Written by John_Hutton

29 Nov 2010

I have always been in to panties, ever since I discovered my next door neighbour’s dirty one’s. My ex-wife never really understood, but I have managed to find one or two women since who do. I just can’t help myself when it comes to knickers and any chance for an up-skirt view is always taken.

As a single divorced man in my 40’s I manage to get plenty of opportunities for sex, and this week my panty fetish turned to gold.

Anyway last weekend I was at a birthday party. A lady named Sharon who is my age and lives across the road from my sister came across with her daughter Kelly who is the single mother. Kelly who is 19 kept kneeling down or crouching and when she did, the waist band of her jeans expanded at the back revealing the small black thong that she was wearing. After seeing it once, I couldn’t help but manoeuvre myself to get a glimpse every time she did get down.

However on about the 4th time I looked up and caught sight of her mother Sharon staring straight at me, she raised her eyebrows and shook her head and then bent down to speak to Kelly. I was mortified realising that Sharon knew exactly what I was doing and was now concerned she would tell Kelly and ultimately my sister. I quickly sidled into the kitchen out of the way and flicked the kettle on. When I turned to get a cup, Sharon was standing there in front of me arms folded looking very serious.

“Got a problem have we?” she asked.

“Problem?” I said in a very nonchalant way pretending I didn’t know what she was on about.

Sharon took a step forward and whispered, “Pervert are you?”

I half laughed and turned back to the kettle, trying to think of an excuse and hoped she would just walk away. She didn’t, “Looking at Kelly’s knickers, I saw you, in fact the first time I saw you do it, I thought, he’s a lonely man, and his caught sight of her knickers and just had to look. But when I saw you walk round to get behind her just now, I knew that you were a perv.”

I turned to face Sharon and tried to find words to apologise, I gave her my best sorry look and said, “Look Sharon……” but she instantly held up her hand.

“Don’t say sorry, you can’t help it that you are a pervert and that you like looking at women’s knickers, I expect you like wearing them too.”

Sharon then looked over her shoulder, obviously to make sure we were still alone, turned back to me and quite out of the blue, grabbed my cock through my jeans.

“Have you got a pair on now? Some knickers you’ve stole off some old woman’s washing line, hey?”

I was taken aback, but the conversation was turning very horny. My cock had been limp but the pressure of her hand was causing the blood to rush into all the right places.

“Mind you,” she said, “You could get this little thing in one of Kelly’s thongs.”

“Not for much longer,” I said.

“Don’t speak, just do as you’re told, or I’m going straight out there and announcing to your sister and brother in law and the rest of your family just what a pervert you are.”

She looked at me with questioning in her eyes, waiting for me to defy her.

“Good,” she said, “Now you happen to be lucky because I have a thing for perverts, I know exactly how to treat them. I also happen to be on my own as you do now I understand, so Mr Hutton, you are going to come to my house on Monday evening and I am going to get this perversion of yours sorted.”

She released her grip on my now erect cock, leaned forward a bit more and planted a little kiss on my lips and then turned and walked away.

“Monday 7.00pm, don’t forget,” she said as she left the kitchen.

I was very nervous when I knocked on Sharon’s door and when she opened it, I was quite surprised. All day I had been building this up, thinking she was some kind of Dominatrix and that she was going to whip me or chain me up or something, but when she opened the door, she was wearing a brown polo neck sweater and a beige skirt, no leather & chains anywhere.

“Ah pervo boy is here,” she said, “You’d better come in.”

I stepped into her hallway and she closed the door and then led me to the lounge where she sat down on a leather sofa.

“So tell me all about your problem,” she said.

Again I was confused, was this a counselling session or had she invited me round for sex like I thought?

“Women’s lingerie, yeah, it turns me on, hold my hands up Sharon, but then isn’t it supposed to? After all every High Street has an Anne Summers now or a La Senza. I’m sure most women don’t buy some of that stuff for comfort?”

Sharon nodded, “No I can see your point, but come on, there must be more to it than that. Let me tell you what I know. I know that some men, pervie men, like to play with women’s knickers, Kelly’s former boyfriend, Carl, who is Jamie’s dad, used to play with my knickers.”

“Well see, now you know 2 perverts, how do you know that anyway?”

“I might not have a husband, but I have had my fair share of men, I know what semen is like, especially semen that has dried up in the gusset of a pair of cotton Marks & Spencer knickers.”

I laughed, “Played with himself in your panties Sharon, How did you feel about that?”

She smiled got up and walked out of the room. I heard the clink of glasses and she returned with 2 glasses of white wine. She handed me one and said,

“Disgusted at first, he used to come round of an evening and then disappear to the loo for what seemed an age, that is when he did it and the first few times I glared at him when he came back down. But then I started having dreams and even fantasies if you like and the thought of an 18 year old guy lusting after me was nice.”

I moved closer and put my hand on Sharon’s leg. Her talk was making me feel randier than ever.

She looked down at my hand and then said, “Anyway I expect you haven’t come round to chat have you. I think you were expecting something else.”

“You told me you were going to teach me a lesson.”

She placed her hand on top of mine and gently moved it up her leg, pushing her skirt above her knee.

“That is what you want is it?”

My hand travelled further up her bare leg under her skirt. Her hand was still on top of mine.

“ I came round because you bribed me Sharon.”

My fingers came to rest on the leg of the knickers she was wearing. They had a silky feel to them and the tips of my fingers forced their way past the leg and towards her groin.

Sharon took a deep breath and then stood up.

My initial disappointment turned to delight as she hitched up her skirt to reveal a pair of dark green silky knickers which had a lacy front to them.

She pulled them down and I got a quick flash of pubic hair before her skirt dropped to cover everything up again.

She held her panties in her hand and then sat back down next to me.

“Do you want these?” she asked calmly.

I reached for her knickers, but she snatched them away.

“Sit back,” she said.

I leaned back on the sofa and Sharon brought the knickers up to my face, brushing them lightly against my nose and mouth. I could smell her heavenly scent.

“Smell good?”

“Very good Sharon.”

She brought them back to my face and pressed her panties hard against my nose.

“Smell me, you pervert,” she said in a harsher voice.

I inhaled deeply, smelling the musky scent of pussy on the gusset of the green panties.

She moved the panties around, squashing them against me.

“Like that do you, you filthy sod, like the smell of my cunny and my butt?”

“Mmmm Sharon, that is wonderful.”

My cock was straining against my jeans and I was desperate to grab the panties and the woman, but knew that she was enjoying the game and I didn’t want to ruin things now.

“Lick them,” she said.

She pressed the panties against my mouth and I dutifully licked them, tasting her secretions.

“Can you taste my cunny?” she asked, her voice dripping with lust.

I continued to lick and just nodded.

“Open wide,” she said

I did so and she forced the whole gusset into my mouth.

“Suck on that for a moment. I’ll be back in a minute.”

She got up and went to leave the room and then stopped. She walked over to a cabinet by the TV and pulled something out and walked back to me. She had a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs in her hand.

“Hands,” she said “I don’t want you playing yourself whilst I’m not here.”

I gave her my hands and Sharon cuffed me and left the room.

She was only gone a few minutes but I was desperate to get her knickers out of my mouth and thankfully she did that straight away.

She had a large beach towel in her hand and told me to lie back on the sofa and she put the towel under my head. I lay back and then she produced another pair of panties,

Black and lacy like the green ones. Sharon sat on the side of the sofa and brought the panties up above my head. They were already dripping and she then proceeded to ring them out over my face. The liquid was still warm and at first I thought it was cum that was running down my face, but then I realised that it was piss.

“Lick it all up, you pervert,” she demanded.

It wasn’t my first taste of urine, in fact I have discovered since my divorce that quite a number of women enjoy watersports and so I lapped Sharon’s warm pee up, as it dribbled into my mouth and down my chin.

Sharon then rubbed the panties against my face and I sucked them, gulping down her salty tasting pee.

By this time my face was soaked and I was feeling so randy.

I managed to work the handcuffs loose and grabbed at Sharon. She gave in and I pulled her down for a long wet kiss, but she then pulled away again.

“Not finished yet,” she said “Now show me what you do with women’s panties.”

She handed me the black knickers and sat down.

I immediately stood and dropped my trousers, at long last releasing my aching cock. I wrapped the panties round my shaft and wanked myself off in front of her.

“Filthy sod,” was all she said before my spunk exploded from me, thick globules landing on her skirt and down on to the carpet. The release was amazing, but I still felt horny and went to her wanting her body so much. She stood up, and walked towards the kitchen.

“That’s it pervert, you’re not getting anything else this time. Get yourself dressed and fuck off.”

I laughed and walked towards her, my cock swinging in front of me.

“I’m serious,” she said, “You can come back for more, but you need more teaching before you get anything else apart from my panties.”

She saw my hurt face, laughed took a step towards me and kissed me again, squeezing my cock as she did so.

“If you have it all now, you might not come back again. I need you to come back and I need you to be a good boy. Thursday same time.”