Written by topshots

10 Nov 2010

Just thought i would let you all know about last nights fun i had with my wife, we went out for a meal at a posh country resturant near us at Chesterfield.My wife was wearing her best strappy dress and looked really sexy, it was quiet in the resturant with it being mid week, there were only another 2 couples sat together behind my wife.After a great meal and a few glasses of wine i asked her to drop the front of her dress for me a little so i could see her great pert breasts-she slowly lowered it and i could see her great breasts but the couples behind could not.I asked her to do it again, which she did then noticed that she could see her reflection in the window opposite so would not do it again.On the way home i took a detour to a quiet lane and pulled up for some fun-she took off her black lacy french knicker and put them in her handbag.Afew kisses later she was leaned over and sucking my cock while i was fingering her-she was wet through,we changed possitions and i climb on top of her and slipped my cock in her-she was very horny by now and after a couple of minutes i surgested that we try the car bonnet.She was unsure at first but gave in-i grabbed a sheet out the car and laid it on the bonnet-she sat on it and opened her legs wide-it sure was cold! i slipped back in her pussy and pounded away.A car was comming along the top road but we carried on regardless, luckily it did not turn down our lane but we both came very quickly-we cleaned ourselves on the sheet and hopped back in the car and made our way home-we have decided to give it another try soon!