Written by Pantie Fan

15 Apr 2012

I went for a massage when on a family holiday in Scotland at Easter. I only had limited cash with me so settled for a 20 minute two way massage and handjob. I had bought two pairs of pink stretchy cotton panties and was wearing one pair. I had worn panties before in similar situations to see what reaction I get.

The girl was in her 20's black and about size 12. She told me to undress and I got nervous so took the panties off without her seeing them. I asked if I could undress her and fondled her as I did but she would not let me touch her puss. She had a great ass.

After a short massage she was wanking me and said that it was time for me to cum, when I asked what sort of panties she liked to wear. When she was telling me I said that I liked to wear cotton panties and that I had bought some new ones today. She said she would like to see in them so I put them on and her eyes lit up. She rubbed the stretchy material over my cock. I was lying on the bed and she climbed on top of me. She had her legs between mine and her tits rubbing on my chest. She rubbed her cunt up and down on my cock which was still inside the panties. My time had been nearly up when I put the panties on but she did not seem to be bothered now. I could feel her warmth on my cock and I think she came. Unlikely I know. She then sat between my legs with hers wide open and her cunt was soaked. The panties were wet with her juices and stretched over my cock. She told me to look at her wet cunt and wank. I pulled my cock out for a few strokes and she told me to put it back inside and cum in the panties. I wanked for a few minutes and then came in them. She loved it and stroked the panties over my cock to spread my cum around. She lowered the panties and then cleaned me up with tissues and wipes. I then put the wet panties into her rubbish bag and put the other pair on before dressing. She stroked my cock again and adjusted it as I was putting my trousers on. It was so unreal that I was still stiff. She said she enjoyed it so I asked if she should be paying me! I had been in there about 50 minutes rather than the 20 minutes I was supposed to have.

After a bit of shopping and aware that my panties could probably be seen when I bent to lower shelves, I stopped for a wank on the way home, came in them and then changed to dispose of the evidence.