Written by Karens hubby

12 Jan 2018

My wife and I have enjoyed reading your stories and have decided to share our one and only swinging experience.

My wife and I are both in our early 50’s, Karen is attractive and has a great figure plus is extremely heavy chested to the point that she wears support bra’s. She has considered a reduction but the cost was prohibitive plus she admits to loving the attention and getting chatted up when she goes out.

So, our story starts just over 2 years ago. Karen and I go to Portugal for our annual holiday, we spend some time round the pool as you do on holiday and as usual Karen gets some attention. Its not a problem, in fact we find it quite humorous. But one young guy who’s around his early 20’s who’s name escapes me is quite persistent and chats to us and doesn’t make any attempt to hide the fact that he finds Karen attractive. In the end he leaves his mates do what they want and spends time sitting with us and chatting about things in general. Then on the Friday of our first week he turns up for breakfast and sits next to us and comes with us to the local town and sits with us round the pool. But this time he is very nervous, I’m getting a little pissed off with him but Karen thinks he’s ‘sweet’ and is like a lovestruck puppy.

He tells us that he and his mates are leaving the next morning and seems to be actually quite upset, I tell Karen that I think he has a crush on her which, again, she finds ‘sweet’. We dome down for dinner and Karen’s wearing nice low cut blouse and guess who turns up at our table but this lad.

All’s going well until he asks us if he can ask a personal question. He goes on for ages about how he will understand if we say no but he would never forgive himself if he didn’t ask because he would never see us again. I’, starting to find this a bit weird, then he actually says to me ‘I really like Karen and I know she’s your wife but can I kiss her’. My first reaction was to give him a slap but Karen goes ‘Awe that’s sweet’ and I find the funny side. I said that it was fine thinking a peck on the cheek. Karen offers him her cheek but he says no, a proper kiss. I said it was up to Karen and she agrees but he could kiss her in our room not in the restaurant.

On the way up I whisper to Karen that this was weird & she asked if I was jealous. I asked her ‘what if he wants more’ she told me not to be ridiculous. I joke that maybe she should let him have a suck of her breasts as he’s been so fascinated by them all week. Karen wiggles her shoulders to make them swing and says ‘maybe she will’.

We get to the room and the lad isn’t far behind. The door closes and we walk in. Karen giggles her breasts at me and says ‘it would be fun wouldn’t it? I agreed not thinking for one moment that she meant it. Karen whispers ‘then don’t be mad if I do’ and turns to the lad and says ‘so how about this kiss’.

The two of them lock lips and start to kiss. To begin with its just locking lips but then mouths open and tongues are exchanged. I’ can’t believe I’m allowing this or that Karen is doing it and I decide to go to the loo to relieve myself. I spend a few minutes in there giving them time to get it over with but then Karen lets out a big groan. I come out of the bathroom and find my wife topless, this lad trying to get as much of her breast in his mouth as he could, sucking and flicking her nipple with his tongue. Karen looks at me as thought to say ‘oops’. She’s out of breath and tells me that I should go out for a walk. I agree and leave but as soon as I reach the street decide to turn back and make sure the lad doesn’t expect too much and go back to the room.

But its too late, I open the door and Karen looks at me but then closes her eyes, the lad doesn’t even notice me. Karen is naked and on her back, the lad is eating her pussy, sucking and fingering my wife. Karen looks at me again and put her hand out to stop me doing anything. I don’t sat anything and just sit down and watch.

The lad is also bollock naked, he stands up and Karen slides onto her knees and put her lips over his cock and goes crazy, the two of them grunting and moaning. After a few minutes of that Karen is on her back, her legs wrapped round this lad’s backside and he’s inside my wife shagging her for all he’s worth. Her tits are bouncing all over the place, well the one not in his hand. There’s a lot of groaning and grunting and abuse form my wife going on and on begging him to ‘keep going’ and ‘don’t stop’ and ‘fuck your good’. Then after about 15 min of this she lest out a roar and thrusts her hips up. She’s having an orgasm and it’s a good one. The lad tells us that he’s going to cum, Karen tells him to cum inside her so he obliges.

After a lot more grunting and squealing its over. He starts to get up but Karen grabs him and cleans his cock with her mouth. The lad gets up, kissed Karen again passionately, thanks us and walks out. I looked at Karen and asks’ what the fuck was that’. She couldn’t stop apologising and tells me that I should have stopped her but I admit that it was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I pull my clothes off as quickly as I could and shag my wife like I have never shagged her before and it was amazing.

We have never done anything like that before and probably never will but it is one hell of a memory.