11 May 2016

Barb had been teasing me all day. She had on a short skirt and loose top with her boobs bouncing underneath. I had tried to fondle her a couple of times playfully but each time she flounced away with a smile. After about the fourth time over the morning and I had tried once again and I had complained, she informed me that the next person to touch her in any sexual way would not be me. She knew of course that I knew what this meant. It meant that she had invited our mutual friend John around for dinner. Dinner of course was a polite way of saying that Barb was designing to get her brains fucked out by both John and I over several evening hours and into the early morning.

Barbs liking for having two men at the same time had come from being invited to dinner at another mutual friends place while i was out of town. John was in town on his own and Dillon and Susan had invited John and Barb to dinner as two singles. The evening had turned grubby and Susan had encouraged and helped her husband and John to strip Barb naked as a joke. To their surprise Barb did not take much persuading and she was soon dancing naked for the three of them. As things heated up Susan announced she was getting horny at the thought of seeing Dillon with another woman. Barb was not that keen on this idea so John and Susan tied Barbs hands to the sofa leg and then each took a leg and held them wide. Once Dillon had nibbled some nipples and then slowly eased his cock into a now very wet cunt, Dillon and Barb were soon beyond the point of no return and the sight of Dillon’ cock pounding in and out of Barb made all in the room horny. It was the first of many time Dillon would fuck Barb and so it was not long before he was streaming a large load of cum into her eager cunt. As Dillon’ cock withdrew from Barb everyone was treated to the sight of a puffy cunt starting to drip with cum. John of course was watching all this and instead of making out with Susan, decided that he would prefer a ready fucked Barb.

Rather than do her right there he gathered her up and took her back to our house where he could enjoy the sight and sound of Barb teasing him, by opening herself and showing John the streaming cum around her cunt.

She started on our bed on her hands and knees with legs spread wide, inviting John to lick her freshly fucked cunt. John was not keen so barb started sucking him. She began with is ball bag, lightly flicking it with her tongue. To his surprise the grubby woman ran her tongue down the base of his balls and began licking lightly around his arse. This drove him wild and as she sucked him she straddled him in a 69 position which he could not escape from. At this stage he was looking straight at barbs puffy wet cunt full of cum. Beads of cum where easily seen ready to drip. He knew what was coming before she started to lower herself to his face, and now with his cock being sucked there was little will to escape. He could smell the musk of another mans cum as it ages. Her soft folds gradually touched his lips and he was forced to begin licking dillon warm cum from her.

Just as John began to enjoy the mixed cum of dillon and barb, she suddenly declared, ‘no more, I want the spunk from two men inside me. She then slowly lowered her stil dripping pussy onto Johns dick. She was great at crouching onto a dick, she had done it to me many times. John could not help but see right into her as she lowrred herself. The feel of the ready fucked folds was too much for John and barbs wish rapidly came true. After milking him until he softened inside her she announced that it was now ok for John to begin licking two loads of cum from her.

Dont ever forget that Barb related all this to me well after this event had taken place. Everytime she told me I became very horny quickly and the stories to follow in future weeks are all true