Written by stickler

8 May 2010

The following events took place last night and I had to write them down so I could share them with you.

It was Friday night and after flicking through the channels on the telly and finding there was nothing worth watching I decided I may as well go down the pub and have a couple.

Not so much for the drink as just to have people to talk to. I do like living on my own since I split with my wife but there are times when a chat with someone helps the sanity.

After a shower and getting my jeans and t shirt on I set off on the 5 minute walk to the pub. On arriving I found there was about a half dozen people there which I thought quiet for a Friday, none of the people there were people I knew that well or had spent any time speaking too. So I decided to sit at the end of the bar and just people watch for a while. The main reasons for picking this spot was that when the bar maids had breaks they normally stood at this end and I could chat to them and also from where I sat I could see along the bar and I could watch them as they served, which was a pleasant pass time as both girls were pleasing to the eye. They were both dressed in the pub’s logoed polo shirts and jeans that they both filled out very well. One of the girls I was convinced had to spray her jeans on as they fitted her to a tee.

My bar maid watching continued for about and hour or so, ensuring that I did this covertly as I didn’t want to piss them off as they wouldn’t stop and chat while having a break. I was under no illusion that I’d stand a chance with ether of them as what would two twenty year olds want with someone in his forties?

As I said about an hour went by when the door to the pub opens and in walks a girl that I know was called Kim. Like the bar maids I knew she was way out of my league. However I’d managed to speak to her before although not much. This was due to her always being in the company of a friend who was much chattier. Kim would always stand in the background and seemed a little shy. I would always make a point of talking to her and include her in the conversations which she seemed to enjoy, unlike her friend who always liked to be the centre of attention.

Both girls were in their early twenties, out of the two of them, Kim was the better looking at about 5’5” slim shoulder length hair. Her friend who’s name was Alice was about the same height but a bit chubbier with bigger boobs.

Kim would always be dressed in very nice clothes but seemed reluctant to show them by keeping her coat on.

Any way tonight she was alone and as usual nicely dressed in a short skirt, what I assumed tights, a black top and of course the obligatory coat.

Kim approached the end of the bar, stood next to me, said hello and ordered a drink which I told her I would pay for. She thanked me and I offered her a bar stool and she again thanked me and sat.

We started chatting; she was much more talkative than normal and didn’t seem as shy when she was with Alice. The subject got around to Alice when I said that it was unusual to see her here without Alice to which Kim “Don’t talk to me about that bitch!” I then said, “Ah, sorry, I didn’t know there was a problem.” Kim then apologise and said “You wasn’t to know, my, as I thought best mate I caught in bed with my boyfriend.” She then went on to say “Any way, I’m better off without both of them, he’s a small dicked waste of space that can’t last more than three strokes. And she’s an insecure fat cow who hates anyone who gets more attention than her”

I then said, “Well she must have hated you because I always preferred speaking with you.” She replied with, “I think she was very jealous as after I’d finish talking to you she use to ask what we was talking about.” She then went on to say, “Alice would always have a go when I wore nice things to the point where it was easier to keep my coat on rather than get grief”

I told her that I had noticed the coat thing and I’d put it down to her being shy. I also told her that even with the coat she was still the best looking one which brought a smile to her face.

We talked of this and that for a while until I excused myself to use the loo and when I returned I noticed she had removed her coat. I could now see that her black top had a completely see-through mesh back which accentuated her lovely back and also showed her lack of a bra, not that she needed one as her boobs were nice and pert that I estimated to be about a B cup. As I sat down I said, “Wow, look at you. I think we should ban your coat.” She asked me why to which I told her that it was crime to hide such a stunning body. This got her smiling again and she told me to stop exaggerating.

We carried on chatting and I asked her if she wanted another drink which she accepted and then apologised for not taking a turn at buying a round as she came in tonight to meet a friend who owed her some money which she was going to use tonight to “Get pissed” This friend was an hour late and it looked like they was going to be a no show. I told her not to worry but she said that this one had better be the last, as she was not going to let me pay for drinks all night. She then went on to say “I’ll just go home and sit on my own and watch some boring telly”. I then said, “Don’t take this the wrong way but you could come to mine, I’ve got loads of drink as I’m not one for drinking at home when alone and I’ve a few DVD’s that would beat what’s on telly” she then gave me one of those looks with one eyebrow lowered. That says, “Do I believe you?” I then said, “See? You took that the wrong way. I only meant it as you can still get pissed if you want, you won’t have to watch the crap that’s on the telly, and I’ll still have someone to talk to.” This got the smile back on her face and she said, “If my friend is still a no show be the time we finish our drinks your on.” I replied with, “I don’t want any funny business now!” which got Kim laughing.

After about 10 minutes Kim looked up at the clock and said, “To hell with it, they’re not got going to show, lets go watch telly.” She then picked up her glass and necked the remainder of her drink and put her coat on. I finished my drink; we then started the walk back to mine.

On arriving I told her to make herself at home as I fixed us some drinks on returning to the lounge I saw that Kim had taken her coat off and was sat on the sofa. I could tell that she’d felt the cold on the walk back as I could clearly see her nipples showing through her top. I thought I would keep this observation to myself as I thought if I said any thing I would run the risk of her putting her coat back on and, or, pissing her off.

We sat and chatted for a while and had a couple more drinks which I will say was a little larger than sold in the pub when Kim said out of the blue, “So what DVD do you have? Loads of football and sci fi I expect” I replied with “I don’t follow football and there’s only a couple of Star Trek films there, anyway there’s loads others to pick from.” To which she jumped up and went over to my DVD collection and squatted down to read through the titles. With Kim in this position I had a very nice view of her bum which was being shown off very well with the tight skirt clinging to her form.

With her squatting there I could not help but say, “That is a fantastic outfit you have on there Kim” she stood up and smiled thanked me then gave a twirl. She then said, “There is a disadvantage to this outfit.” I said, “Like what? It looks stunning from here.” She then bit her lip, smiled and said, “My top as you can see leaves no room for a bra, as I feel that underwear should be kept under. And as for my skirt it has a horrible habit of showing my panty lines.”

I said, “Well from what I’ve seen it’s behaving itself tonight as it’s kept them hidden” She gave me another smile and said, “The only reason they’re hidden is because they are still in my knicker draw!” “Isn’t that a bit dangerous?” I asked. “Not if I keep my knees together when getting out of cars and stuff” she replied.

I started to laugh and she asked me what was so funny, so I said, “I was on about the risk of catch your short and curlys in your zip”

Kim laughed and said, “Hell no, I got rid of those at the age of 14. I hate body hair” “Me too” I said. At this Kim came back and sat on the edge of the sofa and said, “Really? I’ve never come across a man that shaved down there.”

To which I told her that I thought it was a common thing nowadays. Then Kim told me that it maybe so but she has only had two boyfriends both of which were so hairy she could hardly see anything. I then said, “Oh no, I like to see what I’m eating so it’s only fair to keep it so the girls can too” and then I started to laugh. Kim sat there with a shocked look on her face and said, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you just said that.” I apologised by telling her that I didn’t want to offend her. She told me that she wasn’t offended just that nether of her boyfriends had done anything like that to her but they had been more that happy for her to suck their little willies. She then started to laugh and said, “I can’t believe I’m telling you my darkest secrets.” I told her that her secrets were safe with me. As we chatted she remained on the edge of the sofa and with her movements as she spoke and reaching for her drink, her skirt rode up a little, just enough to show the band at he top of her holdup stockings.

Again I kept this to myself, after all I’m sat here with a stunning young lady who I’m sure wouldn’t have the slightest interest in me who is a little bit tipsy which is making her say more that I’m sure she would normally and her skirt is showing more than I think she’d be happy with.

We chatted for a while longer until the inevitable happened where Kim caught me looking at her stocking tops. She looked down to see what I was looking at and said, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to let my skirt ride up.” And she stood up to pill her skirt down which she done a little to eagerly and pulled it down so far that the waste band of the skirt went down to about 4” below her bellybutton. Kim then said “Oops, sorry” and then pulled the waste band up, in doing so she ended up more or less back where she started.

I said, “Look Kim, don’t worry about it, it’s not a problem” “Well only if you don’t mind” she said. To which I said, “Hell no, I don’t mind a beautiful woman sat next to me with her stocking tops on show” This had us both laughing. We continued to chat as I went to the kitchen and got us another round of drinks. On my return Kim was sat back in the sofa only now her skirt was higher and was showing some skin above her stockings. I sat next to her and the next thing I know she swings her legs over and rests them on my lap “I hope you don’t mind” she said. “Not at all. I hope you don’t mind” I said as I rested my arm on her leg. “Not at all. It makes a change to spend an evening with a bloke who doesn’t try and get in your knickers at the first opportunity.” I thought to myself “If only you knew” But instead I said “There’s not much point in trying is there?” to which she asked why and I said “By what your telling me your not wearing any” “Good point” she said, and we both started laughing. As she laughed her legs moved and I caught a glimpse up her skirt and sure enough she was both knickerless and indeed shaven. “And you’re not lying, are you?” I said. Which got me a slap and she kicked me which only gave me an even better view. She then said, “You shouldn’t be looking.” with a sly smile on her face. I said “Sorry, It’s nice to see you making yourself at home” to which she replied “If I was at home I would normally be chilling out in my knickers and a t shirt. But as you can see I’ve not got any of those things.” “A bit like me, like chilling out in my boxers” I replied, to which she said as she took a sip of her drink “So why don’t you now?” when I said “Because like you, I’ve no underwear on” she choked on her drink and spilt some down her top I jumped up went to the kitchen and fetched a tea towel and gave it to her. Kim then spent a couple of minutes trying to dry her top. I then said here, Put this on while I put your top in the tumble dryer.” as I took my t shirt off. As she continued to dry her top she looked and me with her sly smile and asked where the dryer was. I told her that it was in the spare room. To which she got up grabbed my shirt and walked out the room.

While she was going I tried to take stock of what was happening. Here I was with a very sexy twenty year old in my house who’s been telling me her darkest secrets and seeming not to care if I get a sneaky peek up her skirt. I told myself that there’s no way she’d entertain me and I just as well make the most of what has happened.

Next thing I know is the world goes’s dark as my t shirt hits my face, as I pull it off I see Kim sat there in just her skirt. Looks at me with a smile and said, “I thought I’d join you. You don’t mind do you?” “Not at all” I told her as I tried not to stare at her perfect boobs. She then resumed her seat with her legs on my lap. And took a sip of her drink.

I also noticed that she’d taken her stocking off; she saw me looking and said she was a little warm. I agreed. She said, “You could always ditch your jeans to cool off” “As I said, like you I’ve not worn any underwear, and I wouldn’t want to scare you.” “You wont scare me, I’ve seen willies before” she said with smirk on her face, “Any way I want proof that you are shaven” “Ok” I said, “you asked for it” and I undid the button on my jeans and as I went to get up Kim pulled he knees up giving me another beautiful view of her pussy. I then lowered the zip as I watched her face and dropped my jeans. At this point I’ll tell you that my cock is about 5” when soft rising to 9 ½ “ when hard. The look of sock on Kim’s face was a picture, “Oh my god!” she said. As she stared at it. “Shall I put it away?” I asked. “Oh my god” she repeated, “What? No, sorry, I’ve not seen one that size before” so I sat back down. And I grabbed her legs and put them across my lap just below my cock. Which suited me as due to all of her movement her skirt had ridden up to the point where the hem was just below her pussy. We chatted about how strange this situation was and she told me she felt comfortable with it and felt at home. I got up and went to the kitchen to once again top or glasses up and was pleased to see she’d removed her skirt and was now sat with her feet upon the coffee table. I sat next to her and the next thing I know she leans against me, so I put my arm around her and not wanting to spoil anything I put my hand on her shoulder. She then rested her head on my chest with her hand on my tummy. I must say that I couldn’t believe my self control with keeping my cock from growing.

We talked about enjoying the feeling of being nude and then she asked how I removed my hair as it looked very smooth, I told her that it should be as I’d shaved while in the shower just prior to going to the pub. Next thing I know I felt her hand drop down to just about my cock and she started to feel the area and she said, “Oh yeah it is really smooth isn’t it?” after she stopped she left her hand with the heal of her hand resting on the top of my cock which put paid to any self control I had left and my cock started to slowly rise. This went unnoticed for a while as she was telling me how she waxed hers. Then she stopped talking and said, “Hello. What’s happening here?” and giggled.

I said “Sorry, but what would you expect with a beautiful naked woman rubbing her hand all around it?” she said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that” although she said that she made on attempt to move her hand and if anything it felt as if she was pushing down ever so slightly.

My cock got to the point where it sprang up and was now pointing straight at Kim and Kim said “Wow, your fucking huge, not like my exes. How on earth do you get that to fit anyone” All I said was “I don’t rush things” She then changed the subject and said, “Oh wow you shave your balls too!” and then proceeded to feel them for a while. However when finished she slid her hand up and rested it over my cock. At this point I thought I’d take a risk and dropped my and down off her shoulder and started rubbing her chest just below her boob slowly working my way closer and closer to her boob until she let out a gasp when I run my finger across her erect nipple. I carried on playing with it for a while, as I was doing this she very gently moved her hand from side to side across my cock. I then thought, “To hell with it” and then started sliding my hand down across her tummy and told her how smooth she was as if to give that as a reason for my hand to be there. After a few moments of moving my hand around I dropped it down and gently rubbed my middle finger over her clit hood which made her let out another gasp As I moved my finger over her hood I could feel her push he hips forward against my finger. I could also hear her breathing getting faster as I continued. Next thing she lifted her hips off the sofa and gave a soft moan as she came. I continued at a slower pace to let her calm down. She then said, “Wow, that was nice.” She then crabbed hold of my cock lifted it off my tummy and moved her head down and licked the head with her tongue.

It was now my turn to gasp. She then took the head into her mouth and swopped between running her tongue around the head and sucking my cock into her mouth, taking a little more in each time. While she was doing this I was gently stroking her clit which had her moaning as she sucked.

After about 5 minutes of this I told her that if she didn’t stop I would come, All she did was took her mouth off my cock long enough to say “Good” then took my cock even deeper into her mouth and sucked hard and with her hand started playing with my balls. This was all that was needed to send me over the edge and I told Kim that I was coming to which she continued to suck. I let out a groan as I came in her mouth and she continued to suck until I stopped coming after a couple of minutes she sat up with a big grin on her face and said, That’s the nicest cock I’ve ever sucked” I told her, “That was the nicest blow job I’ve ever had.” She smiled; I then pushed her back into the sofa and said, “My turn” as I moved down her body kissing as I went. I spent a little extra time licking, biting and sucking her nipples then I moved down across her tummy stopping at her belly button and lick around her piercing. I then stopped knelt on the floor and parted her legs with my hands then moved them to cup her nice bum; I then lent forward so my face was a couple of inches from her and took in the beauty of her pussy as she looked down with a nervous smile. I looked up at her, smiled, and then flicked my tongue across her clit hood which made her gasp and jump. I smiled, and then licked her clit again much slower and then started to run my tongue around it in the same way she did with my cock. As I did this she kept jumping, gasping and letting out little ooh’s and ahh’s. after a couple of minutes teased by stopping then with a smile I looked up and asked her if she was ok as she was breathing very quickly with her eyes shut. Her eyes opened wide and looked down at me and said, “Bastard, why did you stop?” “So you like this then?” I replied. “Shut up and get back to work” was all I got. She then put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me back onto her pussy. I then done as I was told and resumed licking, sucking and blowing on her clit. I also slid a finger into her soaking pussy and found her G spot which had her lifting her hips, grabbing my hair and pulling my head even harder onto her pussy. I continued my work for what seemed like ages and it felt like Kim was coming and moaning for the whole time. Kim then let out a loud groan and pushed my head away and said, “Oh my god that was amazing. I think I’m going to need you to do that again. But not now I’m way to sensitive at the moment” I told her, “Any time, just give me a call” I then moved up her body kissing as I went until we came face to face and she kissed me, then said, “I can taste me.” I told her that it was the sweetest pussy I’d ever eaten, which made her laugh.

At this point my cock was now rock hard again and as we kissed touched Kim’s clit which made her jump and she said, “Oh my god, your not hard again are you?” to which I pushed forward and rubbed across her clit and said, “What gives you that idea?” She reached down between us and grabbed it and her eyes widened and she said, “Oh wow, it’s even bigger. That isn’t going to fit in me” “I’ll take it slow.” I said. To which she said, “I have a better idea” she then pushed me back and made me lie on the floor. And then put my cock back in her mouth at which point I thought well that’s the chance of a fuck out the window perhaps Kim wasn’t that keen on trying. But at least I’m going to get another blow job.

But I was mistaken she was just making my cock wet. She then spun around and straddled me and lined my cock up with her pussy and eased back as soon as my cock touched her we both let out a moan, she moved back some more until the head was in her and she stopped and lifted one leg so she was stood on one foot an kneeling with the other leg. She then watched as she eased me into her. She would push my cock in then slide back up then back down taking a little more each time. After a couple of minutes of this she had my cock completely in and her chit was now up against my public bone. She then brought the other foot up so she was now squatting on me. She then looked up at me and said, “Fuck, that feels nice. I didn’t think you’d fit” she then tilted her head forward and started grinding her clit against me which breathe quickly. After a couple of minutes of this she threw her head back and I could see she was coming as the veins in her neck and boobs stood out and her eyes rolled so all I could see the whites of her eyes. Then her mouth fell open as if to groan and she then started to shake and goose bumps covered her body.

I was enjoying this as with her grinding her pussy combined with he coming earlier meant I was going to last a while, which in turn meant this beautiful woman was going to enjoy herself for a while. After coming, Kim stop to catch her breath then resumed grinding until she came again. On one of her breaks she said, “You don’t mind me using your cock this way do you?”

I mean, what a silly question. Here I am, a bloke in his forties with a naked twenty year old impaled on my cock, what’s mind?

After a while Kim changed techniques, she had me hold her hands for support as she started to slide up and down on me, which was a sight to behold, seeing my cock disappear into her shaven pussy was almost to much for me. Once this made her come I told her that it was my turn and we rolled over so Kim was now under me with her knees pressed up against her boobs. I supported myself on my hands and slowly started to thrust into her which had her gasping. Each time I withdrew all apart from the head of my cock then pushed the full length back in. I defy any man to last a long time sliding in and out of a hot, wet, tight pussy.

After a couple of minutes I told Kim that I wasn’t fart off coming to which she said, “Don’t stop fucking me, I’m coming too”

A few strokes later I sped up a I felt my come rising and then as I came it felt as if I pumped gallons into her. I then collapsed onto her as we both got our breath back. We then rolled onto our side and chatted about what just happened.

Kim told me that she really enjoyed it and would like a repeat to which I said that she could call any time she wanted.

I then asked her if she would like to spend the night, to which she agreed as long as we slept as was knackered. I told her that would be fine as I was half dead too.