Written by tom

5 Nov 2008

On our holiday this year my wife and I had a fabulous experience in a Turkish sauna. We saw the place as we walked down a street and Val suggested we had a look inside. We went in and paid our money and were shown through to the changing rooms. There were a few people inside and the men watched as Val took off her shorts and top. She has a lovely figure and she slowly took off her bra and released her small, pert tits. Everybody was watching her now but she left her tiny thong on and wrapped herself in the towel she had been given. I undressed myself and one or two of the women ogled my big cock.

Leaving the changing rooms we went into the sauna cabin and sat on the highest level. There were three men in there completely naked and I saw Val looking out of the corner of her eyes at their cocks,two of which were quite big and already hard. She glanced at me and I nodded so she dropped the towel and closed her eyes. The guys looked up with obvious lust in theie eyes at her naked tits and when I made no move one of them went and sat next to her and when she still didn\'t open her eyes he reached over and took her left tit in his hand and started to fondle her. She breathed heavily and encouraged he pinched her nipples until they were rock hard and caressed her sweat into her breasts. Without opening her eyes she reached over and took his big,hard cock in her hand and started to wank him and immediately the other black guy went and sat on her other side and eased her legs open and slipped his fingers inside her wet thong and onto her cunt. Val groaned as his fingers found her soaking wet cunt and she allowed her legs to open wide and at the same time she took his cock in her other hand and wanked him. They pushed her back on to the wall and pulled her thong down and off and opened her eager legs as wide as they would go.

Suddenly to my amazement the other guy came over to me and eased my towel off and exposed my massive throbbing hard on. He took me in his hands , pulled back my foreskin and covered it with gel. It was fantastic as he started to slowly wank me and I had to force myself to look back at Val and I what I saw was brilliant as she had a big black cock in her mouth and the other gut was licking her cunt, lapping at it very quickly. All of a sudden she started to scream as she come and shortly after the guy in her mouth started to come. He pulled out and shot great jets of come all over her face and tits and then massaged it into her. The guy on me was wanking me furiously and I watched as Val took a massive black cock in her cunt. She was lying back screaming as he rammed his huge cock up her cunt and I could hold back no longer and I went over to her and shot my load all over her face and creamed her tits. She was really being fucked very hard and she screamed again as she had another orgasm and then the guy grunted as he pulled out and shot another load of hot sticky come all over her. As she lay there exhausted we all massaged the come into her tits and finger fucked her until she was exhausted.