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Pakistani housewife meets Connor again

"Fucked by Connor again"

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Author's Notes


After reading my previous stories about meeting with Connor you won't be surprised to know I had to meet him for a third time. After our second meet behind my husbands back I couldn't stop thinking about Connor he was constantly messaging me and sending me pics of his huge cock. This time he said he wanted me to meet him at his place and play the role of his wife for the day which was a real turn on. He wanted me to cook for him and spend the full day with him which wasn't going to be easy with a husband like mine. This is why it took so long to meet him again, my hubby had to go out of town for the day to visit some family which gave me the perfect opportunity. We agreed to meet and Connor picked me up from Meadowhall and took me to his. I dressed as he asked in a very traditional way including my hijab. We spoke and laughed on the way to his I had butterflies all the way, in about 30 minutes we arrived and he told me to cook for him, he'd bought the ingredients that I told him he would need. As I cooked he showered and chatted with friends over the phone. The food was ready we both sat and ate and complimented me On my cooking. I must admit I am a very good cook. After we finished he asked me to stand up and take my clothes off leaving my hijab on, he stood up led me to his leather sofa and laid me down, he was only wearing a towel round his waist after his shower and took it off, he spread my legs and started to lick my pussy I was cumming almost instantly moaning so loud, he pushed his fingers in and started finger fucking me vigorously I squirted so quickly he just knew how to hit my spot, he stood up sat me up and pushed his huge cock which was already rock hard into my mouth, I sucked as much as I could and licked his balls, I was loving it as much as him he kept calling me his paki slut. He stopped me from sucking him and started kissing me passionately squeezing my big tits, I was ready for his cock and boy did he give it to me, he pushed me back spread my legs and pushed straight in I squealed in pain but the pleasure was something else, he was fucking me hard and fast biting and squeezing my tits, I was in heaven being fucked by this amazing man, we changed position he fucked me doggy which I love and slapped my ass, he kept asking me how much I loved his cock to which I said so much just fuck me. He pounded me so hard I was having the most intense orgasms and without warning he shot his load inside me. I collapsed on the sofa and just laid there shaking. After a few minutes he carried me to his bed kissing me, he laid me down and went straight for my pussy licking and fingering me, I was ready to cum again but he stopped, he had a bottle of wine on the side and said he wanted to pour it onto my tits and lick it off, I'm a muslim woman but how could I say no considering what I was doing, I said do it and he poured it onto my tits and started licking it off it was so erotic, he moved down and poured it onto my pussy and licked it off. I laid there allowing him to do whatever he wanted. After a while he stopped and said take your hijab off, he held me by my hair kissing me telling me I was his, as I lay on top of him he slid into me again and this time I went wild riding him like a crazy woman the pleasure of that huge cock was out of this world I was screaming so loud he was calling every name under the sun but I loved being called his paki whore. He pushed me off got on top of me put my legs on his shoulders and fucked me so deep and hard I was cumming with every thrust. He filled me up again and the cum was running out of me. We laid there as he caressed me gently kissing me. It was time for me to leave so had a quick shower, as I was getting out he made me suck his cock and said I had to swallow every drop which I did. I got dressed and he kindly dropped me back off at meadowhall. I made my way home completely fucked and ruined, my pussy was stretched my legs still shaking. He messaged me saying it was the best fuck he'd ever had which made me feel amazing, my husband returned home later that evening and asked how my day had been. If only he knew what I have turned into and that his wife's pussy is completely ruined. This is definitely going to be a regular thing I need this huge white cock in my life.

Written by fuffnready

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