Written by ITsex

26 Jun 2012

I am contract IT support and regularly been sent to Europe and UAE to support several key clients office and retail business. This could mean staying from 3-7 days at a time in hotels. It gets lonely so I've signed upto several ex pat groups in each city. The beauty of it been you get to meet people of ages and nationality and it a similar position. This leads to no strings one night stands.

The best of all these encounters been a few weeks back in Rome. I was invited via a few local contacts to a private party . I was told to expect very rich married women who attend for fun and looking for action. I dressed the part, designer gear and very smart attire.

The venue was very private, with doormen checking the invites. The decor was amazing, champagne on offer (host was a rich property developer)and the music brilliant. As expected there were more women then men. They were mostly in their mid 30's and above, dressed in sexy dresses and revealing a lot.

My colleagues started to mingle with the regulars, leaving me on my own near the bar. I noticed a very looking lady standing close to me. We got talking , she was a business woman , having several retail shops. She had a lovely black dress, short upto her thighs, high heels with a v neck neck exposing her firm breasts. We discussed each other careers, interests and preferences throughout the night over several glasses of champagne. A favorite track started and she asked me to join her on the dance floor. She became very touchy , taking every opportunity to hold me and I returned the compliment.

She whispered 'you have a firm body and very good looking'. I'm Asian, 6ft 3ins, into boxercise and regularly keep fit in hotel gyms and a PT back in Birmingham. After finishes with several dances, she held my hand and led to another bar, down in the cellar and very private. She ordered 2 cocktails . We looked at each other and our lips met and we enjoyed each other's tongues . It was very dark, she led me to a small sitting area, where we continued with our kissing. Her tongue was deep inside me , stroking my chest. My hands were holding her thighs. one of her hand started to stroke my already aroused cock. She moved to my neck, nipples away, while my hand stretched to her breasts. I could hear her panting and moaning softly. My eyes caught other couples in their corners.

We continued enjoying each other , dancing , drinking and kissing until it was past 3am. She asked me to come back to hers. She had booked a suite in a hotel , 15mins by taxi. She then told me that she is a wife of a high political minister and her husband is away for several days on business.But she reassured me not to worry.

The hotel was 5 star, suite enormous. Upon entry she virtually ripped my clothes off, i undressed her. She was wearing a lovely black bra with a g string. I picked her up and layed her on the KS bed. She moved on up and started to kiss my neck, chest, bite my nipples while rubbing her naked body and thighs on my cock. She loved to be in control, a wild tigress. She moved towards my cock and started to lick and suck deep, spitting on my circumstanced head and wanking it with her both hands. She continued to suck and wank till i was beginning to cum. I asked her to stop, but she continued until my load shot into her mouth and she swallowed all.

I pushed her back and opened her legs. Her pussy was extremely wet. I immediately started to lick it softly , pushing my tonque inside her. Her moaning became louder . I pushed my index finger her too. She asked her nipples to be sucked, licked and to be bitten. She had 32DD and very large nipples.I continued while her moans became louder and my fingering speed increased.

'fuck me ' she said. I was given a condom and while she was on her back, i raised her legs over my shoulder and entered her deep. She clinged my back and asked me to go deep and hard. I held her hands, and while snogging her , started to fuck her. With each stride, her moans became louder until she was screaming the roof down while she shot her juices. 'Harder and harder' she kept screaming. I was at full speed till i shot my load again.

We , for the next 1 hour just stroking, kissed and held each other. She told me how lonely she gets and sexually frustrated as her husband was away and knows he fucks younger ladies. So she in return needs fucking too. She offered to assist me in any issues I may have while in Italy.

We because aroused again, and this time while she was laying next to me, facing facing away, i slipped my cock inside her. Spoon position. So gently I was fucking her while massaging her breasts. She moved with my stride and after many minutes of fucking , we swapped and know I began to fuck her dogging style. Holding her hips my speed increased. She was on all 4's enjoying my cock in and out of her. We both screamed as we cum virtually together.

We fucked for another two times till it was 11am. I had breakfast, fucked in the large shower, exchanged nos and I left. We met that evening again, in a different hotel and had another long session of fucking.

My next trip is in Milan and she plans to meet me their in 10 days.

If you want details. i will post