1 Nov 2015

It had been a busy day in the office. One meeting after the other. My head was spinning then my boss walked in and said what a good job I'd done especially with the conference call. It was then he noticed I looked tired so came behind me and started rubbing my back. He asked if that was nice and I said it was. His hand rubbing my shoulders now. I let my head flop backwards this gave him a great view of my cleavage. His hand traveled down as the thrill excited me my nipples hardening very visible through my silk blouse. I enjoyed his touch he started to grind his hard knob into my back. He felt powerful and very hard. He tweaked my nipples. I moan which encourages him to play more.

As you play my pussy gets wet. I want you to spread my legs and finger me. Rub your hands over my breast and down to my sensitive button. Your very good with your hands. Now I want to turn round and relieve you from your trousers. I want to taste your hard knob. You let me play. The excitement growing between us. My moans become louder as I take your cock deep in my mouth. It's then you lift me up place me on the table and rip my panties off me. You begin to lick my pussy. I'm holding the back of your head as I grind your chin into my very special place. I'm begging you for more. It's then that we hear a familiar voice. It's your boss who has been listening to us over the conference phone. He asks what are you waiting for fuck her she wants you. He carried on now doing as his boss instructed and now pushes his cock deep inside me. We could hear your boss he was telling us how horny we had made him and now me was wanking hard and told me that it was going to be his turn to have me while you watched next time we meet. At that we heard him cum. His come all over the phone. You were ready to come yourself as your thrust got faster and now it was your turn to loose control and you pulled out and came all over my wet pussy. Xxxxxhope you liked it xxxxx