Written by Analalan

28 Jan 2008

it was a very sunny day, we moved in doors and sat watching tv, when sammie asked if i fancied a takeaway meal , it was 5ish so off we set driving to the next village where the takeaway was, i knew where it was, but looked at sammie has she drove passed , she said she had had a better idea. we drove though the village and she turned off down a country road, she slowed down every now and then before moving on , then she stopped saying this will do and parked the car on a track next to a woods, she smiled at me then got out the car so i followed, she sat on her car bonnet and lifted up her summer dress showing her white panties, i was then i knew what she wanted , moving close we kissed her hands slipping into my shorts and pushing then down over my arse she gripped my arse pulling the cheeks apart and pulling me closer between her open legs.my cock was now out and hard trying to get to its goal,i reached down and pulled her panties to one side and in i slipped her hips now moving back and forth on my cock ,she stopped kissing resting her head on my shoulder and fucked my cock faster i pulled out and pulled her up turned her around and pulled her white panties over her bum and down her thighs, going down i licked her pussy from behind and fucked it sucking on her pussy lips , while she moaned and pushed her bum into my face, moving up i licked her bum hole. then moving up i pushed my cock all the way in her waiting pussy while she lay forward on the car bonnet , i was fucking her deep even has a few cars went passed not a few feey away, i was getting close and asked her where she would like my spunk, knowing that she loved to swallow, she looked back and said shoot it up her pussy , i fucked harder she tightened her pussy on my cock and i came filling her with my cum , i stood back to see some running out of her , she turned and went down sucked the drops from my cock and tasting her pussy juice, i always asked her if he like the taste of her pussy and she would always say yes , she stood up and looked down seening my cum running out and dripping out of her, she reached down pulling up her panties , saying that they made a great drip tray, we drove back and picked up the takeaway , when we got back to mine she left the room and came back laughing, what so funny i asked she lifted her dress to show her wearing a pair of my boxers, telling me that her panties were soaking with my spunk and she need to get them off ....we went back to the same place a few weeks later, that will follow in a few days ...