16 Feb 2017

As I sit in this pre spring chill, my mind has reverted to the beauty of the sun on your back and the freedom of fucking in the great outdoors. My wife Liz and I have long enjoyed the unpredictability of being outside and in danger of being caught by someone. We were in France on holiday and had been getting nicely mellow through drink when I suggested we took an evening stroll to the beach. Her nod of approval was all we needed and we made our excuses to our friends and set off. We were not a million miles from Cap D'Agde, but it was actually a good thirty miles away. We strolled the half mile to the road running down the shoreline, separating us from the strip of sand. We wandered into the bar areas and sat for a drink, watching a few lads playing petanque, (boule). As we watched, one of the guys invited us to join in and make it England v France. Well national pride meant we did not refuse the challenge and after introductions we began to play.

I had noticed the lads were quite raucous when I played but extremely polite when Liz took her turn. I was busy with a glass of beer and had drained mine and I offered to get a round in, which our opponents accepted. It was while I was at the bar I noticed my wife's skirt was shorter than should have been the case for the game. I am sure she knew but was in the mood and therefore not fazed by the fact that they could see she had no thong on and her beautiful pussy lips were exposed each time she threw the ball down, bending lower than probably necessary, but making every effort to give them a little flash. We had played for around twenty minutes before we were soundly defeated. In good English they said they had won the cup, drained a glass and offered it to Liz to present to the winning team, and give each of them a kiss for the champions. All taken in good spirit, but all four lads were keen that we joined them at a bar close to their campsite. We agreed and set off across the beach into the darkness with Liz now with a two french lads each side of her. i happily took up the rear as I saw her bum exposed as they trudged on in the darkness.

We had gone around four hundred metres from the lights of the bars and their bar was getting on for another four or five hundred metres away. Our eyes were now accustomed to the darkness and we could see the beach was deserted. Suddenly we stopped, one of the lads was now kissing Liz and the others had closed in on her. I stayed back, keen to see what happened next, I was very turned on and soon her skirt was on the sand and her top joined it, and very soon afterwards her bra was scattered a little further away. They picked her up between them and carried her to a pile of sun loungers locked up for the night. My naked wife was relaxed and accepting of the smooth talk, partly in french but including a few choice British words like fuck and cock. I saw them each with their cocks out and she was happy to accept each one as it was presented to her. Their breathing became intense and she took one at a time in her mouth. I asked if they were going to fuck her there or at their tent and was told she was going to be taken by them on the sunlounger as there was a lot of families on the site and they might get kicked off if they made too much noise. So safely in no man's land I watched my lovely wife allow her size twelve body be used and abused by four randy french youths, probably early twenties. As she was around fifty at the time, I was agreeably surprised by their eagerness to enjoy her body.

I loved watching her suck each one and then get fucked while she sucked the next one. She ignored me while she concentrated on giving the victors their spoils. It was after she had been fucked by the last one and she was leaking cum from her well used cunt that she looked at me and asked me to finish her off. The lads were by now all satisfied and I did ot take too long in adding my load to theirs. The lads had dressed and said goodbye and suggested we meet them at the bar at lunchtime tomorrow where they would take us into the dunes for some more fun. It was most definitely a great meet, short, unexpected and very erotic. As we walked off the beach and back to the villa, we agreed it had been a most unexpected but fun meeting, spontaneous, exciting and just right for the holiday. We left two days later, but met the lads again next day but the weather was crap, a strong wind blew sand like a blast against our legs so risking getting sand just where nobody wanted it we did not go to the dunes, but back to the tents where she entertained each one in turn in the privacy of a large comfortable six berth tent on a decent camp bed, very nice and another four good fuckings in a more leisurely atmosphere despite the wind flapping madly at the canvas.