Written by Wife x

24 Nov 2014

This is a true story about me, I'm a 33 year old Pakistani housewife Good looking size 16 with big tits. I was taken to Pakistan and had an arranged marriage with somebody I'd never met. After the days events I was dreading my wedding night as my new husband entered the room he didn't say much and started to remove my clothes kissing me, I was stripped naked and pushed into the bed and he ordered me to keep my legs spread as he took his clothes off, I was shocked at the size of his cock it was huge and he looked at me and said in Punjabi that my pussy was going to get fucked hard tonight, I was worried because I wasnt a virgin and had a boyfriend in England so had to tell him I wasnt a virgin and would understand if he didn't want to fuck me. He just looked at me and smiled and said he didn't care and made his way to my pussy and started licking me out after a while he started to finger me which always makes me cum, he was ok at licking pussy but not as good as my boyfriend, after a while he put his huge cock into my pussy and god was it a struggle to get it in, after a few gentle strokes he just went wild pounding me so hard I was screaming so loud but couldn't help myself it felt so good, as we changed positions I got on top and was really getting into it he was biting and squeezing my tits, his big cock felt so good, he then got me on my hands and knees and started fucking me doggie looking straight into a big mirror and when he cummed inside me it was a amazing feeling I had never had anyone cum so much. We continued to fuck for the rest of the night in different positions, I was there for a 2weeks after my wedding and we fucked so much it was unreal and he began asking me about other guys that I had fucked and if he was better than them to which I replied of course he was. As I was leaving to come back he asked if would fuck a guy on Skype for him so he could watch.