Written by Helen

28 Mar 2017

Up until recently I could count on one hand the number of times I've had sex outdoors. That changed last week when my husband and I were on holiday in Gran Canaria, which came about after the experience a friend had there. Our first day was one of acclimatisation and seeing exactly what we had around us. We visited a few shops and my husband did his usual of trying to get me to buy a bikini and to his surprise I agreed. I have 34dd boobs and getting the right top to fit had always been the problem, but I decided that if the top overflowed slightly, so be it.

We decided to go onto the beach the following day, so shortly after breakfast we grabbed our towels and set off. We walked quite away along the beach and then headed for a secluded spot in the dunes. I'd put on my new bikini and a thin summer dress on top, so after laying out the towels off came the dress and we lay down to soak up the sun. I'd put on my suntan lotion in the hotel to save carting the bottle about with us. As I lay there I couldn't get the idea of outdoor sex out of my head and turned onto my side suggesting to my husband that since this was a secluded spot with no one around, wouldn't it be nice to go naked. This was again something he'd been banging on about for years. Off came the new bikini and hubby's shorts. Once again my mind turned to sex. The more I dreamed, the more damp I became. My hand floated over to my husband lap, falling onto his little cock. I started to wank it and it grew to it's full length of about 4 inches, something I've got used to during our marriage. I got on top of him, inserted his manhood and rode him. I managed to come before he did, although as normal I felt unsatisfied.

The following day, I decided just to wear the thin dress and left the bikini in the drawer. Hubby didn't know that until I stripped off in the dunes. It was virtually a repeat of the previous days experience of unfulfilled sex.

On the third day I was again suntan lotioned up and put on a different dress that was very flimsy and buttoned through at the front. I made sure the buttons were unfastened in the right places. We were taking to a young couple who'd arrived the night before and who were asking about the dunes etc. I suggested that they should come with us as we'd found this little private oasis. They went upstairs to change and met us at reception 20 minutes later.

We arrived at the spot, lay down our towels an undressed. Paul and Amy were surprised that I was naked under my dress, but said nothing and neither did I. Since hubby and I were both naked Amy and Paul stripped off too, reluctantly or not I don't know. I was all set to grab my hubby, when Paul asked if anyone fancied a swim. Amy said to just go himself after hubby had shaken his head. I thought it my be nice to have a swim, which I love but hadn't done since we arrived, so said I'd join him. Paul was about 25, so much younger than me, was over 6 foot and his limp cock was about the same size as hubby's when erect, not that I was looking of course.

The beach was not too busy for my first beach run ever naked. We ran into the sea, swam about a bit and started messing about splashing each other. Paul came up behind me and grabbed me round the waist and threw me up and into the water. I couldn't help but notice that he had grown somewhat and now had a good sized erecrtion. I couldn't get the thought of it out of my head and the next time he came up behind me I spun round to face him. I said that I always seem to have that effect on men when I swim naked with them. (Liar). He put his hands on my bum and pulled me close to him. I looked into his eyes and pulled his head towards me a kissed him. Moments later he lifted me up in the water and I took hold of his cock which he pushed deep into me. I came almost instantly and continued to ride him for what seemed to be ages, coming at 3 more times before he finally came inside me. We washed thoroughly so our spouses weren't aware of what we'd been up to.

I pleased to say that we repeated this for the last 4 days of our holiday and I had an email from Amy saying how great the holiday was and suggestingvwe should go again together. I wonder how much this suggestion was influenced by Paul

This new experience has given me a desire to have more outdoor sex and with other guys. I can think of a couple who have tried it on in the past and I'm sure they wouldn't turn it down if it was on plate in front of them. We've woods very close to our house so that I think will be my first point of call.