Written by Olddick

4 May 2016

We've been away for a long weekend, staying with an old friend.

Phil and l were in school together, we left school in 1967 and as l had a few months before starting an apprenticeship we decided to bum off to Amsterdam to sample the hippie culture that was centred there. After a month of shagging and smoking weed the money ran out so l came home but Phil stayed on, making his life there, first as a bar worker, then a manager and now the owner of a string of bars in Belgium.

We kept in touch through the years as our lives developed but this story really starts in 1986 Kath and l had been married 12 years and had just started in our wife swapping group and we were enthusiastic swingers. Kath had met Phil on a few occasions when he had come over, and after many invitations we finally managed to farm the kids out to the Mother-in-law and arrange a trip.

Although nothing had ever happened between us before, we were driving to Amsterdam from the ferry when Kath asked me if Phil would be fucking her during our stay, we talked about it and agreed that she could flirt with him and if that developed we would go with it.

It was our first evening there, in a restaurant that we told Phil about our swingers club, the conversation got quite raunchy especially when Kath told him how much she enjoyed taking two cocks at once. Phil said he wouldn't mind being one of them and l just said that that had settled the after meal entertainment question. We finished our meal quite quickly and took a taxi back to his flat, we had only been in the cab a few seconds before Kath had his cock out and had it buried in her mouth, l undid her dress and bra then slipped it from her arms so that her tits were free and Phil started massaging them and pulling her nipples. We were only 10 minutes from his flat, so Kath had to break off from her cock worship but made no attempt to cover herself as we got out, giving the taxi driver a good view of her tits.

Needless to say things got more frantic once inside, Kath was naked in seconds, lying back on the sofa, legs wide apart, telling Phil to fuck her. He needed no second invitation as we both stripped then he got between her legs, easily sliding his cock up her soaking wet cunt while l stood at the side so she could suck my cock. Phil asked if he could cum inside her, she was on the pill then, so l told him to go ahead, joking that we should try and cum together. In fact, he came first but l was only seconds behind, both of us pumping a good load into my eager wife.

Things calmed down a bit then but we all stayed naked, enjoying some wine as we sat on the sofa, Kath in the middle, as we told Phil about our swinging parties. We both played with her tits and cunt as Kath told him how much she enjoyed being used and that her favourite was to take a string of men one after another. Phil told us that he was now the manager of a private club in the city centre where a lot of prominent people were members and that it was basically a sex club. Kath was fascinated and wanted to know all the details but Phil said that if we wanted he could sign us in for a club night the following night. Kath was very keen on that and as she had been stroking Phil's cock back to life told him that he could fuck her again as a thank-you but to try and make it last a bit longer this time. In fact we all retired to the bedroom and managed to share the bed for the night, spending a beautiful night together taking turns at her between periods of just snuggling up and resting.

I woke to find myself alone, but when l went out into the kitchen l was greeted by the sight of Kath bent over the kitchen table with Phil pumping his cock into her from behind, l jokingly said that her cunt was probably a bit slack after the fucking she had had, why not try her arsehole instead. At that time, Kath had allowed me to fuck her bum hole a few times but had never had another cock up there, but she told Phil to go ahead but not to be too rough. That was quite a sight, my wife getting fucked in her arse while l'm busying myself making coffee for breakfast.

Once Phil had finished, we all took turns in the shower, then had breakfast, still naked. I suggested we spend the day sight seeing as l doubted if we would survive a whole day fucking, Phil suggested we sort out Kath's wardrobe for the evening at the club, he told us all the women were required to wear a short skirt with no panties and either a see-through top or a loose fitting top with no bra. He said that on arrival, the women were required to lift their skirts to the doormen to prove they were naked underneath and the if they did not have a see through top on then the doormen would put their hands inside their top to check that they were not wearing a bra. Kath said that must make the doormen very frustrated but Phil said that they would be getting their fun later as the doors were closed once the floor show began.

We had a great day, exploring the city, got back to the flat around five, Kath said she wanted a quick fuck before getting ready for the evening but this time she wanted us to be rougher with her. We had often had rough sessions throughout our marriage, usually spanking and sometimes using a cane or a ruler to leave some nice stripes on her buttocks and tits.

I didn't want her marked before we went out so suggested a rough spit roast with me fucking her mouth and Phil giving her arsehole a pounding while he fingered her cunt. She loved that, especially when l started slapping her swinging tits then pulling and twisting her nipples. She came quickly, obviously she had been looking forward to it all day, l came next, pushing my cock deep into her mouth as l emptied into her mouth just as Phil finally shoved his cock deep into her arsehole and came, she gave another squeal and came again, her juices flooding out of her cunt.

We all collapsed exhausted and Kath admitted that she was in such a hurry to get back to the flat she was tempted to ask Phil to fuck her in a shop doorway. As she went off to shower and prepare for the evening, Phil and l had a drink and a chat, Phil told me he thought Kath was fantastic, l said that we both knew neither of us would win a beauty contest but she had great tits, big and heavy but still standing proud, and that she had been a fantastic fuck since our first date. He asked me how l really felt about other men fucking her, l said l was ok with that and openly encouraged her, l admitted that if l had tried to satisfy her on my own l would probably have been dead by now. He told me about his life, he had been through two brief marriages but neither had been able to withstand the fact that he was a serial shagger and could never turn down an opportunity. I said how lucky l was that l could easily get all l wanted from Kath but that she was ok with me fucking with any of the other members of our group. I even told him about my mother-in-law, he laughed and called me a dirty bastard but l said it had been Kath's suggestion and that l was only filling a need.

By the time we left for the club, Kath had really pulled out all the stops, her skirt was little more than a pelmet, in fact it didn't fully cover her arse, her stocking tops and suspenders were on full view and although her top was loose, it was obviously her tits were swinging free, the shadow of her nipples just visible through the material. As for make-up she looked gorgeous, Phil said we had better go or he would fuck her there and then. We three sat in the back of the cab, Phil taking the opportunity of playing with her cunt and clit as l tweaked her nipples so that when we arrived she was that aroused she could hardly stand.

The doormen greeted us and Phil said he had to go to his office and would join us later. Kath lifted her skirt to the doormen and one of them put his hand between her legs, telling his mate she was good and wet, then the other one put his hand inside her top giving her tits a good feel. He said "Lovely tits, enjoy your evening". She replied "Thank you, l hope to enjoy getting fucked". He laughed and said "Madam, if you wish to be fucked then you will be fucked". She gave him a quick kiss and we went into the club, her lifting the back of her skirt to show him her bum as we went.

Hip had told us that club membership was very expensive and limited to 50 couples, consequently it was very exclusive with good quality furnishings, the tables were arranged around a dance floor which was in front of a stage, there was a small band at the side of the stage providing dance music. We were shown to a table by a young man wearing only a tiny thong which did little to hide the size of his cock, he took our order for drinks and food, putting his hands inside Kath's top and feeling her tits as she tried to concentrate on the menu. Once we had decided he then thanked her, took out his cock and told her to kiss it, we had noticed women at other tables were doing the same to their waiters, some going a bit further, so Kath took hold of his semi hard cock and slid her mouth down the shaft till he was buried in her mouth, he then withdrew, his cock now visibly larger, thanked her, the tried unsuccessfully to tuck it back into his thong and attend to our order.

A few couples were dancing, Kath said she wanted to dance so we went onto the dance floor into what was more of a musical groping session than dancing, all the men were openly fondling their partners, either with their hands between their legs or playing with their tits, every now and then the dance floor lights would flash and everyone would change partners with the couple next to them and the groping would continue. Some of the women were had taken out their partner's cocks and were playing with them, l noticed that Kath had done likewise and that her new partner had a couple of fingers buried up her cunt, l could see from her expression that she was near the edge, then she suddenly shuddered and held him tight as her orgasm rippled through her body. He withdrew his fingers and put them into his mouth, tasting her juices, then he thanked her as the music ended and we went back to our table.

As our meal was delivered, Kath once again required to kiss our waiter's cock, she agreed with me that the place was amazing, she said she hoped she was going to get a good fucking later.

After the meal, the floor show began, firstly with some scantily clad dancing girls who were then joined by some hunky males who ripped off their clothes and fucked them in various positions on the stage. After that, the band leader then drew a numbered ball from a basket, l hadn't noticed the tables were numbered, when he called out the number a very smart looking woman got up and made her way to a door at the side of the stage.

There was then another dancing session, this time l saw Kath drop to her knees in front of her partner taking his cock into her mouth, he then held her firmly as he began to fuck her mouth. At the same time my partner, a overweight lady in her fifties dropped to her knees and did the same for me. I tried my best to time my thrusts to the man fucking Kath's mouth and in a very short time we were both pumping our cum into two very greedy mouths.

As we regained our seats Kath told me that she had orgasmed again as her man had cum, we both agreed the club was just mind blowing.

The compare then announced the finale and the curtain opened to show a scene depicting an American plantation during the slave era, half a dozen black men, totally naked, were lined up watching as another of them had been tied to a wooden frame. The compare announced that the man had been caught stealing and that he was to be punished by his mistress.

With that, the woman who had been chosen earlier came on stage dressed in a big gown like the Southern ladies used to wear, she was carrying a whip and proceeded to whip the man who was tied up. The other men grew restless until the man being whipped gave a roar, broke his bonds and the men grabbed the woman and proceeded to rip off her clothes, she was then tied to the frame and whipped, deep red wheals appearing on her back and buttocks, then she was turned and whipped on her tits and belly. Then she was lifted down by two men who carried her to the edge of the stage with her legs wide open showing her cunt to the audience. Next she was turned into all positions as one after another all the men on the stage took turns at her cunt, arsehole and mouth, each one withdrawing so that we could see their cum showering onto her face and body. Finally, she was lowered to the floor, covered from head to toe in cum as the men lined up behind her, facing the audience and proceeded to piss on her, aiming all over her body and face, one of the men grabbing her nose, forcing her to open her mouth as each of the men directed their piss stream into her mouth. At this point l heard Kath give a yelp and when l looked at her she was frantically mauling her own tits with one hand as the other was rubbing furious at her clit as she went through a shuddering orgasm. I noticed that the other women were also in the process of masturbating either by themselves or with their partners finger fucking them, many of the men also had their cocks out and were wanking.

Eventually the scene on the stage ended, the woman was helped to her feet and they all took a bow to rapturous applause and cheering from the floor.

Once the stage was cleared, Phil appeared on stage flanked by the two doormen. He thanked everyone for their custom, wished everyone a safe journey home and announced the date of the next club meeting which was three days away. He then said that as normal, the doormen had been given their choice of which female the had voted the most fuckable slut of the evening, there was a ripple of laughter at the description, he then pointed to Kath and said she had been chosen and was required to accompany the doormen to a private room where, in his words, "They intend to give you the fucking you deserve". Everyone then cheered and applauded as both fellas came down from the stage and escorted Kath out of the main room.

People had started to drift away and l was a bit unsure what to do when Phil appeared flanked by two twenty somethings dressed in tiny bikinis to tell me l could either go and watch Kath being fucked or l could go with the girls to another room where they would be happy to carry out any of my wishes.

To be honest l have never been that attracted to young girls with obviously false tits and would probably have preferred the fat tart who had sucked my cock earlier, but l didn't want to embarrass Phil so accepted his offer and went off with the girls.

I spent a pleasant hour with them albeit if it did feel a bit contrived, the girls were obviously professionals which seemed to detract from the spontaneity of it all, then again l ended up fucking them both in both holes before they finished me off, sucking my cock together so that my cum covered both their faces. They then licked it off each other before kissing me and transferring some of my own cum into my mouth.

I met up with Kath again in Phil's office where she told me she had had a fantastic time, both lads apparently had big cocks and they had been quite rough with her, at one point fucking her cunt and arsehole at the same time. She had never had double penetration before but said it certainly wouldn't be the last time. The fellas had complimented her saying she was a very sexy lady which made her feel good and she thanked Phil for a great evening. Phil also told us that the woman who had been on stage was a very prominent local lawyer and that the fat lady who had sucked my cock was a tv personality who specialised in religious programmes. "All the couples are well known personalities" he said " they pay a lot of money to use this place where they are guaranteed anonymity". He also said that the man Kath had sucked on the dance floor was the local chief of police.

The rest of our stay with Phil revolved around many sessions of fucking, we weren't able to stay for the next club night which Phil said was a shame as the floor show was due to feature a girl being fucked by a donkey. Kath didn't believe him but he assured her that it was a regular act, about every three months, it was guaranteed that almost every member would be there that night. Kath asked if the girl was a pro or did one of the audience take part, Phil said it was usually a pro but on two occasions he had been asked to allow one of the guests to take part, he jokingly asked if Kath fancied it, she got a bit flustered there but l could tell there was a glimmer of interest before she said that it was definitely not for her, Phil noticed it too and we exchanged a knowing glance, Kath was turning into a proper dirty slut and l was so pleased she was mine.

I have just noticed how long this post has become, we hope it has not been too boring. There is much more to this story so if we get some favourable feedback l will carry on at another time.

P.S. To Rossland67, thank you for your lovely comment on our last post, yes it was us. Kath thanks you for a great dogging session, we tend to concentrate on dogging with truckers these days, there are too many dodgy characters turning up at the other locations.