Written by mature geordie couple

1 Oct 2016

( this is quite a long winded story but please stay with it. )

my wife and i have just spent a couple of nights away at the north east Oyster Festival in Durham. ( it`s a day of fun, drink and entertainment. and of course it is a charity event . ) it is a Hardwick Hall and is hosted in the biggest marquee i`ve ever seen , it is an all day even the drink flows freely.

we were booked into the hotel which is on site we arrived on thursday evening had a meal and a few drinks chatting to others that were there from around the north east and around the country, my name is tom & my wife is kathy we are in our fifties ( towards the back end i have to admit ) anyway we are both quite fit and have been told we don`t look our ages,`kathy is blond 5ft 6" and a size 14 she has tits to die for and likes to show them off not in a slutty way i have to say i`m just the balding hubby 5ft 8" medium build but i have to say we have a wicked sense of humour.

anyway getting back to the story, thursday evening went off ok not much to drink we were in bed by 11pm ready for the next day. as we arrived at the marquee were escorted to our table had a few drinks watched the entertainment and getting to know others we were sitting with had a dance mingled around as you do , there were quite a few guys dancing with kathy throughout the day and into the early evening especially one called Dave from Gretna he was around his mid forties 6ft plus tall well built with greying hair, he introduced himself earlier that day as he ordered champagne for us to drink he said he was a hotelier and knew the owner of hardwick hall anyway he was nice good sense of humour and fun as the day went into early evening the event was coming to it`s end he suggested we go into the hotel for a drink kathy was well up for it so off we went as the drink flowed and the hours passed getting worse for wear Dave said lets go over to the sister hotel where he was staying as there was more entertainment there so the house taxi took us over it was now about 11pm by now kay was really pissed dancing around with Dave and as time passed i could see them dancing closer nearly in a smooch, i mentioned to kay they seemed to hit it off she smiled and asked if i was jealous yeah right i`m turned on by him getting so close to you ( by the way we have history of me watching kathy fucking another guy ) it was the best night of my life and she enjoyed it too.

i pressed her more suggesting we could have an even better night she smiled and said straight out why not my heart started racing and straight away started to plan what was about to go down next when everything changed kathy came over and said why dont you go back to the hotel and i`ll stay a bit longer here i was put out but it made me even hornier, i said to Dave i`m knackered will you look after kathy as she wants to stay no problem he said i ordered a taxi and kathy walked or stumbled to the door with me i kissed her and said have a good time i`ll keep you informed she said, so off i went.

next thing was about an hour or so later a txt saying i`m going to stay here the night is that ok obviously i txt yes and that was that until about 10am the next morning she rang saying sheepishly is it ok if i stay a bit longer ok i said she sounded odd so i said is everything ok she said yes then Dave came on she`s fine we will ring you later and the phone went down.

it was about 7pm not a word i was getting quite worried by now i was sitting in the lounge having a drink out the corner of my eye i saw kathy sneak in and straight into the lift i followed her up walked into the room she was taking her dress she had on since the day before i noticed she had no knickers or bra on , i asked her how it went she said how tired she was and needed a shower after she came out i asked her again well she said obviously he took her up to his room or his suite she said it was massive had a large bed etc he took no time in kissing her as soon as they closed the door his hands were everywhere she said now kathy is a very sexual lady kiss her neck and you can kiss her anywhere she said as soon as he started kissing her his tongue was down her throat then his hand were getting her tits out of her dress before she she could control herself her dress was down and on the floor he was sucking on her nipples and she was all his by then he lay her on the bed and before she knew it she was naked he stood back looking at her smooth pussy and big tits then before he touched her he undressed she was amazed at the size of his cock and she said what was more amazing was his balls were massive he stooped over her sucking again on her nipples and gently fingering her she said she just lay there her arms above her head as he slowly went down on her kissing and licking her wet lips before bringing her off with his tongue and fingers then he knelt over her and put his cock between her tits cupping them together around his cock, my cock is around 7" and fairly thin she said his seemed double my size and quite thick he moved towards her lips she said she started to suck it but could not get much of it in then he lay on his back swung her over and told her to mount him which she did gently onto his cock she said she got about 5" or so in and she was full he was so thick and after a few seconds she cum he held her hips making her take more and more of his cock he soon cum shooting what seemed buckets full of cum into her he moved her off him onto the bed and licked his spunk out of her gaping fanny.

kathy by then thought that was that but Dave said let me try out one of my fantasies as long as it does not hurt she said he lay her down, lifted her arms up above her head and before she knew it he had handcuffed her wrists he said dont worry i`m not going to hurt you, well it was not the first time she had been handcuffed so she said ok he kissed her sucked on her tits again and started to whisper in her ear what he was going to do to her he started to finger her then she came again he then whispered he was going to blindfold her which he did she said he was gentle started to rub her fanny again and lick and kiss her all over he told her to get onto her knees and he licked her pussy and arse she felt him behind her and he started to rub his hard again cock up and down her wet hole entering now and then going in further each time until he was fully in she could feel him stretching her like never before and his big heavy balls slapping against her he suddenly withdrew and shot his load all over her arse as she knelt there she was sure he was taking pictures of her all of a sudden his phone beeped thinking nothing of it she was gently flipped over onto her back and her legs gently pulled apart again she thought he was taking pics he lay his cock against her lips she began to lick then suck it, then she thought she heard a gentle knock on the door she was there lying naked , blindfolded and handcuffed, she did not hear the door open but Dave seemed to be elsewhere for what seemed ages then she felt a tongue flicking her nipples again in her head she said she was now getting aroused again when all of a sudden her other nipple was now getting sucked and gently bitten she said she froze as she felt two pairs of hands on her one pair now lifting her tits while they were getting licked and sucked and another down below lifting her arse up and she was now being licked she said the thought of two guys on her made her frightened but it also made her even hornier.

not a word was spoken as she was moved her head now hanging over the bed and a cock now being rubbed against her lips and a pillow being placed under her hips , she started to suck and lick the cock between her lips as she now was getting fingered and her clit rubbed she cum within a min she said then as she had a cock forced down her throat and a cock stretching her pussy again both cocks came quite quickly he withdrew covering her face with hot spunk and at the other end she felt herself getting filled with hot cum as she lay there her blindfold was removed she was looking up to a younger guy wiping his cock against her face smiling and the frightened to look she saw another strange face tapping his cock against her well filled pussy, just then a familiar voice said did you enjoy yourself looking aside she saw Dave had been pulling himself watching his mates fucking his slut they went quite quickly he undone her handcuffs she said nothing then he said you might as well stay the night kathy as though nothing had happened she started to wipe herself to which Dave stopped her no i`ll do that he lay her down and licked her pussy clean she still had spunk running down her face he fucked her again a couple of times before she left kathy said now she has had time to take it all in it`s the horniest she has ever felt, i`m sure it`s not the last time it will happen Dave has taken her number and they are going to meet up soon hopefully i will be invited.