Written by hornyone

9 Nov 2008


just have to tell this was so sexy,my wife Caron & i were on holiday in Monmouth & decided that as it was a glorious day we would go for a walk round the forest of dean we quite often go out looking for places we might get caught but also have good hiding places

As usual Caron dressed up for the walk nice white vest top no bra & a long hippy type skirt with no panties as she likes to feel free, i looked at her & told her that her nipples which are at least 1\" were standing out more than usual, she flashed them at me, she had put rubber O rings on them they were rock hard is that the only surprise i asked she said i would have to wait & see

We set off i had a bag with a bottle of wine, as we walked into the forest my wife said she wanted to do something really dirty, then rubbed my cock through my pants. What could we do i asked that we hav\'nt already done she said she would show me soon.

Walking on for another 10 Min\'s or so she headed off the path into a real wooded area, so i followed as i caught up with her she said look, there was a clearing surrounded by trees she said she needed to pee & disappeared behind a tree,

then i got a real shock as she came back wearing nothing, along with her nipples on stalks she had shaven her pussy smooth & i could see a a shine on her pussy lips, she sat on the ground across from me & told me to pour the wine as she had something to show me. She lay back slightly rubbing her small but really suckable tits, smiling at me she put her hand down to her pussy pulling her lips apart to show she had put her love eggs in, i was really hard by now & quickly stripped off, as i did she then stood up bent over to show me a butt plug stuck right in her ass.

Standing there cock in hand watching as she pulled the string on the eggs i could almost taste the juice she told me to wank myself as i watched her pull those eggs out of that smooth pussy, i wanked like crazy as she let them out then stuck one in her mouth then the other, she let them go on the ground, she started saying that she wanted me to cum for her she was telling me to play with my nipples as while i wanked, she sat down as she did, she was telling me how good that plug in her ass was, she told me she wanted my cum on her hard tits & that i\'d better hurry because this was just the start of our dirty day out, she pulled her nipple to her mouth as i wanked my cock she told me she wanted my cum now, so i just wanked for all i was worth until i told her it was cummin she came over knelt in front of me then stuck a finger in my ass as i shot the most cum ever all over her tits & face she just sat there looking at me licking the cum from her face & rubbing it into her tits she looked so hot knelt there with cumm all over her.

The morning flew by we both just sat there holding each other after all that fun then i remembered she still had the plug in, I asked her & she said that was starters main to follow