Written by steve harris

4 Feb 2008

My girlfriend has a very naughty streak in her and no matter what i say she just has to show her panties in unexpected circumstances. The first time she did it i didnt know anything about it as she had never come over that way. We were out shoping and went into town there i was twidling my thumbs when she asked what i thought to a very thin white cotton dress she was holding i said it was nice but would have to wear something underneath as it was so thin. She went into the changing room and came out into the store and the first thing i noticed was she was wearing really tiny black panties underneath which really stood out. I was really shocked and told her to get back in the changing rooms as everyone in the shop would know what panties she was wearing she just looked at me and said whats the point of wearing little panties if your the only one that knows. Then she went over to the shop assistant and asked him what he thought of the dress on and did the panties spoil the dress he went a bit red and said it looked great and the panties were fine she turned to smilled and headed back to the changing room came out and said she would take it. My cock was rock hard and when we got home i fucked her so hard whille she told me it turned her on so much people nowing how brief she wears her knickers. I asked her if she would show them at any time she replied \"try me\" so the day after i chose the pants and the skirt and said we were going to the supermarket. Allthough the skirt isnt too short when she bends right over it shows her panties. I told her to bend over when ever i said. The panties i chose were tanga panties so they do have a back to them be it very brief and only come half way up her bottom. Also they were red see through with black edges so they looked really tarty. I said she had to walk infront of me and i would ring her mobile when i wanted her to bend an she had to stay there until the phone rang again the horny thing was that she had no idea when i would ring. I let it go for about 5 mins then rang she bent straight over with straight legs and the full panties were on view i was so horny i felt sick i could have left there all day i noyiced a guy about 50 watching so i walked up to him and said thats a sight for sore eyes he agreed and i walked off and rang her she had been bent over for a good minuite. I didnt get her to do it again i just thought a long one was better than a few short ones what i did notice was the guy who was watching followed her all the time we were there. When we got home she said its her turn next and she might get some to touch her if this happens i will tell you r