squeezed together to suppress a sudden rush of arousal that emanated from between my legs.

He brought both hands up and cupped my head between them and gently pulled my face to his, and we kissed. Oh, how we kissed, he all gentle and I opening my lips to devour his mouth. I couldn't help it, my subdued passion sprang forth and I became a wanton woman needing to taken right there and then. Our tongues met with urgency and the sucking of our mouths took over all thought on my part. I needed him to kiss me possessively with the promise he would possess me in other ways.

His hands were caressing my breasts through the material of my blouse and I felt my nipples quickly harden. I moaned when he tweaked them between his fingers and reflexively opened my thighs. He noticed the invitation and moved one hand up between them under my skirt as he continued to caress a breast with the other, all the while kissing each other deeply.

Feeling his hand between my thighs, I opened them wider and he snaked his hand to where my thighs joined and ran his fingers along my moist slit covered by my knickers, pushing the thin material into my groove and arousing me even more. I moaned as he fingered me through my knickers, then gasped as his fingertips rubbed my hard nub at the top of my slit. He repeated it several times and I gasped each time, then broke our kiss to pant, "Now, take me now. I need it now!"

He smiled, stood up, then leaned down and swept me up into his arms, and carried me into the dimly lit separate bedroom. He gently deposited me onto the middle of the bed on my back, then stepped back and started to undress, all the while staring at me with con trolled lust on his face. I lay there just watching him for a few seconds before following suit. I sat up and quickly got rid of my blouse and bra, then lay back raising my hips as I slipped my skirt down and off.

When I started to put my hands under the waistband of my knickers to slip them down my legs, he said, "Wait, Don't do that. Save that for me." A sudden rush of heat settled between my legs and I felt an increase in moisture along my groove, probably due to the sudden image of him slowly lowering my knickers to expose my womanly centre to his view. I lay back with my head elevated on a pillow and watched as he exposed his body to me. His chest was muscled and toned, his legs long a beautifully shaped from exercise, and his cock curved out and downward in semi-hardness when he lowered his pants.

As he climbed onto the bed, he slowly wanked his cock, but I stopped him with, "Don't. Let me do that for you." He smiled and knelt between my now spread legs. I raised myself up and gently grasped his shaft and stroked it with both hands. It rapidly grew to a full erection. I felt along it s length and estimated it to be almost 7 inches, an inch or so longer than hubby's. I wrapped my hand around it and estimated it to be also larger in girth than hubby. The wetness between my legs suddenly increased again, probably from anticipation what his cock would do to me once he started stroking it inside.

He gently stopped me wanking him and pushed me back, then reached down and pulled my knickers toward him with both hands and slid the down off my legs. I slowly re-spread my legs with knees raised to give the maximum view of my charms. I watched as his eyes roamed over me down there. I saw the lust on his face as he viewed my lightly haired and neatly trimmed mound and my wet groove with its swollen lips already slightly parted to reveal my hard nub sticking up. Hubby says my prominent clit when aroused is one of my sexiest features, and David also seemed to think so as his gaze seemed to linger there.

He reached forward with his hands and caressed my slit and rubbed my clit with the fingers of one hand as he introduced the middle finger of his other hand into my entrance. I had raised my head from the pillow and avidly followed the movements of his hands with my eyes. Women are as voyeuristic as men and, when possible, we like watching what is being done to us. I could feel that I was wet and swollen inside when he moved his finger around. He quickly introduced a second finger, then a third, and started to finger me in earnest.

My head soon snapped back onto the pillow as I let myself become one with his fingering. All too soon, I felt a climax rapidly building and my moaning began. It became more urgent and deeper the closer I came to coming, then realized I wanted my first come to be from his cock inside. As I approached the edge of the chasm, I suddenly pushed his hands away and said, "No. Don't! Come in me and make me come with your cock! Now. Come in me now and fuck me!"

He immediately dropped his body and rammed his hips into mine, guiding his cock to my entrance and shoving it up me with a single rough thrust. I immediately wrapped my arms and legs tightly about him, and fucked my hips urgently up into him. He responded in kind and proceeded to fuck me hard and deep, recognizing I was close and needed his pounding to push me over the edge. We fucked each other with roughness and urgency for maybe a minute when my climax hit me and my orgasm swept over me in waves of exquisite and almost unbearable intensity and pleasure. I gasped and wailed out my pleasure for many seconds, then went limp when my orgasm finished.

He continued stroking his cock into, albeit at a much slower pace and intensity until I recovered my composure and started to again fuck him back. He gradually increased the power and pace of his thrusts, building me up for another climax, and I gratefully let him even as I matched him thrust for thrust. Within a couple of minutes, he had me again at the edge, then pounded into me and we both climaxed, almost simultaneously. I gasped and cried out my orgasm as he spurted his hot cum up me with very male-like gasps and grunts. We fucked against each other for quite a long time, each of us trying to prolong the pleasure we were experiencing.

When we were finished, we rolled apart, then came together on our sides facing each other and kissed and cuddled for a long time. I love it when a man cuddles me afterward. They are smart to do it because it makes me want them again and again. David instinctively seemed to know that, and so he had me three more times in the next hour or so. We tried it with me on top, then missionary again, finally finishing with rear entry, my favorite as a finishing position when I'm particularly horny, which I most certainly was. I came several times and he did once more as he pounded me hard and deep from the rear.

By the end, I was totally fucked out and sore down there. Also, hubby was due home in a little more than an hour, and I needed to clean the smell of sex off me. I very reluctantly returned to my kitchen with the unused tea tray. After washing up, I finished what I was doing in the kitchen and started preparing dinner for hubby and me, all the time re-living the fabulous fucking I had by David. I knew it wouldn't be the last time he would have me, and that I had crossed a line in my marriage. I wasn't sure how far over I was headed, but I knew I couldn't go back.

That night in bed with hubby, I initiated sex with him even though I was still a bit sore down there. I told him I wanted to be on top and I literally fucked him for my own pleasure, all the while imagining it was David in me, and all too soon came with an energy hubby hadn't seen in years. He commented afterward, asking what had gotten into me, and I flippantly responded with a quick, "Wouldn't you like to know," He gave me a funny look, but let it go as he asked if he could fuck me again, this time with me on my back. I quickly got into position with my legs open wide for him and he fucked me energetically to a come. All the while, I imagined it was David in me, which gave me a tiny come, or was it my imagination.

I will be posting more instances of me having other men behind hubby's back during the ensuing 20 years.