Written by Fastlad

22 Nov 2008

Well yes im a panty sniffer i love em, i use the wifes when i wank but my biggest turnj on is to get someother ladies nix. At times we invite friends to stay with us and thats my best time to secure some fresh panties, i wait untill the day after they arrive then i cant wait to raid the guest bedroom my heart banging with excitment and i have to be quick look int he overnight bag and bingo yes wrapped up in her nightie a pair of nice black stretchy panties quick sniff wow its a smell i cant describe but am i hard looking at the gusset there is a trace of white mmmmmmmmmmm not bad for a woman of 60 and i quickly replace them now i know where to find them ill come back later.Its the pheromones in a womans nix that turns us men on and once you have got into that type of smell boy its like a drug, other times we get people to stay at our weekend place and thats even better because it allows me more time when they go off for walks or to the pub etc i can really enjoy myself searching for panties and bras and having a mind blowing wank, i just love it but some will be put off by my story but its true and its really harmless no one gets hurt and the owners dont even know ive been in their nix,s so whats the harm eh?