Written by BelindaF

6 Jul 2007

This little adventure happened to me late last summer and it was a very naughty one. I love being impulsive and sometimes cannot control myself when I feel sexy and in the mood!

I had been going to a local pub a few times lately on my way home from work. With what seemed to be an endless summer, the days were drifting by too quickly, with one heavenly day following another. It was always nice and relaxing to have a couple of cool glasses of wine and to sit there unwinding by the beautiful riverside. Sometimes I bumped into some friends or I just enjoyed being there on my own. I nearly always sat in the same shady corner of the garden, loosing myself, listening to the fast flowing river, watching the trout swim through the weeds and taking in the lovely surrounding countryside.

On this particular occassion, I was sitting in the warm sunshine with my eyes closed dreaming. When I opened them to sip my drink I noticed a rather sexy looking guy who was in the pub most evenings sitting a little closer to me than he usually did. I am sure that he was watching me but until now we had only passed the time of day. This time we got chatting, and he asked if he could buy me another drink. He soon returned with the drinks, and as he sipped his beer we talked for a while watching the fish and ducks and enjoyed each others company. He was really growing on me and was very sexy too, and I noticed that he kept looking at my legs, so I deliberately crossed and uncrossed them every now and then. My skirt was very short and my legs were a lovely colour because I had recently got back from a holiday abroad in the sun.

I am by nature a terrrible flirt and love to tease and I couldn't help noticing that he had an enormous bulge in his trousers that he was discreetly trying to push down! He told me that he had recently split up with his current girlfriend, about his work, interests and his life in general,and grinning at me said shyly that his name was Malcolm. I suppressed a giggle and he told me that sadly he had been named after his Grandfather.

I started to find myself getting more and more turned on as we talked and downed a few more glasses of wine and I felt a bit tipsy probably because I had missed lunch. I was now flirting with him outragously and I could not keep my eyes and mind off his growing bulge! Parting my legs a little Malcolm soon noticed, and I wickedly parted them a little more as he watched. His eyes were like saucers and I could feel my panties getting saturated as they rubbed against my swollen clittie and very excited pussy. I was itching to put my fingers down there too, and I did, rubbing the silky outside of the gusset. I watched him as I bit my lower lip as his hand moved over to the continually growing bulge in his trousers.

I was no longer in any hurry to go home and was really enjoying teasing my new friend Malcolm and I quickly agreed to having a meal there with him. We didn't hurry and it was nice sitting there watching the sun go down and still arousing him as I played with one of my erect and solid nipples through my cotton blouse. I was getting incredibly turned on and was aching to get my hands on Malcolms cock. Looking him straight in the eyes I played one of my favourite games. I bit my lip then licking the top one watching him now through lowered lashes and slowly placed my forefinger between my lips and sucked it in and out. His eyes were almost popping out of his head and he was visibly stroking his hardness unable to stop himself!

I love being this naughty and was really enjoying myself and knew that my cunt was soaking and badly neading attention. Watching Malcolms expression I decided to go a step further.

"Do you want to come back to my place?" I said quietly. The look on his face was priceless as he agreed that he would. Somehow Malcolm got up and went back into the pub to pay for the food and drinks and followed me back to the car park. I listened to an owl hoot in the distance as I pulled him forward and pushed him back against my car. He kissed me, pushing his tongue right down my throat. I ran my fingers through his brown spiky hair, and could feel his huge hard prick stabbing against my belly as we snogged. I was itching to feet his cock and pushing my hands between our bodies I traced the outline of it through his trousers and imagined its lenght sliding its way into my waiting slippery cunt.

I shivered excitedly as Malcolm squeezed my hard sensitive nipples through the folds of the fabric of my blouse and I moaned with pleasure as he pulled my skirt up, rubbing his fingers onto my pubic mound. As his fingers moved deliciously caressing my hard twitching clit, he pushed my soaking lacy panties inside my slit and all that remained of them was a tiny strip inside my throbbing pussy lips. In breathless silence I watched as he undid his trousers and as they slid down his massive erection popped out of his underpants! My body was on fire as Malcolm pushed two fingers then three into my waiting hole and I almost orgasmed there and then! Gasping I squeezed my thighs together trapping his hand between my legs but still his fingers continued to move rubbing my throbbing flesh inside my hot fanny, but he no longer had the same freedom of movement. "Wait a while" I gasped, breathing deeply. I let my muscles fully enjoy the sensations, as his fingers pushed and massaged between the silky wet folds of my cunt lips. A slow pressure began to build up bringing me nearer and nearer to a climax. Biting my lower lip hard, massive waves began to flow through me, spreading like fire into every nerve and muscle. I finally let myself go, screaming out into the car park as I soared towards a mind blowing peak of intense pleasure, as Malcolm continues masturbating my now pulsating and overflowing shivering body. I exploded like a firework drenching his fingers with my juices as my pussy muscles contracted and I jerked and quivered into a heavenly come that continued for what seemed like ages.

As my body cooled down I became aware of Malcolms tongue sucking my freely flowing juices and I heard myself moan deeply with delight as his fingers cupped my breasts and squeezed my still stiff and erect nipples. My breathing became fast as his tongue darted in and out, drinking my juices from my convulsing hole as waves of sweet sensations filled my body. Surprisingly I continued to rise from one orgasm to another, as he greedily licked, his movements driving me crazy with lust for him. God I was so turned on!

Squeezing his head between my thighs and rubbing the sensitive folds of my cunt backwards and forwards over Malcolms face I climaxed once more before my body fell limp and exhausted in his arms. His face was shining and covered with my juices as he cheekily asked if I was enjoying myself! Leaving me no time to answer Malcolm thrust his huge purple cock into my mouth and half way down my throat. I gasped at its size and the speed that he had slid it in and out. I stopped him and looked at his prick, rolling the foreskin back with the tips of my fingers and then flicking my tongue around the edge of it before sliding it back between my hungry lips. Moving it in and out, I could feel it twitching as I let my fingers glide down the thick shaft, licking greedily at the top of his cock with my tongue. Gently caressing his balls with my free hand, he groaned loudly until I felt his hips move and tense as he pushed it further into my mouth. As I sucked his cock it stiffened even more, and I felt his body tremble as Malcolm erupted, sending great bursts of spunk down to the back my throat and onto my tongue. When he had finished spurting his seed, I swallowed all that I could, but there was so much I could feel it seeping out of the corners of my mouth and dribbling down my chin.

It was now dark and other parts of the car park were busy with people coming and going. As we put back on our clothes we laughed together, and I thought about the fun that we were going to have when we got back to my house.......