Written by Kelly

20 Jun 2009

Hi there , this is a full fact and very horny account of my very steamy sexual encounter with H before we got together officialy. Meeting for sex at his house at that point was not entirely convenient as interuptions could have proved disastrous without going into too much detail , so it was very fortunate we both drove and had our own cars . Getting myself ready that morning was amazing as well as fun as i was rubbing an already very wet and swollen clit thinking about getting H\'s nice thick seven inch cock jammed rite up me while waxing my pussy . After getting all ready and (without being or meaning to sound vain) after looking at myself i did look hot as fuck , with my hair done and makeup on and waring one of my very short skirts - denim , white knee length boots and very low cut top with my tits spilling out almost. I was all ready so i left my house and drove to the garage as i needed petrol so fuelled up as we were going to be going a drive to meet up somewhere secluded that we could have some real horny fun . I followed H`s car down a country lane that seemed to lead to nowhere but then we just seemed to find this quiet spot & h parked up , i felt a real tingle between my leg`s as i knew what was about to happen . I stepped out the car at almost the same time as him and started breathing heavily as i seen his bulging hardon through his jeans he grabbed me and held me very tightly pressing his hard dick against my pussy , i was so horny and wet by then that my pussy juice was running down my leg as i did not have any knickers on , i did not want to waste valuable fucking time by having to remove knickers i was just desperate to have his thick cock buried deep inside me .H went down on me licking every bit of my shaved & dripping pussy , i thought i was going to just cum & squirt over him there & then .He stood up & bent me over the bonnet of my car and slid his big bellend into my tight pussy teasing me a little at first and then all the way in i screamed out as he totaly filled me , we fucked that way for a while , i was loving every minute of this my pussy juices were now running that far down my legs i could feel inside my boots getting wet . Then he lay me down on the back seat of my car with the door still open & gave me another hammering i felt like a total slut & loved it , every thrust of his cock had me moaning with pleasure , we looked into eachothers eyes and said we should go back outside ,i smiled as i knew what was coming , having a fetish for anal and watersports it was going to be a perfect afternoon . Bending me over the bonnet again my hips buckled as i felt his rock hard pulsating cock sliding up my ass totaly stretching it and as i started getting used to the feeling of bein stretched he pulled my tits from my top and whispered in my ear \'can you feel that\' and i came as i felt a big stream of hot piss going up my ass and after completely filling me he pulled out and all his hot piss ran out me and down my legs even into my boots , so there i was standing there denim mini , white fuck me boots , both holes well stretched & fucked with a mixture of my cum & H`s piss soaking my legs , MMM it felt so good .I then turned round and got on my knees and sucked his cock & then with just wanting to indulge in complete filth and be a slut i lay across the bonnet of his car and fisted my cunt while pissing and H pissing another torent right on my clit , fucking amazing i could have stayed there all day but we were quickly interupted by a farmer so dived back into our cars and drove away. Trying to find several quiet spots we finaly succeeded and when we got out H fucked his big thick cock up me once more fucking me as hard as i have ever been fucked , my orgasm was just constant now with my thick mess running down my legs , before cumming he pulled out grabbed my hair & put me on my knees and fired a big , thick , creamy , salty load of spunk all over my tits face and in my mouth , i felt like a real porn slut standing there covered in cum & sticky with piss. By the time i got home and showered my pussy and ass were still throbing as i had took a really severe fucking in both holes but was not long in recovering for the next time . Oh & H is now my partner so loads and loads more to tell as i am like an everlasting rabbit. Hope you have enjoyed , kelly !